Things that put me off :(

Hello my lovelies!

So I felt the need to compose a random post about things I dislike regarding make-up, cosmetics, skincare, etc.

1. Eyeshadow breakage!

Look at them, just look at them... I have supposedly "fixed" a couple, but they'll never be the same! Isn't the sight depressing or what? When an accident like this happens, honestly the rest of my day is ruined :(

2. Thumbprints on new eyeshadows
For the love of God, come on! So far I've opened three eyeshadows from the Body Shop, all brand new and sealed, to find out three beautiful thumbprints on the surface... Who does this thing, really? He/she must possess some kind of magical powers, testing out products while keeping the safety sticker intact!

3. Greasy packaging of moisturisers
It has rarely happened to me, sharing moisturiser or body lotion with a friend- which I don't mind, as long as he/she wipes his/her hands off the product before touching it again. I hate, hate, hate having to use it and feel the greasiness all over the packaging!

4. Spilled moisturisers
Another thing that bothers me is when I open a new shampoo/body lotion/whatever and there is dried product on the cap...

5. Sharing make-up products/tools
The few times it happened to me, I couldn't find a nice way of telling a friend that sharing lipglosses, etc. is not hygienic for both parties involved... I still don't know what to say in such occasions!

6. Discontinued products that I love!
Big thumbs down for companies discontinuing loved products... I can recall the Biotherm full make-up line, the Body Shop Almond Lip Butter, Korres Mandarin moisturiser, etc, etc...

7. Having difficulty to find a decent grey eyeshadow
Oh yes, to me it's so hard that it fits into this depressing little post... I still haven't found a grey/taupe eyeshadow that doesn't look silver, light blue, reddish or purple when applied on my lids. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Do you sympathise with me in any of the above? Share your thoughts ;)
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Sharing lip glosses is extremely annoying, but I usually don't know what to say! So awkward! Also hate accidentally digging my nails into product!


  2. Ha ha, I do that "nail digging into powder" myself- hate that it's me the one who ruins it!

  3. THis make me laugh.. you are so much like me! I get irritatd by all these things and more.

    My no 1 is when the plastic stopper comes out of the gloss or mascara..so you pull out the wand and it is just COVERED in gloopy product.

  4. About #5: The only time I shared an eye shadow with my best friend, I got a really REALLY bad eye infection. Never again. Maybe you could tell your friend that it takes only one time? As for lipgloss... they might be the worst (besides mascara!) since their lifespan is relatively short and they actually are germs incubators... X_X

  5. @Tali, wow that has never happened to me! Its sounds funny but I'm sure it's quite disturbing when it happens...

    @Gaby, so sorry for your eye infection! I was suffering from one, too -not because of sharing make-up but still annoying!

  6. I am so annoyed when people test the products that are for sale. That is what testers are for! And if there aren't any testers then ask some employee to give you one. I hate seeing finger prints on my eyeshadow!
    And I also hate it when I'm being careless and I drop an eyeshadow. The other day I accidentally dropped my 88 palette but luckily only the lid broke - all 88 eyeshadows remained intact! Pheww!

  7. have you tried MAC's satin taupe? it's grey-brownish with a hint of shimmer
    i don't know what kind of grey you're looking for, but if that doesn' t work, check out bobbi brown, usually her collections have a lot stone colors

  8. @Pasiphae, oh my God- dropping an 88 palette?!? Sounds like a thriller to me!

    @Stella, I've never thought of Bobbi Brown before, I'll check the website- thanks!!!

  9. Max Factor has a nice grey eyeshadow, I don't remember the NO right now, I'll check in my makeup bag and I'll let you know. I don't borrow any cosmetics, neither do I ask my friends to give me theirs. It's a matter of hygiene. I hate it too when my eyeshadows crack. Nice finding you :)

  10. Thanks hun! I'll check it out ;)

  11. The grey tone from Max Factor is called "smouldering silver" it was either 113 or 114 number, I am not 100% sure, I have it such a long time, maybe they have changed the no or maybe not, but they still have that kind of color (I've checked it out). It's my favourite grey, perfect for day (lighter application) and night (smokey eyes). It's kind of shimmering but not too much

  12. Oh thanks! I'll check the Max Factor counter at my next trip to Hondos Center and hopefully it'll do ;)


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