I heart... hearts ;)

Hello my lovelies!

Are you ready for some Etsy cuteness?
Are you?

Yellow Bow Sprinkle Heart Earrings

Heart shaped Cupcake Ring with Chocolate

I Heart Doughnuts Pendant

Diet Coke Heart Necklace and Earrings set

Mint Green Appliqued Vest

Children's Hand Dyed Rainbow Heart Tie Dye T-shirt

Hand painted pattern Heart earrings

Creepin Heart Earrings

Heart-O-Meter Spinner Necklace Brass Ox

Blue Gingham Heart Stud Earrings

My Silver Heart Ring

Heart Shaped Locket

Victorian Locket Poison Ring

Felt and Zipper Heart Brooch

Blooming Red Heart Pillow

Red and Black Hearts Cushion Cover

Tea Love Knit Mug Cozy with Heart

Hearts and Love Tea Cozy

Heart shape Cake Magnet

Mosaic Quilted Heart Pin

And this is my take on heart-y accessories...

Heart b/w polka dot earrings, Accessorize

Massive leopard heart pendant, Pull & Bear

Which ones are your favourites? Mine would be the yellow earrings from the first pic, but I'm not sure I would wear them outside the safety of my house :(

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Anonymous28/5/10 00:49

    Love the Creepin Heart Earrings and the Tea Love Knit Mug Cozy with Heart. But everything is super cute.

  2. I know!!! I'm dreaming of drinking a cup of tea with this Mug Cozy and it makes me smile :)

  3. Anonymous28/5/10 01:29

    Hey girl, I nominated you for the sweet blogger award! :)


  4. poso latrevo to etsy!?

    megalos pirasmos!

  5. @Luna, awww thank you! I'll check it out ;)

    @kataifi*, αχ ναι! Όσο πιο πολύ χαζεύω στο Etsy, τόσο πιο πολύ θέλω να υποκύψω...

  6. I love the Tea Love Knit Mug Cozy with Heart and the Victorian Locket Poison Ring.
    Sooo cute!

  7. Yeah, I didn't know that poison rings existed today! That's a handy little tool 0_o

  8. Btw, have you received the parcel?! I sent it 10 days ago(or so..)!

  9. Nope, not yet! Hope it didn't occur any problems at posting, it happens sometimes :( :( :(

  10. What?! The same day I sent sth to my sister (she lives in Athens too) and she receieved it after 3 working days!
    Ok, now I got stressed!

  11. I'm sending an email for further info, it's a big and bitter subject ;)

  12. the yellow earings are extremely cute! i recently bought a miniature gumball machine from etsy that i wanted to turn into a pendant but i'm having problems placing a hook

  13. Oh, bummer... Bad, bad etsy!


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