Tiny Elf giveaway!

As promised, here's my little giveaway on some of my favourite products from Elf!

The winner will receive the 3 items shown in my previous top 3 Elf products post:
- a Luscious Liquid lipstick in "Baby Lips"
- a Natural Radiance blusher in "Shy", and
- an empty eyeshadow palette.

As always, the "rules" are dead simple:

* You have to be a follower of my blog through GFC. I hope you understand that this giveaway is open to my readers only. If you've not yet followed my blog, it's easy! Just click the "Join this site" button on the right column!
* Leave me a comment on this post with your GFC name (the name you're following my blog) and your email address, so I can contact you in case you win. And, that's it!

The giveaway is open internationally until the 14th of March;
then I'll pick a random winner through randomizer.org

Good luck to everyone who enters this giveaway!

Evi   xx

My TOP 3: Elf products, part 1

Hello my lovelies! How you've been?

I decided to start a new top 3 series, where each time I'll be displaying three of my most loved makeup products from every brand or product category.

In this case, I'm going to show you my favourite Elf products from their dirt-cheap "Essentials" range. Out of the 10 Elf products in this price tag that I've tried so far, these 3 are the only ones I would 100% recommend to anyone!

#3: Luscious Liquid Lipstick, shade "Baby Lips"
We all keep in our makeup bag a sheer gloss with the sole purpose of layering it on top of less shiny lipsticks. This gloss does just that, but it does so in a lovely way: it's not sticky, the unique sponge applicator feels so nice on the lips, while the mild mint tingling is actally fun! You can't go wrong with this, as long as you keep in mind it's not the most pigmented lipgloss Elf makes. Full review here

#2: Natural Radiance Blusher, shade "Shy"
When it comes to cheap blushes, it's easy for makeup companies to come up with shimmery versions of pinks, peaches and bronzes. But what about matte shades? Shy blush swatches as a matte, baby pink shade that flatters all skintones and is particularly guy-friendly, guaranteed! I haven't yet found a similar blush shade by other affordable makeup brands; so for that alone, Shy is a great introduction to matte baby pink blushes without spending much. Full review here

#1: Empty eyeshadow palette
I absolutely love these! You can utilize them in so many ways: put all your eyeshadow pans in one place, create a quad for travelling, melt lipsticks, press your own eyeshadows- or you can even remove the plastic divider to fit eyeshadows with different pan shapes! This is a must-have Elf product, I can assure you it's adequately sturdy for the price. The only downside is that it's not magnetic, but who cares? See how I organised 2 palettes here and how I depotted my eyeshadows here

A last note on Elf cosmetics:
Now that it's been a year since my first Elf purchase, I noticed that some of the products I ordered at the time have started to harden- which is an indication they may have been expired. So keep that in mind during your next Elf order- shop wisely and enjoy wearing the products while they're still new!

Have you tried these Elf products?
What would be your top 3 out of the "Essentials" range?

Evi   xx


"CBSG5861"... who? All hail "Lipstick Wardrobe"!!!

Just a short notice to let you all know that my blog is changed-
from now on, you'll be reading my blog posts under www.lipstickwardrobe.com!

2 years ago, when I first decided to start writing down my beauty thoughts and publish them to the world, I couldn't think of a nice blog name that reflected "me" the most; FYI, "cbsg5861" stood for my email address- how lame excuse for a blog name, isn't it! I finally decided it was about time to replace it with a proper domain address...

So, Lipstick Wardrobe it is!
Needless to say, I'm so freakin' excited like a little girl!
How lame to get excited over a new blog name, isn't it...

Anyway, I hope you like the new blog name and layout!
I'll be celebrating my new website with a small giveaway soon, so keep your eyes open ;)

Evi   xx


7 Deadly beauty sins tag!

Time for another tag, yaaay ;)

My girl Tina tagged me on the 7 Deadly beauty sins tag-
of course, I had to do it right away! So, here goes:

What is your least expensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
If nail polish counts as "beauty item", my 0.99€ H&M nail polishes have to be my cheapest beauty buy. Hard to own something cheaper than that! My most expensive beauty item has to be Bronze Universel. Which was also the hardest product to track down ---> as a reply to the next question...

What beauty products you have a love/hate relationship with?
What product has been the hardest to get?
Bright lipsticks. As much as I love a bright lip, I hate that I only can pull off the trend on evenings when I go out somewhere fancy- Impassioned during daytime? Noooo!!!

What are your most delicious beauty products?
Since I currently don't own any delicious-smelling body lotions or lip butters, I'd say Mac lipsticks. Normally I don't favour vanilla as a scent, though in this case I find Mac lipsticks smelling of delicious Petit-Beurre style vanilla bisquits. Yum!
What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
Hair styling products other than hairspray! In most occasions, I spend too much time doing my makeup; so when it comes to fix my hair to a more presentable state than bed-head, I can't be bothered to follow a hair routine more than 2'... I either straighten some strands with a flat iron and leave it like that, or gather it all up in a bun.

