November 2011 in pictures

    How many of these beautiful gloomy girls have you seen in
    downtown Athens?

    A guy selling salep on the streets.
    I regret for not buying a cup, so to support this tradinional beverage!

    On a Sunday, me and the boyf had lunch in Kouzina;
    good food with that extra something to make it a little more special
    than the ordinary, 100% recommended!

    We went for the 20E menu, which turned out a pretty good deal
    for what we got:

    Devine feta dumplings with pomegranate sauce...

    A green salad to each of us...

    Boyf got the spaghetti dish with cherry tomatoes and rusk bits...

    I got the chicken with figs and mashed potatoes...

    And to finish our meal, we got some delicious goat cheese tart
    with raspberries. Now I need to find a recipe for it!

    Out for a beer with a friend.

    It feels so peaceful to walk around Athens at night, when the streets
    are almost deserted and so quiet... 

    I'm probably a minority for admitting this, but I really envy the guy
    who stays at the 3rd floor of this old building :(

    Shaky pic of a pretty familiar sight: an Athenean yellow cab,
    Monstiraki square and the omnipresent Acropolis.

    I went to the much hyped and anticipated River West mall...

    To be honest, it left me completely indiferent...

    However, I absolutely loved this cute display ;)

    Steamed spinach introduced to my usual pasta... 
    This combo's a keeper!

    Kataif from Kosmikon... 'Nough said!

    Betty Crocker cupcakes... I could try harder than that but they tasted
    ok, so who cares? hehe

    I finally got my hands on a big Toblerone bar- probably my fave
    chocolate bar ever! What's yours?

Wow, more than half of these pics are food related...
Am I growing into those people that only talk about food? haha

I wish you all a happy New Year's Eve!
Hugs and kisses  xx xx



Christmas giveaway! H&M nail polishes

It's finally Christmas, yay!!!

How's everyone spending their holidays?
I'm currently staying at my parents' house, it's snowing and the weather is so wintery and cool- what a great excuse to drink lots of wine and just don't give a damn about the heaps of calories I consume...

As promised, I'm holding a giveaway on these 4 H&M nail polishes- think of it as a belated Christmas present to one lovely reader of this blog ;)

I know it's not much, but bargainous finds always make me ecstatic with joy- so I hope I can share some of my happiness with the lucky winner ;)

All you have to do to enter is very simple:

- be a public follower of my blog
- write ENTER ME in the comments section below, and
- please include your email address so I can contact you in case you win.

Easy peasy!

Giveaway is open internationally up until 8-1-2012;
then I'll pick a random winner.

***Please note that the nail polishes shown in the above photo are my own; I'm giving away 4 brand new nail polishes that come in their little plastic bags. Untouched. Cause I know there's nothing worse to find your giveaway prizes to have been swatched or slightly used :/

Merry Christmas everyone!
My warmest hugs and much love to all
xx xx



My TOP 11 for 2011!

I've been tagged by my girl Irene and fellow greek bloggers Argyrousa, ladyD and beautyincrisis to come up with my favourite products for 2011.

Narrowing them down to just 11 was the hardest part!
But, I digress ;)

Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base: my precious!!! This is absolutely worth all the hype, I tell you that... It gives a gorgeous caramel glow that I haven't come across in any other bronzer. However, I don't think it's appropriate as a contour shade- but that's just me.
Elf Studio Blush&Bronzer compact: I don't care much about the blush, but I know I can rely on its bronzer side for when I want contour my cheeks. A staple!

Mac Hue lipstick: my most worn lipstick during 2011. Whenever I was in a hurry or wasn't sure of what colour to wear on my lips, Hue came to the rescue. Highly recommended!
Mac Pink Nouveau lipstick: it's fun, youthful, optimistic and I love it. Pink Nouveau introduced me to the world of bright lipsticks and it still remains my favourite for a quick&easy striking makeup look.
Elf Luscious Liquid lipstick: more like lipgloss, actually... I love its sponge applicator and the tiny hint of minty tingle you get on your lips! I only use it on top of lipstick though, as it's almost clear :(

Elf palette with TBS eyeshadows: another staple. I'm sure you've seen this palette many times on my blog; I've now switched the previous top right shade with a satin pink- another makeup revelation for 2011:
pink eyeshadow can look so good!
TBS Moonstone baked eye colour: the sparkly vanilla shade has become my everyday inner corner highlight. The glittery grey will be a perfect match with Mac's Violetta- which I'm soo getting once I return from my holidays!
Mac Painterly Paintpot: HG HG HG!!! Ok, either this one- or Soft Ochre (its yellow undertones might suit me better). Paintpots are so lovely for crease-proof eye makeup, nothing more to add here...

Mac 130 brush: used solely with the Chanel Bronzing makeup base; I love the precision of this brush! The only problem I'm experiencing with it is that it leaks some black dye on the white hair after I've washed it-
if you happen to know a remedy about this issue, do let me know ;)
Elf Studio Powder brush: seriously, everyone should own this brush! For its price, it's a very-very well made handy tool and a great multitasker. Get. It. ASAP.
Eyelash curlers: I was so late on discovering the virtues of eyelash curlers... These ones didn't cost me much but they do the trick- though once their white spongey things fall apart, I'm gonna invest in some Shus!

