Elf review: Brightening Eye Color

Disclaimer: the title isn't wrong, that's exactly how "color" is spelled in every Elf product containing that word.
Am I the only one who thinks it's wrong? Or is it ok to spell it like that in the US?

Elf sells this eyeshadow quad as a part of their 1$ line, which comes in 18 different combinations.

     Elf Brightening Eye Color in Brownstone

I have mixed feelings about this product.
This is why:

* the price, obviously... At first glance, you get 4 complimentary colours for 1,70 euros. Sweet ;)
* since it's so cheap, you can buy multiple quads and experiment with so many colours, without spending much.
* I found the darkest shade (a flattering, very dark cool brown- almost black) to be an excellent colour to smudge over my black pencils, as sometimes a black eyeshadow smudged on top can be too harsh for daytime.

* the compact is very small! At 5.5x4.5 cm, you can barely put an eyeshadow brush to pick some colour...
* ... but once you do, be prepared for some major fallout- as the powder is not firmly pressed...
* ... which also means that the eyeshadow won't last on the skin! That's funny, you need an industrial-strength primer to wear under a 1,70E eyeshadow!
* texture aside, the shades I got were very... blah. They all seem to have some bits of shimmer, which completely disappear once applied on eyelids, leaving an unattractive matte finish- with the exception of the darkest shade.

    Swatches of the colours, after a lot of swipes...

In the end, would I recommend this product?

Honestly speaking, I don't want to sound like a tightwad by discouraging everyone from buying this quad- after all, we're talking of a 1,70E value here...

I'm just saying that, despite that it has the worst quality for an eyeshadow I've fallen across, I discovered a shade of brown which I absolutely love and will continue to use.

In other words, this eyeshadow palette by Elf is a nice and cheap way to experiment with colours and for ex. figure out which shades of brown eyeshadow compliments your eyes best- because there could be hundreds of variations on brown eyeshadows in the market, but you're bound to look good in only a handful...

As a sidenote: after this purchase and my previous H&M palette, I've come to realise that eyeshadow is a field you have to spend money on, if you really want your money's worth...

So, do you own any of these Elf quads?
Which make-up products you spend money on?



  1. i don't own any quads from elf :/ but they looked tiny!! (p.s. dropped you an email a while ago :))

  2. Exw mia tetoia paletta k den thn exw xrhsimopoihsei pote..apisteyta mikrh k poly ma poly powdery!
    Isws thn ksanadokimasw me kalo primer..
    Kala h onomasia tous einai k gia mena entelws lathos..
    Poly kalo review opws panta,

  3. yes it's correct for the American english (color) while in the British English it is spelt colour. like theatre (BE) and theater (AE);)etc..

    so i have seen so far, that the only pro in Elf cosmetics is their price?!? am i right?

  4. @Jennifer, I know sweetie, sorry for not getting back to you on time-my fault...

    @Artemi, ναι δεν είναι απίστευτα μικρή; Μετά βίας χωράει ένα πινέλο!
    Σ'ευχαριστώ Αρτεμάκι, πολλά φιλιά!

    @evi, ha ha that's right, their strongest selling point is their low price! But not every product from Elf is pure crap like this quad- I got some bits from the Studio line and I use them almost every day ;)

  5. to be honest, I have never bought anything. from eld. i have been tempted since i read your posts, have checked the website but I stopped myself the last minute. I don't like it when the product is that cheap: to me extremely cheap product equals cheap quality. I really don't want to accumulate lots and lots of product (as i have been doing in the past) and then not use it because it is not good. I agree with you eye shadow and make up foundation are two things you would have to spend a bit more cash on. Good skincare as well is important

  6. I know, it's so easy to get carried away with all those rave reviews on blogs and Youtube about the Elf products... I also have the feeling that, no matter how honest you try to be, in the end a blog review on Elf (whether you rave or dash the product) is just extra publicity on Elf- and that's always a good thing for a brand.

    Ultimately, you have to draw a line and pay attention to where you're spending- 1,70E isn't much for a single product, but 10 crappy Elf products equals to 17 euros gone wasted, and that's not an insignificant amount...

