I adore Thessaloniki!

Hello my lovelies!

Warning: this post is way picture-heavy! I apologise ;)

On my previous post I mentioned that I've been on a small trip with my boyfriend. I have to admit, it was my first time visiting Thessaloniki! Odd, I know...

We travelled by train- some call it cheap and tiring, I call it retro-style ;) It was a wonderful opportunity to stare at nature's scenery that its beauty cannot be captured in photos...

The minute the train approached the Thessaloniki station, I knew I would love this city! The thrill was so big that I secretly admitted I could actually live there happily- and this comes from a gal that won't trade Athens for any other place in the world! Ok, maybe Barcelona... Or a village in southern France... Or Tuscany... Alright, so I wouldn't trade Athens for any other place in my homeland!

So, what did we do there?

We strolled around the city, staring at the beautiful buildings...

went to the famous Ladadika district...

where we obviously tasted some savoury dishes...

went to the O.T.E. tower...

visited the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art...

and on our last day we went to the White Tower, wishing we had more time to spend at the museum inside :(

But as soon as we made it to the top, the weather turned cloudy and poured some heavy rain!

So we rushed to a nearby cafe/bar and had our last cup of coffee in the city.

Now, knowing what the fuss is all about Thessaloniki and that my friends' recommendatory remarks about the city were true, it's a fact that I'll visit it again and again! Any Thessalonians out there? I hope I did your beautiful city justice ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. OH MY GOD!! It is seriously beautiful! So green and lush.. it must have been heaven. And the food looks to die for!!!!!!! Ahh im hungry now! Great post.. i really enjoyed reading it! xx

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  3. Glad you liked it here hun! :) It's beautiful -although METRO construction work has made the city look awful in certain places :\
    Tonia xx

  4. I looove Thessaloniki as well!And the people of the city are amazing!

  5. @Tali, ha ha I love reading and watching anything food-related, your vlogs on youtube make me drool all over the place, lol!

    @Tonia, you know I hardly noticed that! I was so blown away by the architecture that it didn't bother me at all!

    @Ria, yes i forgot to mention it! Everyone was so pleasant and kind and willing to help us out with directions and such ;)

  6. eimai apo tin thessaloniki kai einai poli oraio na vlepeis fotos kai na milaei gia tin poli sou kapoios allos.Tora pou eimai arketa makria ektimao to poso omorfi einai!!
    axx thelo tsoureki apo terkenli!

  7. Αχ τι μου θυμίζεις, τσουρέκια από τον Τερκενλή και τρίγωνα Πανοράματος από τον Ελενίδη!!! Τα'μαθα τα καλά της συμπρωτεύουσας ;)

  8. Lovely pictures there!!!I need to go to Thessaloniki again!:)

  9. Aww thank you! I love taking pictures, a lot of them ;)

  10. There are so beautiful things here but after 20 something years here, Thessaloniki no more!
    OBVIOUSLY your photos are pretty good, since you tricked Tali into thinking we have so much green here, haha!
    Glad you had fun!If you come back, I'll suggest some things for you if you like :)

  11. Really? Sometimes I'm getting sick of Athens too, it's a love/hate thing...

  12. So, ladies, pack your umbrellas and come and visit Ioannina, haha!!!

    Girl, you truly took some gorgeous photos... now, I 've only ever spent a few hours in Thessaloniki (shopping), so other than the White Tower, I can't recall anything else... It's definitely much more liveable than Athens though (no wonder why almost everyone that wasn't born and raised in Athens always asks how we do it, lol)!

    Love that your photos show that there's beautiful places/surroundings even in a very much urban environment, I should prob start taking more photos in general (note to myself here)!

    Looks like you had an amazing time, so now, I just wanna visit tooooooooo!!!!
    Tonia k Marietta tha sas erthw kapoia stigmhhhh! ;)


  13. Oh I had a blast taking all those photos, 109 of them in 2,5 days! Some of them are crap but eventually a few turned out cute... I'm really into it lately and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

    Now it may sound cheesy (actually I'm certain of it!), but I'll write it down anyway: beauty can be found everywhere and especially on ordinary, everyday things ;)

    Greeting to Ioannina!!! I've been there a long, long time ago and I'd love to visit again some time!

  14. Beautiful photos and it looks like you had a wonderful time! To my shame I must admit that I've never been to Thessaloniki and I really really want to. Mou anoikses tin oreksi gia Sallonica (kai gia fagito miammm!) xxx

  15. So I wasn't the only one who hadn't been to Thessaloniki before? Phew, what a relief!!!


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