What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
Foundation. Definitely foundation. My skin is far from flawless, both in terms of old acne scars and uneven pigmentation. If I can get my skintone to look even, I'm a happy gal! [Which reminds me, I should go to Mac and get me either Studio Fix fluid or Studio Sculpt foundation...]

What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
If I had to pick only physical features, I'd say: blonde hair, green/blue eyes, broad shoulders and a beard. Preferably wearing glasses and total-black outfits; anything that hints (or fakes) a high IQ and an interest in literature and philosophy...

What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I admit I'm a tough person to please when it comes to receiving gifts! My "ideal" gift would be something I've specifically asked to receive, so currently my choices would be: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Boy, any YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick- and this Alexander McQueen skull clutch. I can always dream, can't I?

I hope you enjoyed my take on this beauty tag!
I'd also love to read your answers; just pick a question and give it a go!

Evi   xx


Chanel Bronze Universel, a review

Someone give me a pat on the back!!!

Finally, after 6 months of playing around with my first-ever Chanel acquisition, I feel confident enough to write down my two cents about one of the most popular bronzers in the market.

You see, this cult makeup product (that everyone knows by its old name Bronze Universel) is a tricky one to get used to! Due to its uniqueness, it takes some time for a person to test its flexibility and familiarize with its full potential.

But first, let's get some trivial things out of the way:

This tub contains 30g of product and is priced at around 45€ (in Greece). If you calculate the €-to-gr ratio, you'll find out that this Chanel bronzer is better value for your money than, say, the Mac equivalents.

Then again, you're buying the equivalent of 3 regular bronzers all at once- which, according to Chanel, will expire after 18 months. So, is it a great deal after all? You be the judge of that ;)

As soon as you open the tub and remove the plastic protector, you're encountered with the usual peachy/floral Chanel scent. Personally I'm loving it, all the more so because it's fairly subdued- nothing like choking on an overpowering smell!

As for its texture, Lorraine Stanick's description couldn't be more accurate: upon touch, it does feel like soap. Having this unique consistency that stands apart from any other bronzing product- that's why it takes quite some time to learn how to use it properly: what brush should I pair it with? How much pressure to apply on the brush?

   Brushes, from left to right: Art Deco duo-fibre brush (discontinued),
   The Body Shop travel blush brush, Mac 130 brush 

To my surprise, out for these three brushes I tried out with Bronze Universel, the Body Shop travel blush brush (in the middle) has to be the winner. The Art Deco duo-fibre brush (left) was far too big to offer any control on application, while the Mac 130 brush (right), despite having the appropriate size, seemed to have very few bristles to pick up a good amount of product.

To sum it up: the most appropriate brush to use with Bronze Universel is one with a medium head, dense bristles and preferably dome-shaped, as its helps to blend the bronzer on the skin.

Now, for the actual uses of Bronze Universel...
Is it as multitasking as everyone raves about?

In my opinion, after 6 months of trial and error,
Bronze Universel does NOT work as a contour shade.

The way I see it, a makeup product for contouring should run a little ashy/muddy or on the grey side, in order to look like a natural shadow. This Chanel bronzer swatches a little orange indeed- and given that it's fairly light in colour, it's very easy to go overboard and paint two orange stripes under your cheekbones! It may work as a contour for Nic from Pixiwoo, but on me it's a big, utter "no".

   Heavy swatch

   Blended into the skin

However, it looks absolutely gorgeous when it's strategically placed where the sun would naturally tan your face- forehead, cheeks and nose-, while it also blends so beautifully when worn as an all-over bronzer on top of foundation (gives that Chanel caramel glow on the skin).
For these two purposes, I love it.

Overall, I'm more than happy with my purchase. I'm loving the chic Chanel packaging and take great pleasure when I look at it in my makeup bag! This bronzer gives me that expensive-looking skin that only high-end foundations really give (the silicon-based formula aids for that matter).

However, it's so bulky for travelling! I'm not expecting Chanel to fix that any time soon though- the true Chanel lady has no bourgeois need to save valuable space in her luggage- she can pack as many suitcases as she pleases and have her man carry them around...

Back to you: have you tried Bronze Universel by Chanel?
Which is your all-time favourite bronzer?

Evi   xx


My funny Valentines...

