Korres Materia Herba, a love at second sight ;)

Hello my lovelies!

I had previously done a blog post about the Materia Herba line by Korres, and to tell you the truth I was a bit sceptical about the whole concept. All products from this particular organic line are made in Switzerland, which probably ensures their good quality but it also boosts the prices up; that prompted me to make a list of some do's and don'ts about organic skincare:

- Invest in a product that "stays" on your skin- like moisturisers and serums.
- Opt for the ones with the highest level of natural ingredients.
- Buy a product that is fairly priced.

- Buy organic products that are rinsed off your skin- like face washes and milk cleansers.
- Opt for the products that their ingredient list is full of chemicals, but contain at the last lines one or two ingredients of organic farming.
- Buy an organic product that is outrageously expensive. It's probably just a marketing trick.

Since my first post on Materia Herba, I switched my moisturiser and got the one for oily/combination skin. For the reasons mentioned above, to me it's the only product (along with the moisturiser for normal/dry skin) worth getting from the Materia Herba line.

I can't stress enough its high quality; 99,8% of the ingredients are of natural origin, while the 17,47% come from organic farming, it's non-oily but it has rich moisturising properties- which means that it will last me for a long, long time. Its price rates to aprox. 25 euros, and despite the fact that I loathe the "made in Switzerland" reminder, I'm willing to pay for it again and again!

By the way, Korres has added 18 organic essential oils and 5 organic plant oils to the Materia Herba line. I'm thinking of doing some DIY projects like scrubs and masks and massage oils... Any suggestions?

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. This sounds like great stuff! Thanks for this post! xoxo

  2. Yeah, it really is a top-quality product!

  3. I haven't given a chance(yet) to any of the KORRES products because I have heard some ugly comments about its makeup line...
    I suppose their cremes may be better...
    How much is their average price?!

  4. dn exo idea apo diy ala an ma8is pes mas ke emas...

    (ektos apo to klasiko me alati pou mou exoun pi)

  5. @This Is Me, the moisturisers from the normal non-organic line cost aprox. 15-16 euros, but honestly they're not something special :(

    @nina_malvada, αυτό εννοείται!

  6. materia herba will be my next moisturizer! sounds really good! :)

  7. Yes, it's great stuff! Eventually, all skincare products are absorbed into our body- so there must be something really good in choosing products with less ingredients of a chemical origin ;)

  8. Hey girl! Sorry for this irrelevant comment, but I have to inform you that YOU WON!
    You are the winner of my competition!



  9. Wow, I actually won?!?
    I never win anything o_0
    Thank you so much!!!


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