The Body Shop NEW shimmer cubes! palette #21. Oh, and a little haul ;)

This is the second palette I've acquired from the Body Shop's new Shimmer Cubes collection (here's the post on my previous purchase), and it ranks 4th in my Shimmer Cubes collection ;)

I won't get into much detail about the pros and cons of Shimmer Cubes, I'm sure you're already familiar with these. Having tried so many makeup products from the Body Shop, I've been let down by some- but never with Shimmer Cubes. Even if you're new to the Body Shop's makeup line, these are definitely worth the investment.

This particular #21 palette consists of an interesting combination of pinks with a silvery grey eyeshadow and a white. For me, a makeup look with pink and grey eyeshadows is way out of my comfort zone (!), however these ones are so beautifully made that they've taken away all of my hesitations.

Swatches from left to right:
Velvet Pink (a pretty girly light pink),
Soft Pink (the most interesting shade from the bunch, it's a light creamy
               shade with pink duochrome!),
Stardust Grey (a high shimmer silvery grey), and
Pearly White (your usual white inner corner highlight).

Then, just before leaving for my Christmas vacations, I took notice of an offer where you'd get a free Candied Ginger hand cream with purchases over 35E. Inevitably, it became impossible for me to pass over this lovely opportunity, so here's my (kind of) impromptu haulage at the Body Shop:

My sister got the Love etc... perfume- such a lovely warm fragrance, it's even approved by Katie Puckrik! For me, I purchased the Liquid Eyeliner in brown -yet another underestimated product from the Body Shop!- and the brown Carbon Eye Definer... Notice a "brown kitten flick" theme going on? I also got the Aloe Soothing night cream for my winter moisturiser, as I 100% trust their Aloe skincare line.

So that's it, my latest possessions from the Body Shop!
Have you hauled anything recently? xx



  1. I love the pink-grey combination for eyes! I'm sure the hand cream smells amazing!

  2. Great haul! Im gOnna try some of the things u mentioned.. i looove your blog btw:)


  3. Ι am using this color combination all the time, I think I should check this palette.

  4. As you know I love shimmer cubes and you're right, they are a good investment. The eyeliner is also a great product but the carbon eye definer let me down, I think it's a bit hard..
    Kisses and happy holidays!!!

  5. τα body shop εχουν καλα προϊόντα αν και λιγο ακριβα...
    Μου αρεσε το eyeliner και οι σκιες!
    Miss Starshiny

  6. @NatalieDouka, yeah the hand cream smells pretty amazing! xx

    @Sd, glad you liked it, hun ;)

    @smugnificent, really? Pink+grey eyeshadow is so new to me, seems I've been using my neutrals way too much! xx

    @mariza, I have the same problem with the eyeliner, somehow it doesn't seem to draw a nice opaque line :(

    @Miss Starshiny, ναι οι τιμές τσιμπάνε λίγο αλλά για να είμαι δίκαιη, τις έχουν συγκρατήσει τα τελευταία 2-3 χρόνια. Αν ήταν άλλες εποχές, κάθε χρόνο θα είχαμε μικρο-αυξησούλες! xx

  7. I am back to loving The Body Shop. I go once a week nowadays (shame...). I bought the Spiced vanilla body lotion(OMG) and the candied ginger candle and I have been loving both.
    I tried the Aloe skincare and it is not for me but I love everything else....!!
    Let me know how you like the Carbon Eye Definer...I am intrigued...

  8. oh i loooove The Body Shop!! your sis made such a good choice with the perfume she got...


  9. Ax τι μας κανεις?!
    Με γεια ολα!

    Οπωσδηποτε την νεα χρονια θα παρω καποιο απο τα Shimmer cubes,μεχρι τωρα ημουν πιο πολυ των ματ χρωματων αλλα τελευταια αγαπω ο,τιδηποτε shimmery,λες να φταινε οι γιορτες? :P

    Επισης θελω πολυ να δοκιμασω την skincare line τους..
    Αλλα εχω λιπαρο δερμα κ δυσκολα βρισκω κρεμες κυριως που να μου αρεσουν..

    Και τωρα με εκανες να σκεφτομαι αν πρεπει να επενδυσω σε μια κρεμα νυχτας καθως μεχρι τωρα μονο ημερας χρησιμοποιω (μερα κ νυχτα)

  10. @Athina, hehe isn't it a wonderful place to shop around? I haven't tried any of their candles yet but I so want to! Well, the carbon liner doesn't swatch as the name suggests... It's just a regular pencil with mediocre pigmentation :(

    @makeupbymarias, yeah this perfume smells so nice! I think I may have to buy it myself! ;)

    @Artemi, να δοκιμάσεις τη warm παλέτα. Εγγυημένη απόσβεση! Η σειρά seaweed θα είναι για σένα, τα προϊόντα της έχουν ελαφριές συνθέσεις και η μυρωδιά τους είναι τέλεια! Καλά μη νομίζεις, τώρα που ήρθα στα χιόνια χρησιμοποιώ την πλούσια κρέμα νύχτας και το πρωί! xx

  11. love the shimmer cubes and this one seems pretty! i wanted to have the blue one a couple of years ago but it was sold out everywhere!!!
    :) xx

  12. That's what I hate about TBS, their LE collections are just not working anymore! I'm so glad these new Shimmer Cubes versions are permanent! xx


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