***I decided to write a fun little post tonight, so as to get myself into "daydreaming" mode. Im trying to keep my mind busy with trivial things for my own sanity. As you may already know by now, times are hard in Greece and we need all the distraction we can get...***

I don't get the Valentine's celebration. When you're single, isn't it a cruel reminder of your ex boyfriends? And then, when you're in a relationship, you are forced to go out for dinner in overcrowded restaurants, or you get over-streesed about what would be the perfect gift for your boyfriend. Ugh...

But, I digress.

Let me show you some of my imaginary Valentines- aka my favourite actors that their performance is so captivating every time, I admire them for their talent...
Ok, their looks help as well!
... ...
... ...
... ...
Alright, I'll rephrase: screw pretences. To me, these men are oozing sexiness! I have to warn you though, there's no George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Jude Law in my list! Heck no, I'm not that conventional...

Starting with my old-Hollywood crushes: Marcello Mastroianni. Ah, what a man! I probably relate to him more because he's Italian, and you know what they say about Greeks and Italians- una faccia, una razza! He was so adorable in "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" with Sophia Lauren, I wonder why these two didn't hook up in real life... Then of course, there's Carry Grant. Nothing more to add here, the man's the epitome of style!

Then, we have Robert Redford. When he was younger, obviously... Who didn't cry in "The Way We Were"? Steve McQueen, the cool, scruffy American who starred in some mediocre movies but boy wasn't he handsome!

Now here comes the "strange" part of my lust list: John Malkovich. Yes, I actually find the man sexy. He is so ugly, he has grown a terrible baldness- but oh, the way he speaks is like whispering dirty talk on my ears! Willem Dafoe is another weird crush of mine... I don't know, must be the wrinkles? His angular face? His hair?!? Whatever it is, I find him so hot that I wanna marry him. And believe me, I'm not the marrying kind!

My latest crush: Kenneth Branagh. Can't explain it either. I'll have to watch "My Week with Marilyn" only for his sake!

I feel so old-school to add Antonio Banderas on this list, but there's a disclaimer: I only loved him in "The Skin I Live In", as the character he was playing was far from the Latino-lover caricature he's played over and over the past few years! Comprende?

To finish this pathetic excuse of a blog post, here's Matt Damon singing "My Funny Valentine" from "The Talented Mr Ripley". Enjoy!

That's it guys, my list of current Valentines.
Which was pretty ridiculous. I hope you had a good laugh!
Now, let me know your crushes!!!

Note to Kostis: darling, please don't be offended by this post! See, I even put Robert Redford in my list, your so-called "lookalike"... Ok? Mwah :*

Evi   xx


ROUGE in LOVE! Or: Lancome is getting younger!

I had heard the news.

Lancome has been preparing a big launch of a secret new lipstick, and has been revealing little pieces of information every week- just so to make sure we got lured in the hype.

Heck, they even made a song about it!

I wasn't interested. I mean, it's Lancome we're talking about! That's old ladies' stuff. Seriously, Lancome, come on: did you really expect I was gonna be wowed by yet another pretty campaign? How little you know me, I laugh at your face, ha-ha!

All that, until I heard the freakin' song.
And I feel defeated.

Veeery clever thing to do, Lancome, I give you that... The song has been ringing in my head for more than a week now, that's genius marketing!

Here it is, listen for yourselves. It's addicting. You've been warned!

As this short film hints, Lancome decided it was about time to cater to the younger generations with the launch of a new lipstick that would keep up with the latest innovations in that field. The new Rouge in Love ticks all the boxes: it's beautiful to look at, the formula falls under the new almost-lip-balm kind and its colour range is pretty exciting!

Look at this beauty...
The packaging of Rouge in Love stands apart from anything we've seen from Lancome so far! The metal case is actually shorter than your regular lipstick, but fear not- the bullet inside is the same amount. In my book, shorter=smaller, and smaller=cuter! Notice the red stitching on the back, evocating of silk stockings? Awww...

As for its formula, Lancome says it delivers high pigmentation with a shiny finish, while moisturising agents will keep your lips nice and healthy for up to 6 hours. But what's more interesting is that Rouge in Love comes in 3 different colour families, to satisfy all preferences:

"Jolis Matins" range consists of everyday, easy to wear shades.
Corail in Love (3rd from the right) has already made a name for itself!
"Boudoir Time"- now that's my favourite group! These shades look so on-trend and yummy! You have an orange, a fire-engine red, a nude, two fuchsias and a gorgeous violet shade! <3 <3 <3 these!!!
"Tonight is my Night" is the last set of shades; it contains some fairly predictable evening colours- a tad less exciting than the previous two groups.

