I finally got them! Mac Impassioned lipstick & 130 brush

As I swore to myself, there would be no summer without these two products in my makeup bag!

So now, my Mac shopping list is finally complete;
I can be a good girl, enjoy my summer vacations and stay sober from Mac...
until September, that is ;)

Impassioned lipstick: I was nagging and nagging about how much I wanted Impassioned- it was "the" lipstick to own this summer- boyfriend approves, too! Well, now that I got it, I'm having second thoughts.
Oh dear wallet, please don't start calling me names!

You see, Impassioned falls under the "in-ya-face" bright lipsticks category- and a bright lipstick requires a flawless base. And let's face it, my skin is far from it at the moment! I could cover up my acne scars with my trusty concealer, but currently I'm really bored to spend and extra 5-10' on my makeup routine! A mere 2' will do for now.

130 brush: initially, I went to the store with the intention of purchasing the famous for contouring 109 brush, to use with the Soleil Tan de Chanel.
[Get this: its turns out that this product collects tiny hair and fluff like crazy! I soon got disillusioned as I won't avoid hair collecting in the pan anyway, so I thought- what the hell, the shedful 109 it is!]

There was this guy with a hot haircut and a flawless makeup on who helped me out; he said I should go for the 130 if I wanted a brush to use with a cream bronzer, and to prove his point he showed me his brushbelt- out of all the duo-fibre brushes Mac makes, the 130 was the dirtiest while the 187, 188 were all clean and shiny! I figured that's shows something, so I caved in and got it. We shall see how it performs!

My next haul will take place in a Body Shop store;
they're currently having the much-awaited 20%+ sales, yay!!!

Any Mac shopping you did lately?



  1. i bought mac's ccb in pearl but i have a problem applying it properly. i think i have to buy Art Deco's duo fibre brush (apparently i can't afford mac's 187 :P).

    i'm in love with Korres products i have been cheating on Mac lately.

  2. Can you recommend a good mac counter in Athens?The one at hondos center halandri is really bad and looks shabby.

    The brush is great,you will have fun with it!

  3. i bought mac clarity mineralize eyeshadow. don;t.
    re: impassioned you can either get a deeep tan or you could tone it down mixing it with a neutral lipstick? i know what you mean though. flawless face and it also need minimal makeup on the rest of the face.

  4. Auto to kragion fainetai yperoxo!!
    Tha hthela na mas to deikseis se ena FOTD :)

  5. I'm sure you are going to look so sexy with Mac Impassioned doll!!Didnt get it!Why??oh why?
    But did get msf soft and gentle!!!


  6. @evi, this Art Deco brush should work with the ccb by Mac, I think- but it's rather expensive for what it is, really! The Elf duo fibre brush costs only 4 euros and it should do the job just as well!

    @CookingChinchillas, well most of my Mac hauls take place at the head shop at Ermou str.- when I find it too crowded to be bothered, I go to Mac corners in Attica or Hondos Centers ;)

    @glittermeup, yeah, don't they? I'm already in love with the brush!

    @λειντι ντι, so clarity's got the looks an that's about it? Ha! Yeah Impassioned would look gorgeous with a deep tan, I should wait until the end of August to wear it! I'll try mixing it with Creme d'nude ;)

    @Artemi, θα κάνω ό,τι μπορώ! Τουλάχιστον, ένα lip swatch ;)

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, I saw that girl and I got jealous! I had forgotten all about it, now with the Dior Amber Diamond craze- but it proves to be a classic!

  7. no mac for me lately, i can't find anything intriguing there any more. but i did shop from body shop some essentials (scrub, deo etc), with the 20% sale which lets face it, is almost funny

  8. To impassioned einai apla TELEIO, tabonarista sta xeili einai poly fusiko kai etsi to xrisimopoiw sunithws egw! To 130 den to antexei to dear wallet mou, skeftomoun kati apo sigma maybe?

    anyway, kerdises ena award sto blog mou!

    check it out and theleis :)

    xx R.

  9. @stella, oh that's so true- the 20% sales is almost like nothing, really! But better that than nada ;)

    @Rafaella, ω σ'ευχαριστώ κορίτσι! Φιλιά! xx

  10. se pia timi sou bghke to 109?

    p.s merry christmass !

  11. Γύρω στο 30άρι, δε θυμάμαι ακριβώς!
    Merry Christmas huni!!! xx


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