Hello my lovelies!!!
How you've been? Long time, no... posting!

So summer vacations are officially over for me- I spent most of the days at my parents' country house, after a small trip to Kefallonia with the boyfriend.

Now I'm back in Athens, back to my routines... But, no complaints; I'm always excited this time of year, when the hot days of summer are getting sparse and the weather gets cooler... The light blue sky turning into all shades of grey and the first drops of rain making their appearance on the window sheets...

Ah, waiting for the arrival of Fall is a good wait! I'm most definitely a "fall" person ;)

Anyways, I'm back for good on blogger. My poor computer is loaded to the max, so after a mini improvement service I'll be back with regular posting.

I've also noticed that during my absense this little blog gained a few new followers! I salute you all, your feedback is always welcome!

Please say hi if you're still active on blogger!
I've missed all of you, sweeties...

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!

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