I almost did it...

Hello my lovelies!

This morning I was so close of breaking my lipstick/lipgloss ban... with a Mac lipstick! Creme d' Nude, to be exact.

It all started yesterday, when I had a big craving of achieving the perfect nude lip. It was one of those times when you think that your make-up collection is so small and pathetic, when in reality it's the absence of recent shopping activity that is to blame for such hallucinations. I can't put to words the trippin' I was in, dreaming about it and thinking the ways (and places!) I would wear it...

Today I woke up with plans of going downtown and get my precious! Thank God, I came to my senses at the last minute, thinking that I wouldn't want my first experience with Mac to be a negative one- breaking a ban that is so important to both my piece of mind and my wallet! So I happily walked away the Mac store and postponed my visit to the indefinite future...

Anyway, I thought of posting it today as a reminder to myself. Now I'm going to get a piece of paper and write it down 100 times:


Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I was on a spending ban for a month, it wasnt actually that difficult but now i have splurged on like 4 mac items hehe

  2. Good girl!
    Keep it up!
    You can do it!...(though I know it's too difficult!)

  3. Well... I mean it is Creme d' Nude, right? ;)

    But, lol, ok, I do understand your ban, and it's great that you didn't cave...!

    If I were you, I 'd finish up a couple of nude lipsticks first and then I 'd get Creme d' Nude, and I 'm only saying this cos it's a lovely l/s! :)

    Ok, I know I didn't help much!


  4. I don't know if the photo is to blame, but I've seen better nudes...Hey, I'm only telling you that to prohibit you from bying the lipstick in the row, ha ha ha :) Good girl, good girl...

  5. Τα nude lipsticks είναι τα αγαπημένα μου. Χρησιμοποιώ το 03 creamy nude της Clinique και το 33 nude του Κοορέ τα οποία λατρεύω. Δε λέω ποτέ όχι σε ακόμα ένα. Θα είναι το επόμενο στη λίστα μου!

  6. @Superficialgirl, oh lucky you! It's so hard staying true to your shopping-ban goals, I'm struggling here!

    @This Is Me, he he I really need as much encourament as I can get, thanks ;)

    @tina_mbc, arghhh you're not helping!!! I'm dreaming about it all over again 0.o

    @Pink_Fish, thanks for the encouragement! I must behave myself, must behave myself...

    @meraldia, κι εμένα μου αρέσουν τόσο πολύ, αλλά δυστυχώς ποτέ το ένα δεν είναι αρκετό :(


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