My first Mac! My first Mac!

Hello my lovelies!

Back to normal posting again; I've got some exciting news to share with you- exciting for me, that is...

I got Creme d' Nude! And I love it!!!
Oh, I feel like celebrating!

So please excuse the following pictures, I know you've probably seen it everywhere but they only serve the purpose of my own thrill...

Yes, I happily joined the Mac craze, I've jumped into the Mac b(r)andwagon, I'm a potential Mac wh**e; however you want to call it, I did it.

It became impossible of me to miss that purchase so I got it. A few blogger comments actually aided in my decision of breaking my lipstick ban, notably the girls from All The Vanity and This Is Me (you little devils...), but ultimately I blame only myself. And you know what? I don't care!!! I'm still trying to finish some of my old lipsticks, but a little "spicing it up" now and then with a new purchase isn't bad either!

P.S.: I'm storing it in its sleek black box, I'd like it to remain a luxury and a "special" treat for as long as possible- because I probably won't be getting any other Mac goodies soon... That's all for this season. Keepin' it austere, right?

Group hug, Mac fans ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Congrats! Its such a thrill to buy your first mac item! :) Thats a lovely color i must check it out soon! :) x

  2. Exciting!! :D Looks great!

  3. @Superficialgirl, Thanks! It feels like the time I bought my first lipstick as a teenager, everything Mac seems new and ecxiting!!!

    @Orgo Cosmetics, yeah and it smells like vanilla cookies... Yum!

  4. Yeeey! It's yours finally! Your first MAC...(tears in my eyes) :P

    You don't have to feel ashamed, you little "MAC w**re"!
    I totally walk in your shoes, as a Benefit lil naughty girl.

    Congrats, great investment!

  5. Yay! Your first MAC item! I remember my first one was woodwinked eyeshadow!

  6. Yes! It's my first-born baby...

    Ha ha so you're into Benefit? Can't blame you ;)
    If they were available at our Sephora-s, I would so be a Benefit w**re, lol!

  7. @Hope, Hi Devs!
    Ah I've seen swatches of woodwinked, it looks so unique and gorgeous and pretty ;)

  8. Seee??? I knew you 'd love this, I mean, how could you not, it's such a universally flattering nude shade! ;)
    Bet it's what you 're gonna be slapping on all summer!

    Aaaand welcome to the MAC club...!!! :)


  9. I don't like nude lipsticks, I prefer a little color. I have a nice MAC lipstick in a rosey shade, very flattering for brunettes. Group hug from me too:)

  10. @tina_mbc, thanks- you were right! It's so pretty, me and Creme d' Nude will make good company during summer!!!

    @Pink_Fish, yay group hug!
    Rosy lips are perfect for spring, I was wearing a rosy lippie all the time, up until now of course ;)

  11. awe congrats! its so exciting. hahah.
    i lllove that color a ton.
    i bet it looks great! <3

  12. i'm waiting for the mac pret a papier collection to check out the lipsticks. they look really great on the site

  13. Anonymous9/5/10 06:52

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  14. congrats on your first MAC :)
    yayyyy! gorgeous color! x

  15. @julianne, it looks so great I can't believe it, lol!

    @stella, ah the "waiting game"... They always arrive here so late!

    @Daphne, hi- I'll check it out ;)

    @chrystyna, thanks very much!!!

  16. Λατρεύω τα nude χρώματα σε κραγιόν και με τρώνε τα χέρια μου να δοκιμάσω τα Mac. Είναι ενυδατικά ή ξηραίνουν τα χείλη από ένα σημείο κι έπειτα;


  17. Great blog <3
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  18. @meraldia, το συγκεκριμένο είναι υφής "cremesheen", από όσο το φόρεσα και ξαναφόρεσα δεν προκάλεσε καθόλου ξηρότητα στα χείλη μου ;)

    @Pixie Dust, thanks! You have a nice blog, too ;)


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