Summer's best

Hello my lovelies!

In an attempt to beat a few negative thoughts of mine about the arrival of summer, I composed a list of some all-summery things that make me happy...

1. Frappe!

When it comes to coffee, I'm no snob. I'll drink anything- from the ready-made sachets loaded with sugar and fat to the most exceptional cappuccino blend. But- frappe coffee carries so many memories that it's impossible to part with! I grew up with it, it was my first coffee experience, it has accompanied me through difficult exam preparations, meetings with my old girlfriends... It may not be the "finest" summer beverage, but to me it's so much more than just coffee.

2. Reading books

Since my childhood, I've always connected summer with a lot of time to spare- I love to watch those silly Hollywood block-busters, re-runs of old favourite tv shows and reading books that I had been fancying all winter. For me, the best time in the day for reading a book is during afternoon, along with a glass of ice-cold frappe ;)

3. Ice-cream!

Not just plain, "sold-everywhere" kind of ice-cream, oh no... I savour the "real" thing, a nice vanilla ice-cream made with fresh cream and egg yolks and real vanilla beans! If bought, my preferences would be a Haagen Dazs or Movenpick.

4. Open-air cinemas

I love the relaxed atmosphere of the open-air cinemas! I've seen a lot of great old films on those, always accompanied with my boyfriend's jacket, sour cherry drink and sunflower seeds.

5. Summery scents

The smell of jasmine when the sun sets, the fresh grass, the salty breeze at the seashore, the so fond of mine earthy scent of summer's first rain...

6. Colour in make-up...

...without looking like a crazy woman! Coral/fuschia lips look lovely on tanned skin, green/blue/purple eyeliner achieves maximum impact with the least amount of effort, bronzers and illuminators work their best... It's the most perfect time for experimenting with colour for a big colour-conservative like myself!

7. Vacations with my boyfriend

There's no need to explain myself here... We always have a great time together, I only wish we could spend more than a week on holidays this summer!

I'd love to read what's your summer's best things ;)
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!


  1. eisai apisteuti..thelw diakopes kai ena kafe opwsdipote twraaaaaa

  2. giasemi.........................................thalassa......

  3. @Kiara- χα χα ήλιο, φραπέ και καλή παρέα ;)

    @Mairyliscious- ναι, λατρεύω!

  4. μου αρέσουν όλα όσα αναφέρεις, εκτός από τον καφέ (πίνω αραιά και που κανέναν γαλλικό).

    όσο για τα βιβλία... διαβάζω ένα βιβλίο τη βδομάδα κατά μέσο όρο το χειμώνα... καταλαβαίνεις τι γίνεται το καλοκαίρι που έχω και περισσότερο χρόνο! :)

  5. Well….my favorite things for summer:

    1. Buying-every year-a new pair of Havaianas. I love them, they are so comfortable and they last like forever
    2. Enjoying my favorite ice cream, a vanilla-caramel cone
    3. Wearing plain, nice clothes. Nothing too complicated, maybe wearing nice funky jewellery
    4. Catching the perfect tan
    5. Listening to Café Del Mar albums for hours and hours
    6. Daydreaming while staring at the sea
    7. Smudging my husband with lollipop ice creams (My favorite game!)
    8. Watching the sunset
    9. Listening (yes, listening) to the sea, especially in the night
    10. Lying in the terrace doing nothing

  6. @efi- αλήθεια, τόσα πολλά βιβλία;!; Μακάρι να είχα το κουράγιο σου :(

    @Pink_Fish- oh great! I really enjoyed every bit of your list, man those things get me sooo excited!!!

  7. I'm a frappe girl myself too!

  8. Hey Lopi! Frappe fans, unite ;)

  9. Wraio post! ;)

    Ax, anypomonw gia pagwto kaimakiiii....! Lol!


  10. Παγωτό καϊμάκι με σιρόπι βύσσινο και τριμμένο αμύγδαλο... Δεν υπάρχει καλύτερο!!!


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