The horror, the horror

Hi everyone,

This post stands in contrast with the rest. I was planning to share with you some of my last purchases; but considering today's news, my heart couldn't allow it.

I'm speaking of the tragic, uncalled-for death of three bank workers caused by suffocation after the bombing of the building they were working, located at the heart of Athens.

It would be unfair to say that these incidents are unknown to us all, we've seen it happening before so many times- a peaceful mass demonstration that a certain group of people with a twisted sense of justice succeed in turning it into a series of ravaging riots. But today we've been witnesses of a criminal assault to our very senses, an unjustified attack by a violent flock of wolves who wreak their adrenaline by spreading fear and rage to all citizens.

Despair. Being unable to react, feeling completely useless like a disabled person that stares at the world and cannot move his finger against such inhumane and cowardly acts. These are my thoughts at this tragic day. The only thing that rolls around in my mind is a phrase from "Apocalypse Now", a great film by F.F.Coppola:

"the horror... the horror..."

Please excuse my irrelevant post, in all modesty I felt the urge to speak my mind.
Peace to us all.


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