Hello my lovelies!

This is just a quick personal update, or the reason that kept me being absent from blogger for the past 10 days; an unexpected fainting episode made me go to the hospital. I stayed for 4 days doing tests, tests, more tests... I even did the MRI, for God's sake! Twice...

Thankfully, the test results showed that there's nothing seriously wrong with my health, I'm constrained with some do's/don'ts and the obligatory annual tests- but apart from that I'm perfectly fine.

I'm so, so happy that I can go back to my normal routine again! I hated my stay at the hospital, it made me feel sicker... And I've missed all of you here on blogger ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. :( Get well soon, health is our most important asset. I've done the MRI past summer too, it's awful I know, I wanted to throw up for the rest of the day, I had this terrible headache and feeling like throwing up

  2. Περαστικά, ελπίζω να νιώθεις ήδη καλύτερα. Είναι διακοπές τώρα, χαλάρωσε. Δεν αξίζει τίποτε τον κόπο για να χαλάς την υγειά σου:)

  3. Oh, no, so sorry to hear this hun, hope you 're feeling better already...!!!
    Hope you can plan a vacation, I 'm sure it would make you feel better!!! :)


  4. @Pink_Fish, thank you honey! Yeah, the MRI tests were horrible, horrible... Left my body feeling sore for the rest of the day!

    @meraldia, σ'ευχαριστώ πολύ! Αυτό ξαναπές το- τίποτα δεν αξίζει να χαλάς την υγεία σου, τελικά έπαθα και έμαθα ;)

    @tina_mbc, aww thank you!!! I'm a lot better but a bit tired :(
    I'm actually planning a short trip on August, it will definitely lift my spirits!

  5. Sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon! Hospitals are never a fun place to be! xx

  6. Thank you sweetie! Yeah, hospitals suck...


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