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Hello my lovelies!

I was tagged by Tina to do the Beauty Style Tag- thanks, girl!

So, in fear of my procrastinating self dominating my dutiful side, I'm doing it right now. Here goes:

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
My approach to makeup is working with my features, accentuating the good ones and trying to hide the not so good ;) I wish I could follow the trends, but most of the times they don't work on my face. So during daytime, I opt for natural makeup- for my features, that means: a taupe eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a rosey blush and a lipbalm. For an evening out, I usually do a soft smokey eye with a nude lip. Nothing exciting but I'm always experimenting with different techniques and colours, until I find a nice combination that looks ok on me.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
It's only youtube, nothing fancier than that! My favourite make-up artists to watch are Sam and Nic, Lisa Eldridge and Gossmakeupartist (you HAVE to watch his vids, he's so nice and explanatory and honest and hot as hell). I also like reading posts with the fellow bloggers' FOTDs, it really helps to see how a product looks in the skin and performs under flash photography.

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
It must be eyeshadows, although I love buying lip products or face powders just the same.

4. What's your favourite/holy grail colour for:
Eyes: It has to be the #04-Granite Eye Colour from the Body Shop, it's a beautiful semi-matte taupe/brown/purple shade? (Man, it's so difficult explaining neutral shades! o_0) I'm not getting into much detail because it deserves its own post! By the way, the eyeshadows from the Body Shop have the same size as Mac but are a lot cheaper, they're so easy to depot and the majority of them are of great quality- so they're really worth checking out. I would also recommend the shades #16-Sea Green, #31-Peacock Green, #32-Chocolate and #42-Midnight Blue. I absolutely love them!
Lips: My favourite lip product is actually a lip balm, the one with Watermelon from the Body Shop.
It has the same pinky-nude colour as the famous Jasmine Lip Butter from Korres, but tastes better ;)
Cheeks: During last month I got the Body Shop's Bronzing Beads and I'm loving it!
In my opinion, it's the BEST bronzing/highlighting product from the Body Shop- and there's a lot of them in store (I've counted them for you, they're 14!). It gives the most beautiful bronzey shade with just enough shimmer to make it "pop" on your cheekbones.
Nails:Dark nail colours during winter and nothing but coral during summer!

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
The Body Shop, obviously... I also like Art Deco and the greek "drugstore" brand Seventeen.

Feel free to do this tag and if you do, please say so in the comments below so I can give it a looksie ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Thanks for doing it babes! :) That was an enjoyable read!!!
    Now I must make a mental note to check those TBS eyeshadows... as if I need any more eyeshadow...but once an addict always an addict (only as far as makeup&fashion go, lol)!!!

    Glad you changed your profile pic btw! ;)))


  2. I enjoy doing tags- if anything else falls into your notice, please send it over!!!

    If I remember correctly, you're building up your blues-greens eyeshadows for Mac, right? I think you'll love the #16 and #31 from TBS, the latter has its own link in MakeUpAlley ;)

    Thanks hun! I'm trying to expose more of me, step by step...

  3. Thanks for the recommendations!!! And you don't have to worry about anything, you 're a doll! :)


  4. Awww, you make me blush...



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