Lipstick Wardrobe's SUMMER wishlist!

Gah, I can't believe spring is gone already!
Predictions say it's going to be a scorching summer this year- excited much?

In all honesty, I'm not a summer kind of girl, though I'm determined to do my best and be 100% prepared for when showing (plenty of) skin is ultimately inevitable. If only breaking free from such insecurities was an easy task...

But that's another story ;)
So, here are a few of the things I have my eye on at the moment!

1. The Body Shop Spa Fit body scrub: one simply needs a good quality body scrub, come summer. This one is supposed to make skin look and feel firmer, plus it smells of citrus (score!). Although, being aware of a few reviews claiming it's not that exfoliating, I'll try my luck at asking for a sample...

2. A neon yellow nail polish: look at this picture of a french manicure with neon yellow tips- gorgeous! Surely there are dirt-cheap neon nail polishes out there, but I'd love to try the ones by China Glaze. Anyone know of a store that stocks China Glaze?

3. Maybelline Color Show nail polish, Go Go Green: if its promo pic is true to life
- green chartreuse - then I gotta have it!

Onto my lipstick lust list:


DEPECHE MODE live in Athens; 10 things I learned

The highlight of May, THE concert of the year, his hotness performing on stage-
it finally happened!!!

Last Friday Martin Gore's band performed live at Terravibe stage for us greek Depeche Mode fans, and I was there! Heart in hand, it was a concert that was well worth the money, time spent and effort; one that I can proudly recite in years to come.

Here's everything I learned from this experience:

1. Terravibe is much more concert-appropriate than the O.A.K.A.. Fact. It's just so much nicer to stand on a green space with pine trees all around and enjoy the fresh air, than having to spend 4+ hours on a cold stadium. The sound was crystal clear and the big screens on either side of the stage had excellent picture quality.

2. A lot of people complained about the crowded entrance. We did experience a bit of trouble going through the front gate, though I should point out that the the exit was pretty smooth with minimum crowding.


My everyday FOTD!

Hello beautiful people!
Here's a short post on what I slap on my face every day ;)

Above all, I'm a creature of habit. There's nothing I hate more than standing each morning in front of a mirror with a bag full of makeup products, trying to make a decision on what to put on my mug to disguise the "I don't wanna wake up!" look...

Of course, I enjoy experimenting with makeup- though nowadays I only do it on evenings when I have time to spare and indulge into each step.

Since I'm a renown lazy **s, I've been following a quick&easy routine that translates to a natural face with a certain piece de resistance. That means: a light coverage foundation worn with a bit of bronzer, eyes bare from eyeshadow, and a kick-ass red lipstick...
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