November 2011 in pictures

    How many of these beautiful gloomy girls have you seen in
    downtown Athens?

    A guy selling salep on the streets.
    I regret for not buying a cup, so to support this tradinional beverage!

    On a Sunday, me and the boyf had lunch in Kouzina;
    good food with that extra something to make it a little more special
    than the ordinary, 100% recommended!

    We went for the 20E menu, which turned out a pretty good deal
    for what we got:

    Devine feta dumplings with pomegranate sauce...

    A green salad to each of us...

    Boyf got the spaghetti dish with cherry tomatoes and rusk bits...

    I got the chicken with figs and mashed potatoes...

    And to finish our meal, we got some delicious goat cheese tart
    with raspberries. Now I need to find a recipe for it!

    Out for a beer with a friend.

    It feels so peaceful to walk around Athens at night, when the streets
    are almost deserted and so quiet... 

    I'm probably a minority for admitting this, but I really envy the guy
    who stays at the 3rd floor of this old building :(

    Shaky pic of a pretty familiar sight: an Athenean yellow cab,
    Monstiraki square and the omnipresent Acropolis.

    I went to the much hyped and anticipated River West mall...

    To be honest, it left me completely indiferent...

    However, I absolutely loved this cute display ;)

    Steamed spinach introduced to my usual pasta... 
    This combo's a keeper!

    Kataif from Kosmikon... 'Nough said!

    Betty Crocker cupcakes... I could try harder than that but they tasted
    ok, so who cares? hehe

    I finally got my hands on a big Toblerone bar- probably my fave
    chocolate bar ever! What's yours?

Wow, more than half of these pics are food related...
Am I growing into those people that only talk about food? haha

I wish you all a happy New Year's Eve!
Hugs and kisses  xx xx



  1. "tasty" month was it? I am hungry now...!!Lovely girlie...

  2. wow@ nice post...i love looking at your pics....i totally loved the one showing the A cropolis/yellow cab etc...and those with the empty Athenian street... (and i have to admit that you are SO right for being jealous about the people living on the 3rd floor of that appartment...)

    HO HO Happy new Year!!

  3. Now I want a toblerone. Or anything sweet. Like kataifi. Happy new year to you too darling! Looks like it was a good month!

  4. Επιτέλους κι άλλος άνθρωπος που του αρέσει "Το κουζίνα" γιατί οι περισσότεροι το κατακρίνουν λόγω του φαγητού του· όχι γιατί δεν είναι καλό, αλλά γιατί δεν είναι "κανονικό" όπως λένε. Το λατρεύω αυτό το μαγαζί!!!

    xxx Marie!

  5. @Athina, hehe I'm glad you liked the pics, doll! xx

    @makeupbymarias, oh I'm so happy we share the same "taste", I always thought I was a weirdo for loving old apartment buildings and pictures of Athens at night! Happy New Year, huni!!! xx

    @Ria, hehe I'd like something sweet two! Dammit I'm out of chocolate now that I need it the most :/

    @Marie @ madeinheartbeauty.wordpress.com, αχ πολύ χαίρομαι που ταιριάζουμε! Σόρρυ αλλά τόσα χρόνια που τρώω, ε βαρέθηκα το "κανονικό" φαγητό! lol

  6. ox thee mu mas anoixes tin orexi!omorfes foto...mu arese polu i proti ;)

  7. I ALWAYS love these posts of yours! I love Athens too and seeing it in pictures makes it look even better and more "nostalgic"! p.s. I TOTALLY envy that guy too!

  8. i athina to bradu einai mia teleios diaforetiki polu pou latreuo!to kouzina tha to episkefto!:)) to kosmiko exei ta oraiooootera siropiasta me megali agapi to ekmek kataifi kai to galaktompoureko!euxomai to 2012 na exeis polles tetoies omorfes stigmes!:)

  9. Ahhh, all these photos of food are making me sooo hungry. :)

  10. @Reaction, χαχα σ'ευχαριστώ κορίτσι! xx

    @dimitra, oh huni I'm so glad you like these posts! It means a lot because I feel like I'm displaying pieces of myself in these posts xx

    @lucy, ε κλασικά, το γαλακτομπούρεκο από το Κοσμικόν είναι το καλύτερο της Αθήνας! Πράγματι, η πόλη αλλάζει τη νύχτα... Χρόνια πολλά και σε σένα! xx

    @Summer, hehe me too, that doesn't stop me though from admiring other people's food ;)

  11. Nothing wrong at all with talking about food! Where is that River West Mall? Never heard of it.

    Maria xx

  12. It's right next to Ikea at Kiffisos str.! xx

  13. Ooooh, ok! All these malls popping up left right and centre...it's hard to keep track some times!

    Maria xx

  14. OH ANOTHER MONTH IN PICS POST! how much do i love these, i think i've told you before! this is a great one! the food looks yummy especially the chicken with fig sauce! oh and toblerone(the yellow one) is my fave chocolate bar as well doll :) xx

  15. Aww thank you so much doll, it means a lot to me! Toblerone tops all chocolate bars, IMO. The big 400gr bar is a regular request of mine to relatives travelling with airplane- και τα τσουρέκια του Τερκενλή, αχ εσείς οι Θεσσαλονικείς μας έχετε κακομάθει! xx


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