October 2011 in pictures

    My boyfriend complained to me that he's not featured enough in
    my blog, so here he is!

    Staring at old ruined buildings, cause we both love to do that ;)

     I'm so grateful to those smart people that decide to renovate old
    Art Nouveau buildings to house their business... 

    One of my other habits is to take photos of old intricate railings
    and front doors... 

    I wish all skyscrapers in Athens were packed together in one place!
    This one looks rather lonesome...

    Love my city! I wish I had such a view of Athens from my window!

    Om nom nom, cinnamon rolls from Ikea...

    They were so delish that I had to browse online for a
    "cinnamon rolls" recipe!

    I followed the instructions of the "Cinnabon Clone" recipe from
    allrecipes.com- here's the before pic...

    ...and after baking for 15'. Look at how much they've risen!
    They were not as tasty as the Ikea ones, but I'm not giving up!

    Hot veal soup. My favourite during winter!

    A cosy cafe next to my neighbourhood; for the record, they refuse
    to serve instant coffee (Nescafe)...

    ...so drank a hot chamomile infusion instead :(

    Replying to blog comments (I always do!)

    Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) on WF channel. The most
    stylish fashion blogger. Period. There's nothing you can say that
    can make me disillusioned about the man-

    Whaaat, Garance is taller than Scott?!? What a let-down...

    Had a major crash on Kiehl's Creme de Corps!

    Autumnal road scenery...

    And a beautiful sunset sky

    The last pic serves as evidence: I managed to make a Tetris and then
    the screen when blank! A Tetris geek's dream!!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos I took during October!
Mwah xx



  1. πολυ ωραιο το post! διαφορετικο απο τα προηγουμενα και ενδιαφερον!
    Miss Starshiny

  2. k emena ta idia elege o dikos mou giayto ekane diko tou blog!!sta pathsia ti douleia eixes?e?pes mou oti meneis ekei konta..les na eimaste geitones?

  3. Your cinnamon rolls look definitely yummy!

  4. @Miss Starshiny, ευχαριστώ κοριτσάκι! xx

    @kot-itsa, χεχε εκεί είναι η γειτονιά μου! Μάλλον είμαστε γείτονες!!!

    @ScrapgalGR, aw thank you sweetie, my next take on cinnamon rolls will be much better than this! xx

  5. love your month in pictures posts! this ones a lovely one! and your cinammon rolls look yummy! :) xx

  6. Wow!!I just enjoyed so much this post!!
    Love all the pics honey especially the cinamon rolls!and what an open minded boyfriend??my hubby is just like "dont put my pics in your blog/twitter...etc grrrr" lol

  7. I loved Athens when I went a few years ago, I should go back! Nice effort on the baking, I've been dabbling in some baking too recently! x x

  8. Great post, athens looks always nice and cosy through your photo lens.Your boyfriend could be a guest blogger and write about the stuff he is using!

  9. oh my! cinnamon rolls or else kanelbullar they are my favourites. have you tried this recipe?

    although they are a bit different from the authentic ones. i was given an other recipe too but haven't tested yet.

    and Mr. Hondos, please bring Kiehls to all your stores!

  10. lovely post! ^.^ I remember trying a travel size kiehl's body lotion and I liked it~ Cheers~*

  11. I love this kind of posts.The simplest things can look so much more charming once captured in a photograph.

  12. @fashion written with a lipstick, thank you huni, I'm glad you enjoy them! xx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, haha my boyfriend is not that open-minded as you think... He probably wants more photos of him on my blog so he can show to the world I'm in a relationship :/

    @Sian @ Quite Frankly, oh I should practise some baking too, something Christmasy to put me in the mood! xx

    @andreana, hehe my boyfriend is far from the metro-sexual kind, it's that beard of his that stops him from using any moisturiser and other products :/

  13. @evi, oh thanks for the link! Yummo... Gonna try out this recipe on my next baking venture! hehe xx

    @Jacq, same here, every sample I've tried from Kiehl's was fab! xx

    @dimitra, thank you for your kind words sweetie! xx

  14. ela re...e k ayto to kafe poy einai?egw menw synora periso me lamprinh

  15. Είναι στην Πατησίων! Ε είμαστε σχετικά κοντά ;)


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