Makeup storage life-savers: Elf empty eyeshadow palettes!

Ah finally, my makeup stash is getting tidier by the month!

It was long before I made my second Elf order that I had visualised a couple of potential eyeshadow combinations to store in these empty palettes;

as soon as I got my hands on these babies, I started depotting my single eyeshadows from the Body Shop, and here's the finished result!

The first quad consists of everyday neutral colours or "the essentials", as I like to call them; the taupe brown shade on the bottom left is my absolute favourite eyeshadow, so frustrated it's now discontinued :(

In the second palette I popped in my favourite blue shades, so as to push myself to wear colourful eyeshadows more often ;)

More info about the Elf empty eyeshadow palettes:

* for the price (1,70E each), they're a hell of a value-for-money product!
* compared to some other Elf products from the Essentials line, they don't feel that cheap.
* they fit eyeshadows by Mac, the Body Shop, l'Oreal, Milani, etc.
* the palettes are not magnetised, but personally I didn't have any problems with that- the pans had some leftover glue from the plastic pot, so they sticked nicely into the palettes ;)

Overall, I highly recommend these palettes! If you don't care much about the Elf logo or the white packaging (I'd love it if they came in black!), these won't fail you a bit.

    I mean, wouldn't you rather be without this clutter?

What about you girls, have you ventured into depotting eyeshadows?



  1. polu wraaio blog! exeis kanei polu kalh douleia! btw tha papoutsia pou foraw einai persini collection! thn marka tn exoun polla magazia stn athina!egw ta exw parei apo krhth!


  2. poli wrea , simfono ama itan mauro pio endiposiako tha tan . Orea idea omos xo

  3. Thats awesome!!Thanks hun for the share!I have to start depoting..no room here!!


  4. αχ φλερταρω με την ιδεα του depoting εδω κ καιρο αλλα το φοβαμαι...εχεις γραψει ποστ για την διαδικασια? εχω δει βεβαια διαφορα βιντεακια.
    θελω να παρω ομως την παλετα της art deco γιατι εχω κατι σκιες stila( btw, πολυ καλη εταιρια κριμα που τα sephora σταματησαν να τα φερνoυν)που δεν νομιζω να κανουν στις κλασσικες στρογγυλες.

  5. Lovely palettes and a great post as always! I'm kind of 'scared' of depotting for fear of doing something wrong that will result in destroying the actual product..have you ever done a depotting post or are you thinking of doing one..?x

  6. I agree I don't care about the logo either. Can you do some swatches of your body shop eye shadows? I never bought body shop eye shadows:)

  7. what will you do with the Body shop packaging? it would be nice if you could return it to the body shop in exchange for discount. i remember tbs used to have this policy where if you returned used bshop bottles they d give 10% off.

  8. Such a fantastic idea! I have never even thought of depoting but it could waste massive space indeed!

    p.s. I owe you an email, rest assured I haven't forgotten about it :)

  9. μολις ανακαλυψα το blog σου απο ενα comment σου που πετυχα!
    μπορω να πω οτι μου αρεσε πολυ και σιγουρα μου εδωσες ιδεες που δεν ειχα ξανασκεφτει!

    πριν απο λιγο καιρο εκανα το δικο μου blog και θα χαρω πολυ να το διαβασεις και να μου πεις την αποψη σου!
    φιλακια πολλα!

  10. @KONSTANTINA TZORTZI, thx κούκλα! Θα την ψάξω αυτή τη μάρκα, τα παπούτσια σου ήταν άπαιχτα!

    @glittermeup, ναι ναι, να το δοκιμάσεις! Πού να κάθεσαι να ανοίγεις σκιές και σκιούλες- με ένα κλικ, έχεις 4 σκιές!

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, ha ha! No room here, too- that's why I started depotting ;)

    @evi, δεν έχω γράψει ποστ για depotting, θα το κάνω στην επόμενη φουρνιά! Μην το φοβάσαι, είναι πολύ απλό- βάζεις τις σκιές στο φούρνο για να λιώσει η κόλλα και μετά ξεκολλάει πανεύκολα το μεταλλικό pan από τη συσκευασία!

    Ναι, οι σκιές της stila είναι μεγαλύτερες σε μέγεθος- αν έχεις όμως πολλές, ίσως η παλέτα της Art Deco είναι λίγο μικρή! Αν δεν κάνω λάθος, τα Stila είχαν ένα major makeover λίγο προτού χρεοκοπήσουν, οπότε δεν αποκλείεται να τα ξαναφέρουν πάλι!


    @iliana, hold no fear, girl! Depotting is so easy, I didn't have any eyeshadow breaking from this procedure. I'll do a post on depotting on my next Elf batch!

  11. @Beautyshades, hi girl! I've done swatches on all eyeshadows from the Body Shop, you can find them at the left column with the "popular posts" ;)

    @λειντι ντι, oh I don't think they offer that discount anymore! Not in the greek stores, at least. Otherwise, I'd be their biggest advocate!

    @Cel, oh yes, it definitely makes my makeup drawers tidier! Oh and no worries, girl!

    @Athina, γεια σου κορίτσι! Καλό ξεκίνημα στο νέο σου blog!


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