What's in my summer makeup bag?

As I will soon be leaving for my summer vacations,
I had to sort out my makeup and pick out "the besties" to take with me while I'm away...

I don't know about you girls, but this little "project" took me like a week
to put together!

So here's what I collected for my summer makeup bag:

    Far from packing light, eh? lol
    Wrinkly skarf: H&M

    Detailed info:

    TBS Moisture foundation, TBS pressed powder, Mac Painterly Paintpot,
    Art Deco Perfect Teint illuminator- love this stuff!, TBS concealer pen

    TBS Bronze shimmer waves, Erre Due blush #410, Elf Warm bronzer,
    TBS blush #04, TBS Honey matte bronzer #02

    Eye products: Elf quad with TBS eyeshadows, TBS shimmer cubes warm,
    TBS Baked eyeshadow #07, TBS Eye shimmer #08,
    TBS brow set #02, Biotherm liquid eyeshadow,
    Art Deco mineral kajal liner #98, TBS shimmer pencil #10,
    Art Deco liquid eyeliner, TBS Carbon black pencil, TBS mascara,
    TBS brow gel, Elf Coffee cream eyeliner, TBS single eyeshadow #07,
    Elf cream eyeshadow duo in black licorice

    Elf Luscious Liquid lipstick in Baby lips- cause it's minty and cooling!,
    Mac Suntint from Surf Baby LE collection, Elf lipstick in Runway pink,
    Mac lipsticks in Hue and Impassioned

    Make-up brushes and tools: Elf powder brush, TBS blush brush,
    TBS blending brush, TBS brow/lash comb, Art Deco duo fibre brush,
    TBS travel blush brush, TBS tweezers, sharpeners by Kum and TBS,
    lash curlers by Elegant Touch (aka Eylure)

A notable absence from Chanel Bronze Universel&Mac 130 brush-
too bulky, still haven't got the hang of it, too complicated to mess with...

Wishing you the best summer holidays ever, girls!
Lots of hugs and kisses xx



20% sales at the Body Shop! A haul

Hi lovelies!

As you all may know, the Body Shop holds a period of 20% sales twice a year-
so last week, I grabbed the opportunity and bought me some essential and some not-so-essential goodies ;)

Here's what I got:

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser: I desperately needed a strong acne-targeted cleanser to help my skin heal from a recent  acne breakout. It also contains cooling menthol, of which I'm a big, big fan! So far, so good- I like it loads than the regular Tea Tree cleanser!

Tea Tree Facial Exfoliating Pads: if there wasn't any sales, I wouldn't be getting this... I used a pad last night- no decent exfoliation, the tea tree scent is so strong and sickening... I wish I had tried a sample in the store!

Cheek Colour in #04-Golden Pink: allegedly, it's a dupe to Orgasm blush by Nars- and I'm always sold by such bold statements! At first I was put off by the looks of it -a not so special orange?- but luckily it swatches just as the name suggests: a pretty pink with gold shimmer.

Baked Eye Colour in #07-Sapphire: ok, so this wasn't a necessity; I've done my share of buying baked eyeshadows and not feeling satisfied with the pigment pay-off... But this time I simply couldn't resist it! Both shades have beautiful and smooth shimmer, can't wait to use this duo during my vacations!

Metallic Eye Definer in #13-Burnished Amber: the girl at the cashier told me that it can be worn on the lips, too! It's extremely soft and, compared to the rest of the shades, leaves pigment on the waterline. Neat ;)

What about you, girls-
have you done any shopping from the Body Shop lately?



I finally got them! Mac Impassioned lipstick & 130 brush

As I swore to myself, there would be no summer without these two products in my makeup bag!

So now, my Mac shopping list is finally complete;
I can be a good girl, enjoy my summer vacations and stay sober from Mac...
until September, that is ;)

Impassioned lipstick: I was nagging and nagging about how much I wanted Impassioned- it was "the" lipstick to own this summer- boyfriend approves, too! Well, now that I got it, I'm having second thoughts.
Oh dear wallet, please don't start calling me names!

You see, Impassioned falls under the "in-ya-face" bright lipsticks category- and a bright lipstick requires a flawless base. And let's face it, my skin is far from it at the moment! I could cover up my acne scars with my trusty concealer, but currently I'm really bored to spend and extra 5-10' on my makeup routine! A mere 2' will do for now.

130 brush: initially, I went to the store with the intention of purchasing the famous for contouring 109 brush, to use with the Soleil Tan de Chanel.
[Get this: its turns out that this product collects tiny hair and fluff like crazy! I soon got disillusioned as I won't avoid hair collecting in the pan anyway, so I thought- what the hell, the shedful 109 it is!]

There was this guy with a hot haircut and a flawless makeup on who helped me out; he said I should go for the 130 if I wanted a brush to use with a cream bronzer, and to prove his point he showed me his brushbelt- out of all the duo-fibre brushes Mac makes, the 130 was the dirtiest while the 187, 188 were all clean and shiny! I figured that's shows something, so I caved in and got it. We shall see how it performs!

My next haul will take place in a Body Shop store;
they're currently having the much-awaited 20%+ sales, yay!!!

Any Mac shopping you did lately?



