The Body Shop NEW shimmer cubes! palette #20

I've been an avid fan of the Body Shop best sellers' Shimmer Cubes for quite some time.

Up until now, there were only 2 palettes in their permanent range (which I have reviewed in an old post here); and each year, the Body Shop used to bring out a LE shimmer cubes palette to jazz things up- but if you read my blog long enough, you'll know that I stay away from anything LE! Naturally, I missed all of those pretty eyeshadow palettes.

So you can imagine my squeal of excitement when I found out that the Body Shop added 4 new shimmer cubes to their permanent makeup range!!!

I only got the #20 palette so far but I'm planning to get them all ;)

Look at these gorgeous shades... Ahhh I can't stop admiring them!
So happy for my purchase!!!

From left to right, we have: Indigo Blue (HG alert, this colour was the reason I got this palette in the first place!), Starlight Silver (beautiful all-over-the-lid colour), Midnight Black (a shimmery dark grey, actually) and Snow White (perfect to highlight the inner corner of the eye).

It's also advised to use them wet;
the colour impact you get is beyond gorgeous!

Compared to the old Shimmer Cubes, there are a few differences:

* the packaging has slightly changed, see the round corners?
* the new formulation is much more smooth to the touch
* there's 4x3.5=14 gr of product in there, whereas the old Shimmer Cubes
  had 4x4=16 gr. But honestly, it's unnoticeable- both new and old cubes
  look as if they have the same volume :/

As for the price, they cost 20E- and before you think that it's a lot, lemme just say that you're paying for 4 eyeshadows that you'll never use up. NEVER. Also, one has to give credit to the greek branch of the Body Shop for keeping the old price tag- if this new launch took place 2 years ago, they would have totally added a fiver!

What do you girls think of the new Shimmer Cubes?
Would you consider getting any for Christmas?



  1. It looks so pretty, these colours are my fav ones for smokey eyes!

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  3. wow, the colors are gorgeous!

  4. Hello my fellow THS addict. Τα shimmer cubes είναι απλά υπέροχα. Τέλεια χρώματα, καλή τιμή, δεν πιάνουν χώρο (4 σκιές σε ένα μικρό κουτάκι!!) και πράγματι δεν τελειώνουν ποτέ. Θα στενοχωρηθώ πολύ όταν λήξουνε και τα πετάξω μισογεμάτα... Όσο για τα Χριστούγεννα δε θέλω να σε απογοητεύσω και να σου βάλω νέο Must have κατά νου αλλά μήπως έχεις δει τις νέες παλέττες winter collections που θα βγουν? Matte χρώματα φαίνονται βέβαια ή τουλάχιστον όχι τόσο shimmery.. Εγώ θα την πάρω δώρο στην αδελφή μου και πού και πού θα τη χρησιμοποιώ και γω. Φιλάκια.

  5. 20 euro seems expensive , for 4 eyeshadows from The Body Shop. Body Shop used to be way cheaper than this ! They look fabulous but for another 10 euro i can get a full toofaced/urban decay palette ... xo

  6. I've never used any of them, they look good!
    Miss Starshiny

  7. blue indigo is just super!

  8. Μου άρεσαν πάρα πολύ τα χρώματα!! Θα τα ρίξω μια ματιά γιατί τα Χριστούγεννα έχω σκοπό να ψωνίσω πολλά! :)

  9. Those shimmer cubes look amazing!havent any of them so I'm going to check on them honey for sure!Thanks for the gorgeous swatches!!


  10. I love those! I cant wait for you to try them on! :) I hope you'd come and visit my blog when you have the time :)


  11. Kαλησπέρα!!! Μήπως θα μπορούσες να με βοηθήσεις σε κάτι..?Ψαχνω site για αγορές καλλυντικών μέσω internet! Eχεις να μου προτείνεις κάποιο?? Το http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/ το γνωρίζεις??? Εχει πολύ καλές τιμές!!

  12. Ωραίες αποχρώσεις!!! και για smoky eye!!!

  13. @NatalieDouka, indeed! It makes for a gorgeous smokey eye ;)

    @carissakuo, glad you liked them, sweetie!

    @mariza, χα! Έχω δει τις Χριστουγεννιάτικες παλέτες, άπαιχτες! Με τις ματ σκιές τους, το μολυβάκι και το μίνι πινέλο, αλλά... Μου τη σπάει που είναι LE, έχω κόλλημα λέμε! Και βγαίνουν τόσες όμορφες LE συλλογές από τη Mac κι εκεί απέχω :(

    @glittermeup, you can say that again, TBS used to be more affordable than this! Compared to the Urban Decay palettes, 20E feels a lot...

  14. @Miss Starshiny, girl you should totally give them a try!

    @princess anna, yeah indigo blue is my favourite too! xx

    @Claire D. T, ναι δεν είναι πανέμορφα τα χρώματα; Κάθομαι και τα χαζεύω για ώρες! χαχα

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, oh honey you'll def find your match in these Shimmer Cubes now that there's 6 palettes to choose from! They're so worth it! xx

  15. @Mar, hehe glad you like them as much as I do ;)

    @penny_ct, χμμ εξαρτάται από το ποια μάρκα καλλυντικών ψάχνεις! Δε γνωρίζω το site που μου λες, βλέπω ότι έχει καλές τιμές. Αν θες designer perfumes, το καλύτερο είναι να συγκρίνεις τις τιμές για ένα συγκ. άρωμα σε διάφορα sites. Αυτά που θα σου πρότεινα είναι το gr.strawberrynet.com και το ελληνικό hellascosmetique.gr. Είναι και τα 2 αξιόπιστα. Ειδικά το 1ο έχει φοβερές εκπτώσεις για τα Χριστούγεννα, αλλά μόνο σε συγκ. αρώματα. Γενικώς, googlαρέ το! xx

    @Βeauty Εditor, ακριβώς, ένα κι ένα για smokey eyes! xx

  16. I love the blue palette. Very special.. I love body shop make-up. Its always surprisingly good quality!

  17. The color looks nice! I never seen them in store before.

  18. ah this looks perfect for a chirstmassy smokey eye


  19. Polu wrea xrwmata, gia ena wreo makigiaz reveion!(de xerw pws grafete) :P


  20. @Tali, hehe I know! Some of their products are surprisignly nice! xx

    @katherine, well these new shimmer cubes is a relatively new launch, so maybe that's why you missed them ;)

    @Eloise, exactly! It'll be my #1 choice for my eye makeup during Christmas! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles, ναι κι εγώ γι'αυτό την πήρα, για τα Χριστούγεννα! xx

  21. The only thing I buy regularly from the Body Shop is their eyelash curler which they've now discontinued (and I am devastated!). I was a big fan when I was younger, having now outgrown it. But I recently bought the Coconut Shimmer lotion for my wedding and I fell in love all over again!

    Maria xx

  22. I know! I so wanted to try their eyelash curlers and by the time I decided to look for them on the stores, they were discontinued :( I'm so glad you like this Coconut shimmer lotion! TBS body moisturisers are my fave! xx

  23. The blue one is in my possession, thanks to a push by you, lol!
    Guess you'll know what I'll be wearing this holiday season! ;)

    PS: LOVE the new packaging, my old square one now looks so...dated!

  24. Hehe I'm so happy we share the same taste in eyeshadows! Oh yeah, the old shimmer cubes look absolutely so dated! Now I want to exchange my old "warm" palette with the new version! xx

  25. Τις έχω και εγώ σε άλλες αποχρώσεις και είναι υπέροχες!!


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