Herborium.gr, an online cosmetics store

Hello my lovelies!

This post is mostly for my fellow greek readers; I just found this following online shopping link and I'm sharing with you guys because it made my day and I love it so much!!!

This is the web space for the greek shop Herborium that stores some of the cutest (and pretty rare, too!) brands of natural cosmetics and other goodies like candles and gift baskets. I've chosen some products that grabbed my attention:

Cotton Flower Eau de Toilette by
Durance- €16,20

Alcohol-free baby cologne by
Helan- €15,20

Lemon-Lime Shower Gel by
Dresdner Essenz- €10,80

Anti-aging Body&Hands Moisturiser with Olive Oil by
Tact- €15,20

Mimosa Body Dusting Powder Drum with Puff, by
Woods of Windsor- €14,80
Gardening Vegetable Kit by
Sting in the Tail, €10,00

I hope you found it interesting, as I did... My eyes are mostly on the Durance perfume, I love its "vintage" feel and the wallet-friendly price ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. They have their own shop at "Athens Heart" mall, 180 Piraeus street at the groundfloor. Small but nice shop, it has a nice vanilla perfume, prettu affordable, round 15-20 as far as I can remember. I also liked their gift ideas. The Ginger & Spice series is very nice if you do like spicey smells like I do

  2. I meant round Euro 15-20. lol :)

  3. I had no idea about this store! I love learning about new Greek online shops!

  4. @Pink_Fish, oh I haven't been to the shop, it must have loads more stuff!! Thanks fr the recommendation, I'll definitely check it out ;)

    @meraldia, me too! I love it when the Greeks are stepping into online shopping business!

  5. it does have a lot of stuff and they make very often great sales of 20-30%, so you should check it out :)

  6. Oooh, great news! Thumbs up for them ;)


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