Coral, coral, coral!

Hello my lovelies!

Oh, how I envy this model's make-up with the coral eyeshadow, it looks so fresh and modern!

But, given the fact that my skin isn't gorgeously pale like hers and my all-Mediterranean dark brown hair isn't helping either, I'm in fear of putting coral on my eyes. It's a statement that I'm not brave enough to pull off :(

Coral lips and cheeks though, that's another story...

This is a beautiful blush from greek brand Seventeen. It has a lovely peachy colour with gold shimmer, namely called...


I've been accustomed with the Seventeen nail polishes ever since my teen years but have never owned any other products from the brand, so during my last visit to the cosmetics store I thought I would give Seventeen some more love and browse through the rest of their make-up range.

See? Both corally and golden! Perfect for summertime, it beautifully accentuates tanned skin. Holding 6 gr of product for the price of aprox. 10 euros.

So coral cheeks, check! What about coral lips?

I dug through my old Biotherm lip glosses/lipsticks and I found these two... Love, love, love! The lipstick is more blue-undertoned than the big glossy pencil, even so I'm going to wear both of them this season! They're more intense than the swatch below:

I'd really love to know if you've tried any coral eyeshadow and whether it looked good! I'd like to wear it, too- but until I find the courage (or the perfect coral eyeshadow for the job!), I'm sticking with coral cheeks and lips.

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Coral is my FAV color! I am kind of scared to try coral eyeshadow's, I feel that they might make me look like I have been crying! Let me know if you find a good one that works! And like you, I adore coral on the lips and cheeks!

  2. I love coral! Have a total obsession with it and cant wait to buy mac's to the beach collection matte coral shadow! :)

  3. @Hope, ha ha I have the same thing with some pink eyeshadows,they make me look ill and tired :(

    @Superficialgirl, oh I had forgotten about this LE eyeshadow! I hope it works ok on you, I'm keeping track of your posts ;)

  4. Μακάρι να ήξερα να μακιγιάρομαι! Νομίζω πρέπει να παρακολουθήσω κάνενα βιντεάκι στο YouTube! Ιδανικό χρώμα για το καλοκαίρι!

  5. Α, μην πτοείσαι: λίγο κοραλί ρουζ, κοραλί κραγιόν, μάσκαρα και είσαι έτοιμη!

  6. WOW!
    That looks cool! And cheap!
    Perfect summer solution for a fresh look!

    Does orange give the same results?
    What's the difference between orange and coral?
    (Sorry, but I've never really got the Color Theory) :P

  7. Anonymous25/4/10 21:09

    Με προβλημάτισε το ποστ..βάζω κοραλί σκιά μόνο όταν μαυρίζω και δείχνει ωραία νομίζω!Χρησιμοποιώ τη Paradisco από Mac,αν τύχει και την δοκιμάσεις πες μου..Είναι από τις ομορφότερες κοραλί αποχρώσεις που έχω πετύχει..γενικά η Mac έχει τεράστια ποικιλία,πάντα βρίσκω κάποιο για τα χρώματα μου πάντως!

  8. Now that you mention it, "coral" is perceived differently by each person. To me, it's supposed to be a darker orange with some red in it? blue? I can't describe it better O.o

    Colour naming sucks!

  9. @littlestylist, αχ με το καλοκαιρινό μαύρισμα όλα τα χρώματα στο μακιγιάζ φαίνονται καλύτερα! Οκ για την Paradisco, τη σημειώνω ;)

  10. I'm not into Seventeen cosmetics, they're of very cheap quality, at least what I've tried so far. Coral is nice though, I am a brunette too and coral suits me nice. Of course, you need to use also an eye pencil (brown or black) so your eyes don't look pale, cause coral eye shadow looks really "pale" without eue pencil. And lots of mascara so you get an "intense" eye look. I like coral lipstick, I think it suits almost any skintone

  11. I know what you mean- all light/pale eyeshadows can wash you off, so an extra definition is a necessity.

    My only complaint about Seventeen cosmetics is that they could have a lower price tag- to me their quality is... ok, but it doesn't completely justify the prices. I would be so much happier, when purchasing, if they were cheaper!

  12. Anything coral will be huge this summer!

    I 'll be incorporating some coral into my makeup too, small doses only though!


  13. "Small doses", exactly! Coral lips, cheeks, or nails- that's how far I'm going with it ;)

  14. I absolutely love Seventeen blushes and shadows. I can't remember if I have this one though. I must check it because it looks wonderful!

  15. It looks pretty and cute, I know! And it works well during day&night ;)

  16. I own this blush and it's really pretty! :) I own a couple of coral eyeshadows and I really like them!! You can pair coral with some browns to tone it down, if you think that you can't pull it off on its own! :)

    Oh I love coral lipsticks and lipglosses!! :) They look so nice and fresh! :)


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