Getting ready for summer: Mac Vegas Volt lipstick

This is part 2 of my hunt for bright summery lipsticks ;)

You see, I had no choice...
My dear Pink Nouveau couldn't hang out with Creme d'Nude and was beginning to feel depressed from resting alone in my lipstick drawer- cultural differences, both say...

All jokes aside, I must confess that my plans were different:
I desperately wanted to try out the amplified creme finish, so I headed to Mac with the intention of getting Impassioned- as it looks so "now" and modern.

But when I looked at Mac's lipstick stand, the coral-ness of Vegas Volt caught my eye...

    Can you blame me?

Look at that gorgeous shade!
I can't think of another lip colour that encapsulates the essence of summer better than pure coral...

I can see myself wearing it day after day during summer; it must look so stunning on tanned skin along with clumped lashes and bronzed, illuminating cheeks...
Just perfect!

*In the end, seeing all those recent posts on Impassioned lipstick (like Bubblegarm's and Mouldyfruit's), I'll probably be snatching that as well ;)

**Tell me, how many times have you been out on a shopping spree, only to end up with completely different items from what you have planned to purchase?

***3rd and last sidenote: I bought this lipstick at 13,50E from the Mac corner at Hondos Center. There's no point paying the full price (18E), since the store's 25% sale periods occur pretty frequently. More on that matter here ;)



  1. Oh i need Impassioned to start summer. I want pink nouveau too, but im not sure it will look good on me.

  2. I need Impssioned and Vegas Volt!!Bright lipsare so beautiful!Though I feel somehow with an intense lipstick!!!
    enjoy it sugar!!


  3. I LOVE Vegas Volt! Although i think that your camera's lighting's showing it a little too pink, i find it'd more of a warmer redder coral.
    I'm waiting for a FoTD post with it soon! xx

  4. That's a exctly how i pictured this lipstick when i saw these pictures, even before reading your post! Tanned skin-clumpy mascara-bronzy cheeks!

    P.s. i think you're gonna enjoy the amplified formula! At least i find it great, because it's not drying(matt finish is my cup of tea for the winter, but a huge no-no for the summer) but it stays in place-it won't wear off within the hour!For me that's a big deal, especially with those vivid statement colors on which your make up "relies"(meaning the rest of your face is gonna be toned down).

    p.s.2 I can't seem to be able to make a small post , can i? :p

  5. @EllysMakeupbag, yeah Impassioned is hard to resist... I'm sure Pink Nouveau would suit you- it looks particularly good on us, brunettes ;)

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece, oh I love wearing bright lipsticks! Sometimes I feel that the "smokey eyes" look is so dated, especially during summer ;)

    @fashion written with a lipstick, yes in reality it's a lot warmer than that! My crazy camera picks up only the blue pigments... I'll do my best for a FOTD ;)

    @dimitra, oh don't worry girl, I enjoy reading long comments!
    Isn't that make-up combination perfect? I adore the fact that it's striking and yet so quick to put together- personally, I don't feel comfortable wearing "complicated" make-up looks during summer :(
    So far, I'm enjoying the amplified formula! It could be my favourite of all finishes, could be...

  6. Wow, gorgeous, and definitely summery!

  7. Fainetai teleio!!
    K eidika to kalokairi opws to periegrapses..
    Perimenoume k lip swatch h FOTD :)

  8. Gorgeus summer colour i also like crosswires:)

  9. Υπέροχο χρώμα! Πολύ καλοκαιρινό, πράγματι!
    Η σύνθεση αυτή (amplified) είναι η αγαπημένη μου από την MAC, η εφαρμογή τέλεια και η διάρκεια μεγάλη! =)

  10. teleio!pragmatika kalokairino murizei karpouzi kai rodakino!yam

  11. I read your post and I saw myself doing the same thing...I went to HONDOS during the sales season to buy falsh lashes and when I looked the lipstick-stand my arm cought Vegas Volt immidiately...the formula is great the color is fantastic a genuine coral shade that won't let you down...of course I didn't bought just the lashes, Mac's Sandy B lipstick is in make up bag too!

  12. @G A B Y, summery, indeed...

    @Artemi, οκ κοριτσάκι, θα κάνω ό,τι μπορώ!

    @Beauty shades, I haven't heard of Crosswires before, thanks for the recommendation!

    @Argyro, ναι είναι τόσο ευκολοφόρετη η amplified σύνθεση! Γλιστράει στα χείλη με απίστευτο pigment pay-off!

    @Reaction, ναι 100% καλοκαιρινό! Πάντως, η απόχρωση "πορτοκαλίζει" πιο πολύ στην πραγματικότητα... Η φωτ. μηχανή μου φαίνεται ότι "διαβάζει" μόνο τους μπλε τόνους :(

    @Demi, ha ha so it's common to deviate from your shopping list... I feel better now, lol ;)

  13. nice colour! it reminds me of an other lipstick by korres i own, the mango butter lipstick in peach. i can't understand if they are alike..

  14. I've seen this lipstick swatched in many blogs and I think it's a lovely bright summer color. I suppose you will wear it a lot from now on (spring has finally sprung)! Like you, I have found myself buying something totally fifferent from what I wanted to buy and other times I buy what I want and a few other things that just caught my eye! And I'm in shopaholics anonymous, haha! xxx

  15. O_O full price for MAC lipstick in Greece is 18 EU? That's 5 Euros more than what they sell here >_<

  16. Ta kragion tou Korres mou aresoun perissotero na pw thn alhtheia, alla kai ayto to xrwma einai teleio!

  17. I think there's another 25%off as we speak!!! ;)

    Great colour, you chose well for summer!!!

    And to answer your question: I rarely buy sth that I have not planned - usually I'm very organised and specific when it comes to buying makeup!!! ;)


  18. @NatalieDouka, yep! I'm happy you like it ;)

    @evi, well maybe they are alike in colour! I think that the pigmentation of the Mac lipsticks is hard to come across in another brand, though...

    @Arietta, lol, I'm joining the club! Shopaholics Anonymous, I like that!

  19. @Jennifer, oh no, that's bad... So I guess I shouldn't be complaining any more about greek prices on cosmetics!

    @Froso M., δεν έχω δοκιμάσει κανένα κραγιόν του Κορρέ, βλέπω ότι είναι δημοφιλή τελικά! Θα τους ρίξω μια ματιά ;)

    @Tina, oh yes, I made use of the 25% sales once again!
    See I'm just like you, I never stray from my shopping list... This time, I don't know what happened to me!


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