Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick, LOVE!

Hello my lovelies!

Didn't I tell you that I was going to get my hands on those little cuties?

[left: colourless- no spf, right: peach, spf 15]

I've been using this colourless stick over the last month, so now I can share my thoughts with you:


- The packaging! First impressions do count, don't they? I hated the plastic pot packaging of the previous Korres lip butters, it felt so light and cheap! This one is more sturdy, the twisting mechanism works fine, and the minimal decor- perfect!

- It is adequately moisturising and helps heal my lips from chapping and dryness. I found the previous lip butters in the pot not moisturising at all :(

- Its texture- it's a hard stick that won't melt in the tube, but is soft enough to be applied smoothly on the lips. One thing though; when the weather was cold, the product would "harden" and it was a bit difficult to apply- but I believe that this happens with most lip treatments... Now that spring is here, it spreads on my lips like a dream.

- The colour effect- after trying all shades at the store, they felt more like a tint of colour with a healthy shiny finish, not glossy-shiny like the pot lip butters... You can tell that I didn't like those, huh...

- Oh, and it's affordable. That's always a plus ;)


- The smell? Don't let the tag "mandarin" fool you, this doesn't smell of citrus at all. In fact, it has a very light scent of cocoa butter? beeswax? I'm not sure! Which brings me to...

- The lack of the ingredient list on the packaging, which is a big turn-off for me... No extra stickers or packaging for this purpose, oh no! One might say that there's no space on the tube to insert the ingredient list and still looking "minimal" and "hip", but I can recall the new Apivita lip aids that have used the ingredient typewriting to their advantage.

- As most lip treatments in a stick, it goes out really fast...

So, that's it with this review. I'm going to try every tinted shade, starting with this peachy one. Please let me know if you've tried any ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Might try this out, I 'm always looking for a good lip balm, so far I haven't found anything that works better for me than the Body Shop one!!!
    And I refuse to use a lip balm in jar packaging...!

    Great review!


  2. I love the Body Shop lip balms, too!!!

    I agree with you, lip balms in jar containers can be so unhygienic- I only use them when I'm at home :(

  3. I really want to try this out!

  4. Hi Devs!

    I highly recommend this lip balm, if you try it out please let me know what you think ;)

  5. they're on my list, i just have to finish like 5 other various lip balms i already have...

  6. Τα έχω χρησιμοποιήσει και είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένη. Επίσης χρησιμοποίησα και ένα lip balm με χρώμα κεράσι, επίσης μου άρεσε και ήταν αρκετά ενυδατικό!


  7. @Stella, ha ha I'm like the extreme opposite, I don't start using a new product if I haven't completely finished what I'm currently using!

    @Meraldia, χμμμ, κεράσι... Έκλεισε για την επόμενη αγορά! Κρίμα όμως που όλες οι αποχρώσεις έχουν την ίδια απροσδιόριστη γεύση :(

  8. I have till now the "old" KORRES lip butter in the pot. You're right, it wasn't nourishing at all. I used it as a base for making up my lips. I bought recently the new stick lip butter, I don't remember the name of the shade, but it promotes a glossy effect, works very nice for my lips and it's nourishing too. Apivita balms are nice too. Actually lip balms are my make up faves, can't live without them

  9. Oh, I think I'm falling in love with lip balms, too! It always make me happy when applying it ;)

    I was using the Apivita lip balms a while ago and I remember that I liked them- I hope they haven't changed the formulation along with the new packaging!

  10. I love Korres - especially the guava products! Very interesting - will have to try some! xx

  11. το πιο ενυδατικό που έχω δοκιμάσει είναι ένα της la roche posay σε σωληνάριο. άφηνε τα χείλη πολύ απαλά!

    θέλω να δοκιμάσω και αυτά τα νέα του κορρέ. το παλιό στο βαζάκι είναι όντως μέτριο. το βάζεις και σε λίγα λεπτά έχει εξαφανιστεί!

  12. @Georgie, hi!!! They're really worth a try, I hope Korres products aren't too pricey up there ;)

    @Efi, δοκίμασέ τα- αξίζουν τον κόπο! "Μένουν" στα χείλη για αρκετή ώρα, γιατί δεν έχουν τόσο μαλακή υφή όπως εκείνα στο βαζάκι...

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