20% sales at the Body Shop! A haul

Hi lovelies!

As you all may know, the Body Shop holds a period of 20% sales twice a year-
so last week, I grabbed the opportunity and bought me some essential and some not-so-essential goodies ;)

Here's what I got:

Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser: I desperately needed a strong acne-targeted cleanser to help my skin heal from a recent  acne breakout. It also contains cooling menthol, of which I'm a big, big fan! So far, so good- I like it loads than the regular Tea Tree cleanser!

Tea Tree Facial Exfoliating Pads: if there wasn't any sales, I wouldn't be getting this... I used a pad last night- no decent exfoliation, the tea tree scent is so strong and sickening... I wish I had tried a sample in the store!

Cheek Colour in #04-Golden Pink: allegedly, it's a dupe to Orgasm blush by Nars- and I'm always sold by such bold statements! At first I was put off by the looks of it -a not so special orange?- but luckily it swatches just as the name suggests: a pretty pink with gold shimmer.

Baked Eye Colour in #07-Sapphire: ok, so this wasn't a necessity; I've done my share of buying baked eyeshadows and not feeling satisfied with the pigment pay-off... But this time I simply couldn't resist it! Both shades have beautiful and smooth shimmer, can't wait to use this duo during my vacations!

Metallic Eye Definer in #13-Burnished Amber: the girl at the cashier told me that it can be worn on the lips, too! It's extremely soft and, compared to the rest of the shades, leaves pigment on the waterline. Neat ;)

What about you, girls-
have you done any shopping from the Body Shop lately?



  1. I just got the cherry blossom body mist and 2 brushes. I would also like to try some stuff from their make up range-eyeshadows and eye liners mostly!

  2. Oh that's great! Which brushes did you get? The regular eyeshadows from the Body Shop are so, so underestimated- the most recent shades have a modern consistency, really buttery soft! Let me know girl if you try one out ;)


  3. You reminded me that I haven't bought anything from Body Shop for a while now. I'd like to try that Foaming Cleanser. I don't have acne but my skin is very oily. But these cleansers are most of the times a bit drying on my skin. What do you think about this one? I'd also like to try the shimmer cubes (I think that's how they're called). I'd love to see a FOTD with the baked eyeshadow and the new blush! xxx


  4. That eye pencil looks really nice! Also the tea tree foaming cleanser is already in my to-buy list hahaha! Body shop eyeshadows are SERIOUSLY underestimated, i love them!

  5. @Arietta, well I've only used it twice and I haven't noticed drying out my skin. So that's good ;)
    The shimmer cubes are a great investment! I've read the Body Shop are bringing out 3 new permanent shimmer cubes palettes during September, yay!!!

    @dimitra, yeah I'm always raving about the Body Shop eyeshadows- I've never come across that buttery smooth texture in another brand!

  6. the exfoliant pads look interesting !! xo

  7. Me geia ola!!
    Exw na pswnisw apo TBS aiwnes pragmatika! Me bazeis se peirasmo na dokimasw tis skies tous :)

  8. exei toso teleia pragmata sto bodyshop! alla k pali 20% den einai k tosoo polu :P


  9. Ναι, είναι απαράδεκτη η "έκπτωση" αλλά καλύτερα από το τίποτα! xx


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