Body Mists; to like or not?

Hello my lovelies!

I've got a question for you: when it comes to perfumes, fragrances and such, is it ok to enjoy wearing dirt-cheap body sprays just as well?

You see, when hot and humid-sticky days arrive, I'm all for the crisp and breezy spritz of body mists. Their usefulness lies in the fact that they get the scent out and over skin fastest, plus the dash of alcohol in fragrance cools you down, too!

But everytime I spray some on my neck and arms, I'm experiencing some kind of a guilt... As if I'm betraying a sacred clause of the Perfume Connoisseur's Bible, spoiling my spirits with an un-sophisticated, teen-appropriate product.

I'd love to know your views on the subject, all opinions are welcome ;)

By the way, one of my favourite "fragrances" of all time is the Korres Fig Body Mist!

I wish I could describe this heavenly scent, here's a try; when sprayed, you get an uplifting and citrucy smell that dries down to a clean and deeper lemon scent. Correct me if I'm wrong but you only get a tiny hint of fig after a couple of hours. I don't mind, though- I'm not a big lover of figs, after all!

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I love body mists as well as summer editions of perfumes with less alchol that smell less "serious" and more fun than the originals.

  2. Korres is the best choice!

  3. etsi opws to perigrafeis, akougetai 8eiko!
    genika den eimai poly twn arwmatwn, agorasa prwth foras fetos, kai vazw mia sto toso, an bgw vrady ktl ktl

    alla tha paw na myrisw kai ayto to body mist tou korre!

  4. I 'm all the way into regular perfume (lighter scents for the summer of course ), but this sounds intriguing, I 'm gonna have to give it a...sniff next time...! :)


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  6. ego ime iper...ftani to kalokeri na mn exoun poli "alkool" gia na min afinoun simadia apo ton ilio opou to vazis...
    afou iparxi o korres...ti alo 8eloume?? :P

  7. I love figs, eating and smelling them :) I have bought this mist too, when I was pregnant, I wanted something light for the summer, cause heavy fragrances made me wanna puke :( It's a nice mist, if you' re demanding with fragrances though it's not the right perfume, it doesn't stay forever. You have to renew it, still nice though, it gives a nice, clean feeling to my skin

  8. @Ria, exactly! And all summer editions of those "classic" fragrances like Classique by Gaultier or l'Eau d'Issey, they all come in the prettiest bottles!

    @meraldia, yeah you gotta love Korres ;)

    @efi, αλήθεια; Και όλα τα ωραία μπουκαλάκια, τα σούπερ χοτ μοντέλα των διαφημίσεων, όλα αυτά δε σε ιντριγκάρουν να τα αγοράσεις; Μπράβο, σε θαυμάζω!!!

    @tina_mbc, I too love proper, adult fragrances but I don't want to spoil them in the beach or for grocery shopping, lol!

    @kataifi*, χα χα σωστά! Good old Korres, never fails!

    @Pink_Fish, ah so now you have the fondest memories when you smell it! I love what fragrances can do, connecting their scent to important moments in our lives ;)


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