Dream talk...

Hello my lovelies!

It seems that I'm having some serious relaxation here, in the countryside. I know it because I'm having the most enjoyable sleep hours ever, full of long dreams and tiny little stories like snapshots. And it got me thinking- not meaningful stuff, but stil...

First of all, don't you just hate when you dream that you've just met a very famous person, and you go like "ho ho, wait till I tell my friends about it", only to wake up and realise the delusion? ***FYI, in my sleep I've met Bono, George Clooney and Stavros Theodorakis.

I dare say that we were lovers with the latter... I know, waaaay creepy! ***

Another thing that makes me wonder is this:some say that if you see a (preferably bad) dream, then the opposite is bound to happen in real life. But what happens when you're dreaming that you fool around with a hot guy you're familiar with; does this mean that in reality, he's not interested in you or you're going to fool around with an ugly guy?

Anyways, I hope I'm not the only one dreaming about famous people every once in a while... I'd love to read your "dreamy" celebrity acquaintances! Do share ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I've met prince William in my dreams *sigh*...And Taylor Hanson (from the Hanson band).And Athina Onassis.And I have no idea what any of these dreams meant.I also tend to have dreams that I could swear they'd be best seller novels if I wrote about them, given that many of them are like series episodes. :p
    Have a good day!

  2. Oh my, dreams like series episodes?!? If I had any of those, I'd be sure to go early to bed, lol!

    Prince William is cute and everything, but personally I was always into Harry ;)

  3. tous red hot chili peppers kai ton elvis! :D

  4. hahahaha ki egw eida proxthes kati perierga oneira tha eftaige h panselhnosssss

  5. Oh..I remember back in the past I've had this weird dream, me and Mickey Rourke having an affair, we were at the beach in front of a fire and he fell in love with me instantly. Can you imagine? Is this wacky or what? Lol

  6. Lol, it's happened to me too... guess we all have celebrity culture to blame, haha!


  7. @efi, ωωω με τον Έλβις! Καλό...

    @Mairyliscious, α ναι, ο γνωστός σεληνιασμός!!!

    @Pink_Fish, ha ha I love your dream! I hope it was with the younger and healthier Mickey Rourke, he's now become a blonde and quirky little monkey...

    @tina_mbc, that is so right!!! I feel kind of relieved, now that you've said it ;)


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