My TOP 11 for 2011!

I've been tagged by my girl Irene and fellow greek bloggers Argyrousa, ladyD and beautyincrisis to come up with my favourite products for 2011.

Narrowing them down to just 11 was the hardest part!
But, I digress ;)

Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base: my precious!!! This is absolutely worth all the hype, I tell you that... It gives a gorgeous caramel glow that I haven't come across in any other bronzer. However, I don't think it's appropriate as a contour shade- but that's just me.
Elf Studio Blush&Bronzer compact: I don't care much about the blush, but I know I can rely on its bronzer side for when I want contour my cheeks. A staple!

Mac Hue lipstick: my most worn lipstick during 2011. Whenever I was in a hurry or wasn't sure of what colour to wear on my lips, Hue came to the rescue. Highly recommended!
Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick: it's fun, youthful, optimistic and I love it. Pink Nouveau introduced me to the world of bright lipsticks and it still remains my favourite for a quick&easy striking makeup look.
Elf Luscious Liquid lipstick: more like lipgloss, actually... I love its sponge applicator and the tiny hint of minty tingle you get on your lips! I only use it on top of lipstick though, as it's almost clear :(

Elf palette with TBS eyeshadows: another staple. I'm sure you've seen this palette many times on my blog; I've now switched the previous top right shade with a satin pink- another makeup revelation for 2011:
pink eyeshadow can look so good!
TBS Moonstone baked eye colour: the sparkly vanilla shade has become my everyday inner corner highlight. The glittery grey will be a perfect match with Mac's Violetta- which I'm soo getting once I return from my holidays!
Mac Painterly Paintpot: HG HG HG!!! Ok, either this one- or Soft Ochre (its yellow undertones might suit me better). Paintpots are so lovely for crease-proof eye makeup, nothing more to add here...

Mac 130 brush: used solely with the Chanel Bronzing makeup base; I love the precision of this brush! The only problem I'm experiencing with it is that it leaks some black dye on the white hair after I've washed it-
if you happen to know a remedy about this issue, do let me know ;)
Elf Studio Powder brush: seriously, everyone should own this brush! For its price, it's a very-very well made handy tool and a great multitasker. Get. It. ASAP.
Eyelash curlers: I was so late on discovering the virtues of eyelash curlers... These ones didn't cost me much but they do the trick- though once their white spongey things fall apart, I'm gonna invest in some Shus!

My fellow beauty bloggers, you're all tagged!

Even if you don't have a blog, I'd love to read your favourite products for 2011! Just include them in the comments section below so that we can have a little chat ;)



  1. I really like your list! It's so hard to choose only 11 isn't it?

  2. Great list! Your stuff are really nice! n_n
    Can I do this tag?? Lol.
    Happy Holidays to you! ^_^

  3. Love your favorites, especially the Chanel bronzer, you are seriously tempting me to give it a try! Merry Christmas!

  4. amazing top 11 hunni!!and yep I dont have Hue!now you put me in the mood to get it!!haha
    for the 130 let it lay-dry on a towel,it minimizes the leaks..


  5. Τελεια πραγματακια!!! Για το Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base τα ειπαμε κ πριν, κοινη αγαπη;-)

    Το hue το αγαπω σαν χρωμα αλλα επειδη ειδικα το χειμωνα τα χειλη μου ειναι ξηρα εχει την ταση να μπαινει σε ολες τις γραμμες κ δεν το φοραω τοσο..αλλα ειναι το τελειο nude, που δε σε δειχνει νεκρη αλλα χαριτωμενη!
    Το Pink Nouveau πολυυυυ το σκεφτομαι, ειμαι NW20 λες να με δειχνει barbie ή να το παρω??
    Paintpot Like!!!Απαραιτητο!
    Για τα elf... :-(( :-(( :-(( ζηλειααα!!πρεπει να βγαλω καρτα:-(( αααχ ειδικα αυτο το πινελακι!!!

  6. ...M'aresoun para poly ta kragion kai ta pinela tis Mac!...wraia epilogi xrwmatwn!
    Kala Xristougenna!
    …All in Style…!

  7. Great favourites hun, especially the eyeshadows, they look so good!

  8. axx auto t bronzer ts chanel! kai oi skies sou episis einai polu wraies! :)
    kales giortes



  9. λοιπον δεν το εχω καθολου με τα bronzers ουτε καλοκαιρι ουτε χειμωνα. ισως το οτι ειμαι πολυ λευκη - χλωμη κ το καλοκαιρι δεν μαυριζω καθολου και φαινεται αστειο το αποτελεσμα πανω μου (?). και να πω κ την μαυρη μου αληθεια δεν εχω δει live καποια να μην κανει μπαμ κ να μην φαινεται ασχημο το αποτελεσμα.

    στα δικα μου καλυτερα του ετους βαζω την σειρα make up του Korres. πραγματικα οτι πηρα ηταν τελειο. κορυφαια τα blushes και τα nail polishes Και μετα οι σκιες και τα eye pencils. και τελος η βαση της radiant!

    καλες γιορτες να εχεις! :)

  10. @smugnificent, oh I know! that's why it took me so long to put together ;)

    @Bee Luzada, definitely! I'd love to read your favourites! xx

    @ScrapgalGR, the Chanel bronzer is amazing. If you're thinking about purchasing it, get it quick! xx

  11. @Blushingloves Irene Greece, aha! So the towel might absorb some of the black dye... Thanks for the tip, doll! xx

    @beautyincrisis, α να το πάρεις το Pink Nouveau, ειδικά αν είσαι μελαχρινή! Και το συγκεκριμένο πινέλο από τα Elf είναι απίστευτο για την τιμή του, να το συμπεριλάβεις κι αυτό οπωσδήποτε! xx

    @Stavrolino, χαίρομαι που σου άρεσαν! Καλά Χριστούγεννα! xx

  12. @Makeup and Macaroons, thank you luv! Glad you liked them! xx xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, καλές γιορτές και σε σένα κορίτσι! xx

    @evi, καλά, κι εγώ δεν το'χω ακόμα το θέμα με το bronzer! Θέλει πολλή τέχνη για να μη φαίνεται ψεύτικο, έχεις δίκιο! Υπάρχουν πάντως bronzers για ανοιχτόχρωμες επιδερμίδες, που πάνε πιο πολύ προς την απόχρωση του caramel latte. Και ναι, ακόμα να δοκιμάσω κάτι από το μακιγιάζ του Κορρέ! Εκτός από τα lipgloss, τι τέλεια που είναι! xx xx

  13. LOVE your picks! the soleil is beauuutiful!
    i'm doing the same post as soon as i get my camera back :) xxx

  14. i NEED to do this soon - just don't have the time yet! :P

    an early happy new year! :D

  15. Καλημέρα και Χρόνια Πολλά!
    Θέλω πολύ να δοκιμάσω το bronzer της Chanel!Έχω ακούσει πολύ καλά σχόλια!

    Follow me too ;)


  16. @fashion written with a lipstick, I'm looking forward for your post, doll! xx

    @Jacq, oh I'd love to read your favourites for 2011! xx

    @AnGeLmArY, χρόνια πολλά και σε σένα! Χαίρομαι που σου αρέσει το bronzer της Chanel ;)

  17. i love the elf brush too

    I did a post too =)


  18. Just read it! You did a fantastic job, hun ;)

  19. Great list! Your stuff are really nice! n_n

    corner Wardrobe

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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