Vlog: a trip to Thessaly

Hey beauties!

Here are some photos from last weekend's trip to central Greece with
the boyfriend ;)

I'm loving this photo; the old red truck in front of Thessaly's flat landscape!

Other than that, the roadtrip was pretty tiresome...

This is Karditsa's Pausilipon park. Sigh...

I'm so, so envious of the city's inhabitants- they have the privilege of
walking around this park every single day!

There's also peacocks strolling freely inside the park.
Regal creatures, ain't they?

Then we went to Trikala and the famous "Manavika" district-
we ordered some delicious local delicacies...

...accompanied with retsina wine, naturally!

Yours truly with dirty hair (hence the fedora) and no makeup on...
Eh well, the best pose under the circumstances!
Can't believe my arm looks so fat in this photo, damn...

The hotel in Kalambaka where we spent two nights-
boyfriend's choice, cause of the swimming pool :/

The hotel's view of Meteora rocks...

It's amazing how this little city developed in such a short distance from these awe-striking mountain tops...


Homemade cakes and pies for breakfast-
a hearty accompaniment to start our return back home!

So, how did you spend your weekend?
Any little vacations you had up till now?



Makeup storage life-savers: Elf empty eyeshadow palettes!

Ah finally, my makeup stash is getting tidier by the month!

It was long before I made my second Elf order that I had visualised a couple of potential eyeshadow combinations to store in these empty palettes;

as soon as I got my hands on these babies, I started depotting my single eyeshadows from the Body Shop, and here's the finished result!

The first quad consists of everyday neutral colours or "the essentials", as I like to call them; the taupe brown shade on the bottom left is my absolute favourite eyeshadow, so frustrated it's now discontinued :(

In the second palette I popped in my favourite blue shades, so as to push myself to wear colourful eyeshadows more often ;)

More info about the Elf empty eyeshadow palettes:

* for the price (1,70E each), they're a hell of a value-for-money product!
* compared to some other Elf products from the Essentials line, they don't feel that cheap.
* they fit eyeshadows by Mac, the Body Shop, l'Oreal, Milani, etc.
* the palettes are not magnetised, but personally I didn't have any problems with that- the pans had some leftover glue from the plastic pot, so they sticked nicely into the palettes ;)

Overall, I highly recommend these palettes! If you don't care much about the Elf logo or the white packaging (I'd love it if they came in black!), these won't fail you a bit.

    I mean, wouldn't you rather be without this clutter?

What about you girls, have you ventured into depotting eyeshadows?



Korres Thyme Honey scrub + mask review

As you can see, I've made good use of this little duo-
so now I can put my thoughts together on a review:

First off, I'd like to point out that my skin type is combination to oily,
with a medium to high sensitivity level;
these two products are marketed for normal to dry skin,
so please bear that in mind when reading this post ;)

Thyme Honey scrub:

the smell: well naturally, it smells of honey!
the texture: it contains bamboo and walnut stone particles; they're fairly big and rather sparse in the scrub formula, which ensures a gentle exfoliation and eliminates the risk of red skin.
my verdict: to my skin, it feels so gentle that I can safely use it daily. The honey smell is not my favourite, however I'm thinking of getting a little tube of this scrub for my holidays to replace my usual facial wash!

Thyme Honey mask:

the smell: now that's odd... I could swear it smells of bitter almond! Seriously! It definitely smells nothing like the scrub. Just sayin' ;)
the texture: it's a white moisturising paste with a silky texture- not like a hard body butter or a runny body lotion. After I washed it off, my skin was soft and moisturised.
the verdict: hmm... If it was given to me as a gift, I would use it up for sure- but I'd rather try out a mask for oily skin, instead. Still, it should work brilliantly on dry skin.

Two more things that ought to be mentioned:

the 10ml tube packaging: hygienic, travel-friendly and it won't take you ages to finish a tube and move on to another scrub/mask!
the price: if I'm correct, it's 2,90E for each tube- bargainliscious!

Have you tried any of these little tubes before?
Which is your favourite face scrub+mask combination?



My Elf goodies are here!!!

I'm a happy, happy girl!
My Elf order has finally made it to my address, oh what a joy!!!

Lucky me, I made use of a 20% discount code ;)

Thankfully, I had my order long before the 50% off code that was running last week after the 200.000 likes on Elf's facebook page- had i waited for that discount code, 3 products from my shopping list would be sold out!

Here's what I got:

Mineral Lip Gloss in "Au Naturale"
Luscious Liquid Lipstick in "Baby Lips"
Nail Polish in "Smoky Brown"
Natural Radiance Blusher in "Shy"
Studio Single Eyeshadow in "Pebble"
Duo Eyeshadow Cream in "Black Licorice"
Studio Bronzer in "Warm"

And as an attempt to tidy up my makeup stash, I also got 2 empty palettes to fill with my eyeshadows from the Body Shop ;)

And a quick note showing how awesome the people working at Elf's
customer services are:

I had done the same order with the standard shipping option a couple of months ago- but somehow, somewhere, my package got lost in the mail! I contacted Elf's customer services for this matter, and they offered me
full refund!

What are your experiences from shopping at eyeslipsface.co.uk?
Have you tried any of the products pictured above?

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