    I completely agree, you have to invest in good skincare! I stay away from high-street brands like Garnier, L'Oreal, etc., since I've only had bad experiences with most of their skincare products :(

  7. Very specific review as always! :) Now that you've mentioned it, what products do you use for your skin care? Have you done a post already?

  8. i agree that if you want a good eyeshadow you have to pay for it!;)
    nevertheless the colors are great and yes this is the way it is written in the states!:P
    from elf i have really enjoyed the mineral line..

  9. I agree with Lady D! I was also temtped to buy some elf products but I never did the low price was putting me off! But we should me aware! Many pricie products may turn to big dissapointent or some cheap products might be great such as Nyx's!After all I would like to say that the beige shadow in the quad is a great color I try to find a dupe for that color!

  10. at cbsg5861: i too steer clear from garnier and l'oreal but i have to say l'oreal's dermagenesis (skingenesis in the rest of the world) line is AMAZING (for 28+)

    demi: u r right. not everything expensive is great but kati den mou paei kala me ta elf. den ksero giati....the fact that they are everywhere, they are so accessible...it is a psychology thing...don;t know

  11. @dimitra, I'm currently testing out a cheap face soap from the Body Shop, so far so good! As for moisturiser, I used to love the Korres Materia herba- but at 30+ euros, I felt the need for a change... Currently I'm using the Aloe cream by the Body Shop (again) and it's great stuff! This Aloe range is so underestimated, it's designed for sensitive skin and the products contain the least amount of preservatives, hence their low shelf-life (6M instead of the usual 12M).

    @Argyro, oh yes, I've only tried a mineral lipstick and I love it!

    @Demi, I agree with you- for ex. Mac's prep+prime eye was a total dissapointment to me... A girl must do her homework before purchasing anything, cheap or expensive!

    @λειντι ντι, ah you mean the line with Penelope Cruz? I haven't tried it, maybe the ingredients of the more "sophisticated" and "scientific" products by L'Oreal are of better quality!

  12. Yes the title is correct :) Colour is in the UK, in the USA it's color! ;)

    I have one of these quads in Drama and it's not my favorite, but it's a dramatic palette after all, not meant for everyday use! :) I'm not a huge fan of their regular line to be honest, I only like a few items. The mineral and the studio line are really nice though :D Yes, they cost more than the regular line, but you get better products and better packaging ;) x

  13. I haven't tried any of these quads and to be honest I find them really cheap looking and sooo tiny! I prefer products from the studio anf the mineral line which so far proved to be totally worth buying. xxx


  14. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, that's exactly right, I haven't been amazed from what I got from Elf's regular line. I guess it's more likely to find a worthy product from the Mineral and Studio line ;)

    @Arietta, I totally agree- the few bits I got from the Mineral and Studio line are a completely different story!

  15. Thanks for this!!!
    I've yet to try any Elf stuff and these quads aren't on my list, and after this they'll never get on there either!!!
    Yes, I, too, think eyeshadow is something you need to splurge a bit on, usually the slightly more expensive brands are less powdery and apply less patchy!!! But occasionally you can find good alternatives in the likes of L'oreal, Maybelline etc...! I guess it depends on how much you love eyeshadow too (me? A lot)! Lol!


  16. Ha ha, I love my eyeshadows, too!

    That's correct- you can find some excellent eyeshadows by "affordable" brands like l'Oreal! I just lost my trust in those dirt-cheap eyeshadows like this one. I'm also crossing out the popular generic 120 eyeshadow palette from my list...

  17. hey!where can i find elf cosmetics in greece??

  18. Hi girl! You can only get Elf online through www.eyeslipsface.co.uk

  19. ok thanks!!i really love your blog and i was really happy when i found out that you are from greece!!I have a youtube beauty channel and I would be more than glad if you ever had the chance to go there and tell me you opinion!

  20. Oh great! Please send me your link to your YT channel and I'll have a look! xx

  21. Thank you so so much!!


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