Quick update

Hello my lovelies! I'm back again ;)

I was away at the countryside, celebrating the 1st of May during an expanded weekend. Like the photo I took of the scenery?

So I returned yesterday, sat in front of my computer to update on blogger posts and youtube videos I missed during my absence, a run-down that lasted aprox. 6-7 hours... I read all posts published since last Wednesday but I didn't have the time and courage to comment much- because you know, I love giving comments as much as receiving them!

Current randomness:

- It's official; I came to realise that diet is among the things that control my state of mind. All this time I've been eating loads of junk food- but now that I'm taking care of what goes through my stomach, I feel much more relaxed and less stressed!

- I'm still thinking about Creme d' Nude. I'm sorry to admit it but I begin to feel that this particular shopping urge is bigger than me...

- The news about the austerity measures concerning the Greek economy get me so depressed- but ultimately, the only appropriate thing to do is to look ahead and adapt to the circumstances. By the way, did you notice that nowadays it's ok to openly talk about saving money? 15-20 years ago you would be considered a cheapskate...

Share your randomness, too ;)
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Welcome back!
    We missed you!

    As for the Creme d΄Nude (lol) you should go and buy it, at last! Or maybe order it from ebay or sth, so it΄ll get cheaper at least :P

  2. Thanks hun!

    Oh I'm getting Creme d΄Nude, I'm planning to go tommorow to the store and get it. After that I'll be at peace ;)

  3. αααα, μην το πάρεις! καλοκαιράκι έρχεται μωρέ, τα γυμνά χείλη δεν πάνε με το μαύρισμα! :)

  4. γεια σου!!!
    πρωτα απ'ολα θα ήθελα να σε ευχαριστήσω για τα πολύ γλύκα σου coment κάθε φορά :-)
    ...και δεύτερον μου έκανε τρομερή εντύπωση το τελευταίο.είσαι από Καρδίτσα?

  5. @efi, ουπς... Δεν το σκέφτηκα καθόλου! Κρίμα που δεν άνοιξα το blog πριν πάω στα μαγαζιά...

    @justaddaccessory, Γειά χαρά!
    Η καταγωγή μου είναι (εν μέρει) από την Καρδίτσα, έχω περάσει αρκετά καλοκαίρια παίζοντας σαν παιδάκι στο Παυσίλυπο.
    I love Karditsa!!!


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