A skincare experiment

This post is on a little experimental switch to my skincare routine-
and if it succeeds, then my views on treating skin are going to change forever.
p.s.: please excuse the dramatic tones of the above statement... It's true, though!

Just for reference, my skin is combination to sensitive, with the occasional break-outs and the red scarring they eventually leave behind.

So, after the Clarisonic craze and the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser ongoing trend, it seems like it's not the cleansing product (foam or cream, it doesn't matter) that actually cleanses the skin, but the exfoliating tool that you use in conjuction with it, twice a day.

As for the cleansing product itself, it might as well be that it doesn't have to be fancy, with strong but potentially irritant ingredients and harsh exfoliating grains.

For these reasons, I bought the following products as the "beginner" and pocket-friendly option:

The Body Shop Vitamin E facial cleansing bar: it's marketed for normal to dry skin; I chose it because of its few ingredients (=less chance for the product to irritate my skin, maybe?), and it smells so great! It costs around 4 euros.
Natural sponge disk: it came in a pack of 4 at about 3 euros. When wet, it exfoliates the skin ever so gently-which is what I want for an everyday use.
Korres Guarana exfoliating glycerine soap for the body: so I bought this because I'm starting to realise that, just as anti-wrinkle creams won't save you from wrinkles, an anti-cellulite cream won't remove the orange peel just by the use of it. It costs 4 euros, too.

After a good amount of trial on these products, I'll be back with the results on my skin and my verdict ;)

What are your thoughts on using exfoliating tools on your everyday skincare routine?
Anyone having tried the Clarisonic or the Liz Earle cleanser?



  1. oh i've been doing it for some time, using mild products, the korres soap like you and for the face shiseido deep cleansing foam. works for me!

  2. Well I haven't used any of these products yet but I think that I will try the Korres Glycerine Body Soap too!
    I've heard many good reviews so I am going to use it too and I will inform you about the results!!
    I hope it will work for the both of us!!
    xxx :)

  3. Awesome that you are from Athens too! I don't over exfoliate, it's not so good either but i am obsessed with the apivita face masks, i love doing them! xoxo

  4. @stella, I must have tried a sample of this Shiseido foam, now that was a DEEP cleanser, alright!

    @M3n!, oh great! I hope it will make a difference on my body's appearance- cause I don't feel like forking out 40+ euros for an anti-cellulite cream... Let me know if you try it out ;)

    @EllysMakeupbag, I love the Apivita masks, too! Can't even decide which one is my favourite, lol!

  5. the key for me is to use gentle products.
    i do have sensitive and occasionally dry skin so anything gentle will do for me.
    scrubs that have huge particles in them are a nono as i look like a tomato once i've used them.
    all in all i'd prefer something like the sponge you pictured or something like the loreal pads that do exfoliate extremely well without irritating my skin.
    :) xx

  6. Waiting for the results! Xrhsimopoiw k egw tetoio sfougkaraki kathimerina!

  7. I 've tried Korres soap and its absolutely amazing!My ultimate summer soap for smooth skin and cellulite battle!!Thanks for reminding me doll!!Going to get one!!!And have a happy skin!!


  8. χμμμ μωρε κ γω πεφτω στη λουμπα να χρησιμοποιω ολα αυτα κ απολεπιση κ κρεμες για την κυτταριτιδα κ την χαλαρωση, αλλα πραγματικα εχουν αποτελεσμα? δεν ξερω, νομιζω οτι δρουν τοσο επιφανειακα....
    καλυτερη δουλεια απο τον απλο καθαρισμο στην αισθητικο καθε 1 με 2 χρονια κ το γυμναστηριο δεν εχει...νομιζω..αλλα παλι τα αγοραζω κ ελπιζω στα θαυματα :D

    apivita face masks και για μενα και apivita body scrub orange and ginger. αυτο το σαπουνακι του κορρε και ενα αλλο της apivita μαζι με μια κρεμα που ειχε σετακι, τα κοιταζω απο περσι το καλοκαιρι..μαλλον ηρθε η σειρα τους να τα δοκιμασω.

  9. Those exfoliating sponges seem really interesting!! My personal favorite exfoliating product is the apivita one with olive and lavander.I think it's better than the Korres one imo. My skin is normal-maybe more to the oily side- and not sensitive. So i use it 2-3 times a week. But those sponges seem to be a really good option for everyday use-and i bet they will clean your skin thoroughly! :)

  10. .....and of course stupid as i am , i forgot the most obvious question: where did you get those sponges from? What brand are they?

  11. @fashion written with a lipstick, oh no girl, I love big comments! Yeah, I'm beggining to realise that gentle scrubs are better for my oily/combination skin, too. We'll see how it goes ;)

    @Froso M., that's great! I'm excited to see the results on my skin!

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, ah so you like that soap, too? So many girls are using it, I hope it delivers what it claims to do ;)

    @evi, χα χα κι εγώ κάθε χρόνο πέφτω στην παγίδα, όλο λέω ότι δε μου χρειάζονται αυτές οι κρέμες κυτταρίτιδας αλλά συνεχίζω να τις αγοράζω γιατί "κι αν στ'αλήθεια φέρνουν αποτελέσματα;"
    Δε βγάζεις άκρη...

    @dimitra, oh I love this Apivita scrub! I'm currently using it twice a week but I'm about to run out of it... I might get the other one with the apricot, I like it equally ;)

  12. @dimitra, lol I got them from good ol' Hondos Center, it writes "martini massage" on the front ;)

  13. The Korres soap does work - it helps in increasing the circulation in the area, which is crucial to cellulite (even more so than creams)!
    And I'll agree with choosing the dry skin type product, I don't really think that the harsher ones marketed for oily/combination skin actually do it any good!
    Good luck with your skin - I'm in a similar state myself atm...!


  14. Wow, that Korres soap is really popular!
    Im glad we share the same views on skincare- it's only been week 1 since using the soap+sponge and I can already see results on my skin! Let's hope it's not any placebo effect...

  15. I don't use exfoliating products daily maybe once or twice per week and these days I use some of apivita's express masks and a sample of clinique's 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, I must admit tha clinique's product is good it does not dry my skin it leaves it smooth and very very clean...Daily I use apivita's cleaning foam with lavender and olive it just good not super so I'm gonna try korres soap..thanks for the tips!
    demi - makeyoureselfupwithdemi.blogspot.com

  16. Can't wait for the results, it sounds promising and pocket friendly too! Just make sure you don't over-exfoliate, since you have sensitive skin, because you will irritate it :) x

  17. @Demi, that's odd, the Apivita scrub with lavender is one of my favourites- but I only use it twice a week. You could try the scrub with crushed almond stones from Fresh Line, it offers gentle exfoliation and leaves the skin ever so soft!

    @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, ah I've had first-hand experience from over-exfoliating... It was utterly dreadful :(

  18. το καλύτερο σαπούνι που έχω δοκιμάσει για το πρόσωπο είναι το fissan το σαπούνι για τα μωρά!.έχει κ ένα ειδικό για το πρόσωπο..πλένω το πρόσωπο πρωι βράδυ και είναι τέλειο(το έμαθα απο το αγόρι μου!)

    1. Α, καλό μου ακούγεται! Για να είναι φιλικό στο δέρμα μωρού, θα είναι κατάλληλο και για ευαίσθητο δέρμα, thanks! xx

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