A Mac lipstick and a guest

Hello my lovelies!

So yesterday I went to a big department store, with the purpose of visiting the Mac counter to get an empty 4-eyeshadow palette and, of course, Satin Taupe.

Little did I know that the eyeshadows in the pan form are only available at the Mac free-standing stores :(

So I "settled" with another lipstick that everyone seems to rave about... Hue.

I must say that it deserves every bit of the fuss going on around it! A pretty, no-fail milky pink colour that suits most skintones ;)

But, feeling a little greedy that evening, I strolled around the drugstore-ish floor to look around, and this lipstick got my attention.

It is a Long-Lasting Lip Stylo in the shade #34-Skin Like, by Art Deco. A nice, creamy nude-beige shade. And let me tell you, the rest of the shades were lovely, too- I'll be definitely going back for more! Oh, and the packaging- how sleek and pretty, me I love!

To get a better idea of the colour, here's a comparison with Creme d' Nude:

*** Μay I say that the brand Art Deco is so underestimated! Its products reach the perfect balance between price and quality. I'm particularly fond of their single eyeshadows...

...their Mineral line...

...their MASSIVE bronzing compact that has a different design every summer...

...and my beloved eyeshadow base!

Let me know if you own Hue or any cosmetics from Art Deco ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



Don't ever buy this foundation!

Hello my lovelies!

This is what you would call the opposite of a "product rave" post... I'm talking about the Body Shop's Oil-Free foundation. This stuff is nothing but... crap! Let me explain why:

1. It seems that it never absorbs on the skin, it just sits there. I figured it out when I tried to use my beloved cheek stain from the Body Shop after a sheer application of this product; I was left rubbing an opaque mix of foundation/stain on my cheeks, eeeww!!!

2. It makes my skin look as if I have dry spots! Which I don't! This is how much it dries out my skin; and to make things worse, the foundation concentrates on any flaky areas -that itself is causing!- and the result is so grose!!

3. It oxidizes like no other! At first, when I apply it on my face, the shade (04) matches perfectly my skincolour. But after a couple of minutes when it dries, it turns into 2 shades darker! See for yourself:

A blob of the product. See, the shade matches the bottle.

Spreaded on my hand and waited for it to dry... Hello, stranger!

So people, stay away from this product. It might have a nice packaging (I love that it's airtight with a nice pump), it also has an SPF 15, it is affordable, but... No. No. Total waste of money :(

Feel free to post below the worst foundations that you've tried ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



... Any suggestions?

Hello my lovelies!

I was thinking of getting my first Mac eyeshadow... Any Mac fans reading this post? I need your help, loves ;)

Initially I thought of a grey colour, because I still don't own a decent one that doesn't look like dirt on my eyelids! I looked up Copperplate, Scene, Print. But they might be more winter-appropriate :(

Then I thought of staples like Carbon and Vanilla... But they're not as exciting!

I'm mostly looking for an eyeshadow that is easy to use, probably on the mid-tone neutral/brown family, preferably with the least amount of shimmer... And it has to compliment my brown eyes :)

Oh, and I always wondered; do Woodwinked and Tempting look good on brown eyes?

I don't know... Maybe I should just get Satin Taupe and get over with it?
Just a thought...
Please leave your suggestions below, I appreciate it a lot ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



Summer make-up haul

Hello my lovelies!

Last week I did some fun shopping... No, it wasn't clothes- as much as I looked around, there was nothing cute to be found on stores like Zara, H&M and the like :(

Anyway, onto the haul:

I got...

- Korres Watermelon sunscreen face cream spf 20: Yummy!!!
- Erre Due Silky lip liner in #61
- Garnier Pure Active roll-on for acne spots
- Korres Jasmine lip butter... It still won't reach my HG products, but I got it anyway...
- Korres Mandarin lip butter stick spf15, colourless. Lovely nude shade!
- Art Deco eyeshadow in #61, a matte light grey colour
- Bourjois Anticernes brush concealer
- 2 Erre Due nail colours, a detailed post is coming ;)
- The Body Shop liquid foundation for oily skin. So far, I hate it...
- Manhattan Mousse Rouge- this beats Maybelline's dream mousse blush any time!

So, what did you get for your summer make-up bag? Any funky nail colours? Let me know, loves ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!




Hello my lovelies!

This is just a quick personal update, or the reason that kept me being absent from blogger for the past 10 days; an unexpected fainting episode made me go to the hospital. I stayed for 4 days doing tests, tests, more tests... I even did the MRI, for God's sake! Twice...

Thankfully, the test results showed that there's nothing seriously wrong with my health, I'm constrained with some do's/don'ts and the obligatory annual tests- but apart from that I'm perfectly fine.

I'm so, so happy that I can go back to my normal routine again! I hated my stay at the hospital, it made me feel sicker... And I've missed all of you here on blogger ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!

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