To conclude, I'm so amazed by this new Lancome lippie (as if you couldn't tell by now!). Lipstick is growing into a big love of mine, and now I value it higher than any other makeup product- because as I've mentioned before, a nude face with a punchy vibrant lip is the ultimate "recession-chic" look of our generation.
FIY, Rouge in Love lipsticks cost around 27E and should be out in the stores.
Also, you can have a look at Rouge in Love on the new greek website for Lancome: www.lancome.gr

What do you think of the new Rouge in Love lipsticks?
What's your experience with Lancome?

Evi   xx


My very first FOTD!!!

The reason behind this impromptu post:

As I went through the photos I took last month, I noticed a sequence of my mug/ evidence of how my makeup looked when photographed- because yes, I always take pictures of my makeup in the rarities I've spent close to an hour to do my full face.
What, you don't? You totally should, gurl! *strickly points a finger*

Anyways, as I was admiring my makeup of that day, it occured to me that in these photos I look quite... human! See, my camera is a b**ch and always pictures me like an alien with big nostrils, spotty skin and a sardonic smile. How cute...

But enough with the ramble: here's my first FOTD:

* I'm resisting the stronge urge to point out my flaws here...
** I tried to smile, make faces- apparently this b**chy pose suits me best?
*** Backround is from my boyfriend's flat. He chose the wallpaper himself!

Notable mentions of this look:

All four shades of TBS Shimmer Cubes #20 on my eyes. It was way more dramatic in real life, though you can still see the fine texture of its shimmer. Nothing but TBS pink Shimmer Waves on my cheeks- notice the gorgeous shine in the first pic? On my lips: Mac Creme d'Nude lipstick topped with Elf Mineral lipgloss in Au Naturale.

That's it, girls!
Uploading this kind of post was something new to me,
I hope you liked it ;)

Evi   xx


Post-Christmas sale makeup haul

What a girl's gotta do when there's sales going on by one of her favourite makeup brands?

She shops and saves money at the same time!

That's right- when I was informed that there would be a 20% off purchases at the Body Shop, naturally I couldn't let that opportunity fly by!

Here's what I got:

      Baked-Eye-Colour in 01-Copper, 08-Amethyst 

Two more baked eyeshadows from the Body Shop's Baked-To-Last range. I specifically went through every compact to find the ones with the prettiest "marbling"- if that's a term, but you know what I mean ;)

To those saying these eyeshadows lack pigmentation: since they come in a different formula than your regular pressed eyeshadows, you can't really expect them to perform the same way. After a lot of practices, I came to the conclusion they perform their best when applied on top of a dark creamy base, or even better when both coordinating shades are layered on top of each other- and I mean lots of layers!

Also, for maximum pigment pay-off, baked eyeshadows can be safely used wet without worrying they'll be ruined.

Repurchased my precious! Lip&Cheek stain, as shown in my previous post. Bought two blushes with matte finish, as my makeup collection is lacking in matte blushes and the ones by Tarte are so hard to find- boo!!! The first one is by greek drugstore brand Radiant in #102-Apple Brown; the sales assistant assured me it's the best blush Radiant has to offer, we'll see if it lives up to her claims! On the right is Blush #09-Toast  from the Body Shop; it's a pretty natural-looking peachy shade, which I know I'm going to use a lot ;)

And for a bit of skincare: more Apivita mask sachets and two tinted lip balms, cause I can never have enough: one is by Apivita, and the other is a repurchase of one of my favourite lip butters by Korres ;)

Anything you shopped recently?
What's on your wishlist? Do share!

Evi   xx


January '12 favourites.

Could I ever start this post with the common "once again, this past month flew by so quickly" without repeating myself?
Probably not, but it's true!

Nevertheless, I'm not really complaining: the weather got so chilly and wintery, which meant I was finally able to wear a bright red lip without feeling out-of-place ;)

During January, I got reunited with one of my favourite blushes ever-
the Body Shop's lip&cheek stain! This is a repurchase, so that goes to show you how much I love it... It's my #1 choice for that "no makeup" makeup, looks so great on Mediterranean/olive skin, gahhh I could rave about this beauty non-stop! I also made good use of Russian Red by Mac, which I wore as a stain both on lips and cheeks.

As I've grown tired of wearing the usual suspects on my eyes -black pencil, black liquid liner-, it was about time I switched it up a bit with these 2 brown liners from the Body Shop. The Liquid Eyeliner, I love- it swatches as dark as I want it and goes on matte. The Carbon Eye Definer, I'm not so crazy about- there's something about its formula that just doesn't cut it for me, though I can't define it yet :/

   Swatches, with sunlight

   With flash

Aaand let us not forget these cute H&M nail polishes! I wore both two colours in alternation, with Rust being my absolute favourite. Now I must confess, I never expected to admit it as I'm not that drawn to nail polish in general but, damn: 7 ml is too little for a colour you simply adore...

So, that's it for me!
What have you been loving during January?

Evi   xx
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