My TOP favourite Korres Lip Butters!

I hope you're in the mood for some lip balm talk, because I sure am ;)
All lip balm fanatics out there- this post is dedicated to you!

Korres lip butters will always have a special place in my heart. Having tried all thirteen options available, the following are the only ones I go back to, and have repurchased many times over the years.

Since I'm planning to use up every single lip balm in my collection (there's really no point in keeping 20 different lip balms on hand, is it?), I thought of making a post on why I favour these particular lip butters over the rest by Korres.

I prefer the lip butter sticks over those in the pot form for a bunch of reasons:
first and foremost, I'm able to use them while I'm out and about- which is almost impossible with the likes of Jasmine lip butter, I could never dip my fingers in the pot after I've been on public transport! Other than that, I love the embellished packaging of the stick lip butters, and the fact they have spf15 in them.

Let's see each shade one-by-one, lip swatches included:


Products I regret buying!

Giving negative reviews is not my thing, though sometimes it's just inevitable!

As much as I love discovering new products, I hate it when something doesn't perform as it should! I've become quite prudent with my "beauty budget", so anything that falls short of expectations turns me off :(

Today's "suspects":

Needless to say, all three are going straight to the bin. Wasting money sucks!
Having said that, I hope this post will be helpful to those of you who are curious about those products: read on to see why I wouldn't recommend not one of 'em!


What's new at The Body Shop?

It seems that the Body Shop is evolving into a considerable opponent among the brands of the beauty industry, competing with the very best on the market!

A couple of weeks ago, me and some fellow bloggers had the chance of getting familiarised with the new Fall product releases from the Body Shop. Taking into account the brand's revamp during past summer, it's safe to say that there's a whole lotta cool products we should be anticipating in winter ;)

Here's everything we witnessed that day:

First of all, the Body Shop is releasing the Vineyard Peach body range, a Limited-Edition collection of bodycare products with the best-ever, most yummy scent I've come across- no joke! Then, there's the new Scents of the World collection, that marks the re-entrance of probably the most longed for product from the old days, the perfume oils! There's also a couple of new skincare products that sound promising: the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and the Nutriganics Drops of Youth serum.

But, wait: there's more!


Choosing an eye cream: I need your help!

Time for some serious talk on Lipstick Wardrobe.
No, really.

After what seemed like forever, I finally used up my Elderflower eye gel. So this time, instead of settling for yet another eye cream from the Body Shop, I spent the last couple of days browsing online for a nicer alternative. And whad'ya know, there's so many good ones to choose from!

That's why I need your help:
I've narrowed below a few eye creams that sound promising- and because I value your feedback, I'd love us to have a little chat on what to look for in an eye treatment.

To make things easier, I've divided them in 4 groups:

1. The first ones that came to mind were the usual suspects: Kiehl's Avocado eye treatment, Clinique All About Eyes and Origins GinZing. With the exception of the latter which promises to brighten and depuff eyes, the rest couple of eye creams are pretty humble in their claims, talking only about providing enough moisture for the under-eye area. Which I don't count as a con; in fact, the less the claims, the more likely it is for the product to do what it's supposed to!


A (much needed) Project-10-Pan

I can feel it, this is going to be a year full of changes ;)
Following my decision to turn to pharmaceutical brands for my skincare,
here's a second commitment:

As the title of this post suggests, I'm starting a Project-10-Pan. I'm sick of my ever-growing makeup collection, it's ridiculous and it has to stop! So, along with a few tossing of some old and forgotten makeup products, I've put aside 10 that I must go through asap.

Now, some of you may cringe on the type of products I've chosen for this makeup ban-
but mind you, I've deliberately switched the "rules", in order to make it a pleasant experience overall and help me be 100% committed to it!

     Someone's cheating BIG TIME!

I know, I know- lip balms and tiny foundation samples shouldn't be part of a proper P10Pan... Believe it or not, I tend to wear less makeup nowadays, so much so that finishing all these products will actually take me quite a while! Here's another "twist" I've imposed on this project:


L'Oreal NEW Color Riche nail polishes!

Bear with me, peeps-
I need to get this review uploaded now that it's still hot outside; it wouldn't be appropriate to showcase such summery nail colours during cold weather, would it?

As soon as I got my hands on one of the new mini nail polishes by L'Oreal, I knew I would shortly be marching over at Hondos to get me some more! So here it is, my small Color Riche
haul-slash-review. I hope you enjoy it!

These are the two colours I picked out the last couple of months...

A few words about the Color Riche range:

Admittedly, one has to give credit to L'Oreal for FINALLY having grasped the demand for affordable nail polishes in up-to-date shades, with new ones brought out every season. One look at the full range and you'll be convinced: every sought-after nail trend is there! I've spotted a greige, a mushroomy Particulière dupe, some fun pastels, you name it. The only colour family that the Color Riche range is lacking is the metallics, let us hope this will be fixed in the future ;)


August '12 favourites.

Wowza! That's the 250th blog post on Lipstick Wardrobe, woohoo!!!
Allow me to do a happy dance in the style of Chandler Bing :D

Right, onto the subject: as I'm currently sick of my HUGE makeup collection that has gotten out of hand (post to follow), last month I switched my focus to skincare products- and jewelry. 'Twas about time I started wearing the bargains I got during the sales!

So, grab yourselves a cuppa tea (or an ice-cold frappe, if you like) and enjoy!

To be frank, I'm not entirely satisfied with each and every product in my skincare routine. Habit won over prudent and considerate buying, so I've ended up with some bits that although nice, they didn't quite cut it for my current skin concerns. But, enough with the nagging; let me give praise to a few products that have stood out from the rest:


Lipstick Wardrobe's FALL makeup wishlist!

Happy September 1st everyone!

Oh, I'm so glad summer is officially over- even if the weather is still hot! Fall is probably my favourite season of the year: chilly evenings with a light coat and a scarf, hot coffee on hand and strolling around the city taking photos, that's all I long for!

Naturally, I felt inspired and made a mental wishlist of what I'd like to buy during Fall.
Below I've made a little collage of everything makeup-related in my wishlist...

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