About LW

Dear reader, welcome to LIPSTICK WARDROBE!

This blog was created on January 2010 to express and share my love for beauty-
and of course, lipsticks ;)

What started as a relaxing outlet of mine that documented my favourite cosmetic findings, has now become a full time hobby- if that makes sense. Since my first blog post, this little web space has grown into something I love and enjoy, plus I've come to make new friends along the way!

I only blog about products I use and classify as worth mentioning; it would be a shame to do any other way. All products featured on this blog are purchased by me, unless otherwise stated- in which case, I always put a disclaimer at the end of each post.

I should also point out that I value highly the relationship of trust with my readers, which I wouldn't jeopardise for any free product in the world. Rest assured that I'm not a freebie hoarder on demand.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. It means the world to me.
Enjoy the read!

Evi   xx

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