My fellow beauty bloggers, you're all tagged!

Even if you don't have a blog, I'd love to read your favourite products for 2011! Just include them in the comments section below so that we can have a little chat ;)



H&M Fall nail polishes

Remember this cute red nail polish that I featured it in my
September favourites post?

H&M had launched these 4 nail polishes back during Fall season;
I've managed to locate the rest three colours so now all's good ;)

See, if you're a regular shopper at H&M, then you'll know that when you find something that tickles your fancy, you just grab it on the spot,
no seconds thoughts about it. I don't know what stopped me in the first place and only got the red nail polish- when I should have picked all 4! And then, when I popped back to H&M to pick up the rest of the colours, they were nowhere to be found...

Though lucky me, the God of shopping finally gave me mercy and one day, He led my footsteps up to the newest H&M store at Ermou str. which was all full with new stock! I rushed to the cosmetics section and what do you know, all 4 polishes were luring me and whispering MY name!

It's not just the 0.95E price tag that thrills me. Cause you should know by now that I'm so cheap with nail polishes! The colours are so lovely and on trend (if "on trend" calls for a late interpretation of 2010 trends...), they give opaque coverage with only 2 coats but most of all, there's a couple of Art Deco details that hit a nerve at my inner vintage loving self- notice the bottle's shape? the letters' font?

Pfffff, who am I kidding here...
At 0.95E per bottle, they're a steal and such bargains make me happy!!!

You can have a look at better swatches in this post, click!

***By the way, because I did my shopping on an empty stomach, I inevitably bought more than I had planned and ended up with 4 backups... Clearly I won't be needing those, so if you're interested in these particular H&M nail polishes,
let me know and I'll host a little giveaway for you ;)



The Body Shop NEW shimmer cubes! palette #21. Oh, and a little haul ;)

This is the second palette I've acquired from the Body Shop's new Shimmer Cubes collection (here's the post on my previous purchase), and it ranks 4th in my Shimmer Cubes collection ;)

I won't get into much detail about the pros and cons of Shimmer Cubes, I'm sure you're already familiar with these. Having tried so many makeup products from the Body Shop, I've been let down by some- but never with Shimmer Cubes. Even if you're new to the Body Shop's makeup line, these are definitely worth the investment.

This particular #21 palette consists of an interesting combination of pinks with a silvery grey eyeshadow and a white. For me, a makeup look with pink and grey eyeshadows is way out of my comfort zone (!), however these ones are so beautifully made that they've taken away all of my hesitations.

Swatches from left to right:
Velvet Pink (a pretty girly light pink),
Soft Pink (the most interesting shade from the bunch, it's a light creamy
               shade with pink duochrome!),
Stardust Grey (a high shimmer silvery grey), and
Pearly White (your usual white inner corner highlight).

Then, just before leaving for my Christmas vacations, I took notice of an offer where you'd get a free Candied Ginger hand cream with purchases over 35E. Inevitably, it became impossible for me to pass over this lovely opportunity, so here's my (kind of) impromptu haulage at the Body Shop:

My sister got the Love etc... perfume- such a lovely warm fragrance, it's even approved by Katie Puckrik! For me, I purchased the Liquid Eyeliner in brown -yet another underestimated product from the Body Shop!- and the brown Carbon Eye Definer... Notice a "brown kitten flick" theme going on? I also got the Aloe Soothing night cream for my winter moisturiser, as I 100% trust their Aloe skincare line.

So that's it, my latest possessions from the Body Shop!
Have you hauled anything recently? xx


Kiehl's: some product reviews and an extra announcement...

For today's post, I thought of putting together some short reviews on the samples I got from Kiehl's two months ago ;)

Starting from my least favourite product and going up to my favourite...

Yerba Mate Tea lotion: please don't get me wrong, it's a lovely moisturiser for oily skin- it didn't break me out and it provided just as much moisture without my skin feeling greasy or tight. However, I can't find it on Kiehl's website so it might be discontinued, hence it's getting the first place of this countdown :(

Over-Night Biological Peel: I remember Lisa Eldridge mentioned in her skincare video that she loathes face exfoliants with scrubbing beads and that she herself uses an over-night exofiant with lactic acid from Dermalogica. This Biological Peel by Kiehl's is on the same line. It's meant to be used before bedtime and you're supposed to sleep with this on your face- but I guarantee you won't feel any itching or tugging or any kind of discomfort. This 5ml sachet lasted me for 10 generous applications and when I was through with it, my skin was a lot calmer and even in tone- plus I noticed a significant difference on my pores' size!

Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped body butter: omg, that's pure lush... I can't think of a better way to describe it! Its texture is really whipped, you can see the air bubbles in the jar! It applies so rich and silky on the skin- and its scent, oh goodness... Just addicting! The 226 g jar may be pretty expensive for a body moisturiser, though the "you get what you pay for" quote couldn't be more appropriate: this body butter feels expensive and smells expensive. In a good way, obviously ;)

Now for a special announcement:

I've been informed that Kiehl's is going to host a Christmas party at Hondos Center Kolonaki where all proceeds from sales will be going to charity! Yes, all proceeds; in this case, Kiehl's will be donating the raised sales' fund to the "Eliza" Society for the prevention of cruelty to children. AND the sales assistants of this event will be no other than hip personas like Giorgos Karamichos, Dimitris Skarmoutsos, Eleni Psychouli and my fave- Alex Kavvadias!!! AND if this wasn't enough, there's even going to be a choco-fountain!!! *drools and searches kitchen cupboard for leftover chocolate*

          Click to enlarge for more info!

I'm so gutted I won't be able to make it as I'm taking an early Christmas vacation (hehe), I'm depending on your feedback from this event! And if you do get to see Alex Kavvadias, please take some extra pictures for my behalf ;)

So, who's planning on going to Kiehl's Christmas party?
Are there any products from Kiehl's you'd recommend? Do share!



Garnier BB cream: 10 FAQ

As you may have already noticed, Garnier is offering greek beauty bloggers with prereleases of their new and anticipated BB cream, so here's my take on it***. I decided to compose my review in a 10 FAQ format, so you can skip the parts you're already familiar with ;)

1. What is a BB cream?
BB cream stands for Blemish Balm; it was first formulated by German dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek during the '60s and was first marketed as a post laser surgery treatment to protect and soothe the patients' skin, while offering light coverage on acne and surgery scars. In recent years, BB cream gained popularity in the Asian markets, after it was renamed as the Korean actresses' secret to flawless skin. Western markets are now following the trend, with high-end brands like Mac, Lancome and Clinique releasing their versions of BB cream.

2. What are the Garnier BB cream claims?
"Miracle Skin Perfector. Daily all-in-one BB cream.
Immediately perfected skin:
* Evens tone + boosts glow
* Blurs imperfections
* Smoothes fine lines
* 24hr hydration
* SPF 15 UV protection"

3. What it really offers for my skin?
These two thick-looking, intimidately dark blob of creams spread out incredibly easy, leaving skin plumped and moisturised. Its mineral pigments cling on the skin, providing a natural tint that brightens and evens out any shallow areas. The finish is quite dewy, which makes it an excellent dry/dull skin enhancer. The fruity-floral Garnier scent is there, but in a more subdued way.
In short: your skin, but better.

4. How much coverage it provides?
Coverage is very sheer- it won't hide blemishes and acne scars as the photo on the cardboard box suggests. However, it does an excellent job at evening out the skintone, thus aiding in a healthier appearance.

5. I have oily skin. Is this product for me?
It depends. Bear in mind that this product can't replace your everyday foundation, in the sense that you can't rely on the Garnier BB cream to wear it for 10-hours straight at work while still looking nice and neat; you'll end up with a greasy, blotchy mess. However, it is lovely for a natural and low-key makeup look.

6. Which shade should I go for?
If you're fair-skinned, opt for shade 02-Light. For deeper skintones or tanned skin, shade 03-Medium is best. Don't be alarmed by my heavy swatches, I can assure you both shades are extremely blendable; compared to my olive skin, my mum has an almost porcelain skintone and yet the 02-Light shade is a perfect match for both of us. Although sometimes I cheat a bit and wear the 03-Medium shade for a warmer caramel glow (along with a scarf worn tight on my pale neck, ha!)

7. How is it meant to be used?
As it's sufficiently moisturising, it's best to be used on its own rather than on top of a face cream. You can apply a little powder on top, if you want to take away some of the shine. You can apply more layers if you wish, or you can blend it with your foundation to sheer it out- the list is endless.

8. Is the Garnier BB crean comparable to Korean BB creams?
Well I can't answer this issue with certainty, as I haven't tried a proper Korean BB cream. The main difference between the two is that the latter offer a higher SPF and skin-brightening pigments the Asian customers are after. Coverage varies among Korean BB creams, though I've seen some beauty gurus replacing their medium-to-full coverage foundations with BB creams. To me, the Garnier BB cream looks more like the new-generation "5in1" tinted moisturiser rather than a western blemish balm replica.

9. Where can I get it?
The Garnier BB cream is currently available in Hondos Center stores located at Ermou str., Omonoia square, Maroussi and Piraeus. But don't you worry, it will soon be available in all HC stores across Greece ;)

10. How much does it cost?
Retailing price is 9,99E in the aforementioned greek cosmetic stores.

To conclude my review, I 100% recommend you to try out the new Garnier BB cream. I appreciate more than anything the fact that it's
so affordable and easily accessible- saves us european girls from shopping online for those premium Asian brands!

As long as you keep in mind that you're dealing with a "5in1" tinted moisturiser that will improve the appearance of your skin but it won't make for a flawless blemish-free face, you won't be dissapointed by this product.

Back to you: have you tried any Korean Blemish Balms?
Are you intrigued to get the Garnier version of BB cream?

***Products were provided by Garnier for review purposes. I'm not affiliated with the brand and I wasn't compensated for this review. These are my honest opinions; my loyalty is to my lovely readers!

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