3 random things: meeting Alex Kavvadias, the BEST Christmas tea, and some 90's memorabilia!

My darlings! How you've been?
I hope you're all having a great time anticipating Christmas!

The reason for this impromptu post is quite obvious: I had a couple of things I wanted to share with you in mind, which didn't fit with this blog's usual topics. So here they are, all gathered in a totally random post...

Hopefully there's something useful for you in the following lines. Or not ;)
Personally, I find it refreshing to stray from beauty-related stuff once in a while!

1: Meeting Alex Kavvadias!
Oh-My-God. I'm so glad I looked composed and didn't scream like a 15-year old at the sight of Alex! I met him a couple of weeks ago at the Kiehl's Mr Bones auction that took place in an art gallery at Metaxourgeio (for more info, have a look at my FB wall). Now, I'm not one to take pride in photos with my mug+celebs; it's only meant to accompany the fact that Alex is a really, really nice guy and so approachable. And hot, obviously... :)))


Requested review: SYOSS dry shampoo

As so many of you asked me about the dry shampoo I featured on my latest haul,
I thought of uploading a little review for you ;)

Using dry shampoo as a quick fix instead of washing your hair is no news, though it's new to me. Judging from the poor variety of dry shampoos in our stores, you can tell it's a type of product that hasn't fully bloomed as it has in the UK; seeing no better alternatives (i.e. Batiste or Tresemme), I settled to Syoss.

I must confess that I was sooo excited to start using a dry shampoo on my hair, since everyone on Youtube and blogs kept raving about it. However, after 2 months of use, my feelings are mixed.

You see, I initially thought that I could finally! be able to slacken up on the frequency
I wash my hair (it's so time-consuming and I hate it), but no. I imagined it would give me some colossal volume at the roots- again, not the case. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a nice little helper when you have to rush out the door but don't have time to do the whole shampooing-detangling-drying-styling shebang. It does freshen up the hair and gives the roots a bit of lift, but nothing too spectacular as I expected.
It sure can't beat freshly washed hair!


Dior Grand Bal nail polish in MARILYN!

I told you I felt compelled to do a little haulin' at the sight of the Grand Bal collection!
Here is evidence #1:

I proudly present you my early Christmas gift, the magnificent Diorific Vernis in Marilyn. Seriously guys, these nail polishes are THE BOMB! If you're a nail polish collector, then I'm sure you already own at least two shades by now. If not, consider these for your holiday treats- they're worth it!

Now, you do understand I had to get Marilyn, if only for its name.
Look at it, my precious!

Initially, my mind set was in favour of Diva (black with gold shimmer), but after testing it on my nails at the Dior counter I found the gold glitter to be too discreet. Diorling (pure gold shimmer) embodies the brand's extravagant luxury factor, however it goes pretty sheer on the nails. Lady (white pearl) on the other hand, is a beautiful nail colour to own: it looks expensive and elongates the nails like no other! I'm so, so gutted I didn't pink Lady after all, but I guess Marilyn is a timeless shade and I'm going to make a lot of use of it, so all is good ;)

Here's the nail swatch:


Clinique 3-Step: my experience

Alright, time came for me to share my thoughts on a subject that is controversial among customers, aestheticians and beauty bloggers alike...

Clinique 3-Step has a long history, with its launch dating back during the '60s. It was conceived as a personalised skincare regimen to cater the needs of the new working force that could afford a bit of spending on themselves. 

But, here's the big question: is it really drying on the skin?
Some say the alcohol in the Clarifying Lotion shouldn't be there in the first place.
Also, many reviewers have mentioned their skin got worse after using it, so is there any truth in all that?

My experience: I used Clinique 3-Step Type III in tubes of 30ml each, which lasted me for approximately 4 weeks. There's some particular science involved behind each product, though I feel the main focus right from the start has been the Clarifying Lotion; the soap+moisturiser seem to have been developed around it, if it makes sense.

To be frank, there's not much character in the Liquid Facial Soap (too mild, indifferent list of ingredients) or the -moutful- Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (not adequate moisture, needs layering of another cream on top). However, there's a lot to talk about the toner. Which isn't really a toner, more like a brilliant exfoliating little helper!

Let me get started:


Foundation series: Maybelline FIT ME

This is part 1 of a new blog series about the foundations I've been testing out,
I hope you enjoy it!

I'm sure you've fully grasped by now the ever-growing demand for "dewy" foundations; it was only a matter of time until the drugstore makeup brands joined the bandwagon. FIT ME is Maybelline's newest foundation that caters for that natural, but flawless look. And I love it to bits.

Packaging aside (a pleasant surprise by Maybelline!), there's so much to love about this foundation. It all comes down to its sophisticated formula:

An average foundation usually contains oils, waxes, fillers and powder pigment particles. Fit Me is free from all such ingredients; instead, they're replaced with a transluscent base and lightweight pigments that let the skin breathe, while providing a natural coverage. The result is a glowing, flawless face that looks like skin- and most importantly, there's zero cakiness guaranteed.

Now, all this babble means nothing if the product doesn't deliver what it claims, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that I can feel a massive difference on my face when I wear this foundation.

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