A rant on MAC & its practices that ruin all the fun...

Do excuse my bitterness today;
I needed to get this short and informal post published as soon as possible!

After a week's delay from its official release date, the Mac Archie's girls collection finally arrived at our stores. Which technically is more than a month past its release in the UK.

Now, I may have managed to locate and ultimately purchase the one thing I really wanted from this collection (Veronica's Ronnie Red lipstick), and yet something has turned me off from this whole limited-edition business.


... Too jazzy? The dreaded pearly white nail polish!

* In case you're wondering about the title's "too jazzy" part, see this vid from
  Inbetweeners. It's epic. *

Here it is in all its glory, the quintessential pearly white nail polish that dominated all nail polish trends in the 50's and '60's... I know, I know, most of you reading these lines will cringe at its sight; ahhh, if you could only give it a chance!

Putting aside its major significance among fashion trends of the pin-up era (it was THE nail colour to wear back then!), all pearly nail polishes and especially the white version like this one by Revlon (020 Pure Pearl) look ever so elegant and draw attention to the nails with their glistening effect, all while elongating the fingers like no other nail polish finish.

Let me also remind you that Dior included a pearly white nail polish in its best-selling Christmas makeup collection, and it was a hit! (click to see photos and swatches)


Some new entries: skincare, accessories, and a concert ticket ;)

Hola, beautiful people!

Ahhh, I'm in such a bloody good mood these last few days, so much so that the excitement is killing me! Why, you might ask? Well, you'll see what I'm talking about at the end of this post. But before that, here's my most recent haul ;)

Starting with the skincare bits; are you ready for a bold statement?
Here goes:

I think I've finally found my HG skin saviour.
I'm dead serious, the Avene Cleanance K cream made my skin look practically flawless! Expect to see a whole 'nother post dedicated to this bad boy- I'll give you a little teaser info: it's a gentle chemical exfoliating treatment. I love it to bits!

I was also in need of a new everyday face wash with exfoliating micro-granules, so I opted for the Garnier Pure Active Daily Energising face scrub. This stuff has a fantastic fresh/zingy smell that wakes me up every morning! And then there's a couple of essentials from the Body Shop, namely the Vitamin E cream cleanserVitamin E eye cream,
both of which are repurchases. Hey, old habits die hard!

This is a Zara necklace which I bought yesterday, and I really need your help:
is it a keeper, or not?

See, I'm currently loving the "chiffon shirt, skinny jeans and a statement necklace" look, and Zara is the only place with eye-catching necklaces that don't cost the world. Yet, I'm not so sure about this purchase... I'm loving the looks of it, but how many times will I get to wear this mofo? What do you guys think?


Mascara series: La Roche-Posay RESPECTISSIME Ultra Doux

This is by no means a new entry in my makeup bag,
though it's my most recent rave...

Meet Respectissime Ultra Doux, the latest mascara offering by La Roche-Posay. Granted, it's manufactured by a a brand that mostly specialises in skincare than makeup, but don't let that fact fool you: it's a mighty lil' guy that delivers flirty lashes! 

Lemme first share my enthousiasm over the killer sleek black tube-
the packaging snob inside me couldn't be happier :)

Now, looks aside, its formula is of 94% natural ingredients, while offering maximum comfort and tolerance to sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. That's the official description of this mascara and, to be frank, it ain't that enticing.
Give me unrealistic claims + model pics photoshopped to death, and I'm there!
[I shamefully admit it, that's what gets me every time...]

Even if you overlook the boring description, it's not gonna be a love at first sight.
What I mean by that statement is this: in order to show its true capacity, it's necessary to let the mascara dry out a bit- not "to the point of no return" (obviously), but you get the gist: just enough for it to become a little more dense than fluid, which would be about 3-4 weeks' time.

After that period of time has passed, get ready for some serious lashes!
See what I'm talking about in the photos below:


B-day thoughts, goals and comic strips...

* Gawd, it's hard trying to come up with a decent blog post introduction after being M.I.A. for more than 2 weeks- spare me just this once, guys! *

So, the news are as follows: I've been trying out a new skincare routine, had yet another failed appointment for ombre-ing my hair (ugh!) and, well... yesterday was my birthday.
Boy, am I glad that day is over!

You're now probably thinking "wtf gurl, are you serious??? Birthdays are fun!"
Allow me to plead my case, for the hell of it...

You see, apart from acting as a harsh reminder of getting older, I don't understand why it has to be such a big deal in one's life. Sure, the fact that people ring for wishes is caring, and the presents are always nice- though I'd much appreciate it if someone gave me a lovely gift at any given day, not out of mere obligation... Just sayin'!

Here's what makes me want to rush up the hours into the next day: the massive amounts of attention. Being forced into the spotlight is not my thing, especially while everybody expects me to be on my best mood, best outfit and best-est smile, when all I want is to be booze-free, stay unapologetically indoors and watch series after series of Family Guy.
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