Apivita's new website!

Hello my lovelies!

This is just a quick announcement; remember when I was whining that the new products of Apivita are nowhere to be found at their official website? Well at last, the brand changed and improved its homepage!!! I'm so, so excited about it- finally, all the new products are on display, I've spent almost half an hour browsing through the site and I'm not done yet!

What's more, under every product is a "SALES BEGIN NEXT WEEK" tag, which means that you can order products online if you live in the E.U. Yaaay!!!

To those who haven't heard of Apivita before, it is the second most popular (under Korres, of course) greek brand of natural skincare, and it offers great products for skincare, healthcare, aromatherapy, travel-friendly sachets and the unique Personal line of products- that I'm so fond of!

If you're interested about the brand, please pay a visit to the site- now I'm going to continue my browsing ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Online παραγγελίες; Αυτά είναι καλά νέα! Δεν είχα ιδέα για τη νέα τους ιστοσελίδα!

  2. Ούτε εγώ, την ανακάλυψα τελείως τυχαία!

  3. They have such nice bath foams and body lotions, perfect for sensitive skins. And a nice lip balm too :) Thanks for the info

  4. @This Is Me, yes! it made me so happy ;)

    @Pink_Fish, I love the Apivita bath foams, they have such beautiful scents!

  5. Thanks for the info, I 'll be sure to stop by next week, how convenient to be able to shop online! :)


  6. Sweetie, you can get your Cherry On Top Award here: http://thisismespotted.blogspot.com/2010/06/cherry-on-top-award.html

    Cheerios! xoxo

  7. @tina_mbc, well let's hope that sales will actually begin next week. The "Greek way" of doing things includes a significant amount of delay...

    @This Is Me, awww thanks hun! I appreciate it a lot ;)


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