Too many lip products!

Hello my lovelies!

Second post in a day? I must be out of my wits xD

Today I thought of revisiting my old make-up bag where I keep old make-up products. This is what I found:

It may not seem like a lot to some, but to me they sum up to a disturbing number... I'll count them for you- 40 Biotherm lipsticks/glosses that I had been buying religiously a long, long time ago. They have survived my "getting rid of it" tendencies, probably because I paid a lot to get them- cheap lipsticks, they were all thrown away. Now I'm disgusted of the sight and this is why:

- Because most of them have gone off- if not all!
- Because I don't think that a white (!) lipstick or a yellow lipgloss are very flattering and easy to wear... What was I thinking back then?!?
- Because of their relatively short expiration date, I could save my money and invest it into make-up brushes of top quality...

So I decided to enforce myself a lipstick/lipgloss ban, until I finish some of these first. I hope I'll manage without buying new lip products for at least 6 months!

Have you been under a make-up product ban recently? Did you stay true to your initial goals?

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. usually i don't buy many products. i mean i have one make up, one or two blushes, one mascara, one eye pencil, one lipstick etc. so, i don't have to be under a product ban.

  2. Ultimately, that's the best method for keeping your make-up stash updated while keeping with the expiration dates. Wish I knew it before accumulating all this junk!

  3. well generally i've cut back on buying make up products, since i have plenty. but once in a while i indulge into something new, just for the fun of it.
    i see you're a big fan of biotherm, i've only one lipstick from that brand, which is so sheer, that i only use it above other lipsticks

  4. Biotherm lipsticks were a "hit or miss" thing, some were very pretty and cute while others were just "blah"... But I thought of them as the best thing ever!!

  5. ououou..ta 8elo!

    yummy fenode..:P

  6. One of my favorite lipsticks is Biotherm, a nice pink-fuchsia combination, I have it for ages! I try to ban myself from bying blushes, I think I have too many! Oh, and eye shadows and lip glosses! I give away some of them to my sister, so I don't feel that I throw my money away :)

  7. @Nina-Malvada_, χα χα φαίνονται yummy αλλά δεν είναι!

    @Pink_Fish, really? What's the number of the lipstick, maybe I have it, too, then I can love it again ;)

  8. I'll come back commenting on the lipstick's number, I don't remember now, I have it in my bathroom drawer. It's really nice, I haven't found that color in any other brand. But you're right, Biotherm's lipsticks are really sheer so you need to put on an extra quantity of color

  9. Ok! Glad you like it so much, it's hard finding a bold shade of lipstick that matches your skin perfectly :(

  10. ha!telika den eimai h monh me apeira lip gloss klp!bebaia,ta dika mou den periorizontai mono se mia marka!ti mpelas k autos me ta lip gloss!oute 3erw posa exw pia,to mono pou 3erw einai pws OPOIA tsanta k an anoi3w,sigoura 8a vrw kana duo mesa!
    nice blog,keep going!
    ama 8es tsekare kai to diko mou!

  11. a hint, wear a bit of organic lip balm under the gloss...these are very harsh chemical concoctions usually!

    i threw away lipsticks several years back and haven't looked back! basically i buy only natural mineral make up(*natural* not mass produced fake natural stuff) from etsy and make all my facial products so i get to spend all the money i save on clothes :)

  12. Χα χα, σε καταλαβαίνω! Δεν είναι και πολύ δύσκολο να εθιστεί κανείς ;)

  13. Ooooh, a lot of biotherma :) Please come have a look at my blog xxx

  14. Hi! Checked it and followed ;)

  15. I come back with the no of Biotherm's lipstick: it's 127, xxx

  16. Oh, shoot! I don't have it :(
    I got every other funky shade but yeah, not this one!!

  17. Ouaou, poly Biotherm vlepw... pantws etsi opws to paw me ta lipgloss, me vlepw na katalhgw ki egw kapws etsi: exw parei arketa fetos, kai ta xrhsimopoiw elaxista!!!

    Kalh epityxia sou eyxomai (kai kala myala gia mena)! Lol!


  18. @Jessica, I missed your comment! Wow I never thought of etsy for make-up or skincare, great-great tip!

    @Tina_mbc, α σ'ευχαριστώ! Ναι είναι κρίμα τα lipgloss να χαλάνε πριν τα χαρείς, ευτυχώς οι σκιές έχουν μεγαλύτερη διάρκεια ;)

  19. wow that's a lot of lippies!! i should go on a ban too -__- i'm obsessed with lippies i cant help it bahaha


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