La Roche Posay HYDRAPHASE Intense eye cream

I don't know about you, but personally, finding a face moisturiser of top quality seems like a much easier task than discovering that perfect eye cream that does it all...

It was due to this never-ending quest for THE ONE eye cream that tops all eye creams that I tried out the Hydraphase Intense Eyes by La Roche-Posay. Well, it also helped that many of you guys recommended it to me ;)

Just to get things clear, I'm using the term "eye cream" for a lack of a better expression; in reality, this product has the consistency of a light transparent gel.

Since I'm too sceptic when it comes to skincare products that feel lightweight, and yet make big claims of intense moisturisation, you can imagine my disbelief when I first
used it: is that not-so-promising gel really enough to keep my under eye area nice and plump?

As it turns out, you gotta have a little faith-
not as in "raise your hands to the Lord and pray it works" kind of way, but to its ingredients.

The La Roche-Posay Hydraphase range is targeted to all skin types that are in need of some extra moisture. For that purpose, all Hydraphase products contain Hyaluronic Acid fragments, the molecules of which are so tiny that can penetrate the skin deeper, all while holding up moisture more than 200 times of their weight!
[For more info, you can read my review on the Hydraphase Intense face serum]


6 things NOT to do on a first date...

* Warning: this is a lighthearted post.
Please don't take it too seriously, it was written on the spur of the moment! *

Contemplating on yesterday's "celebration" (ain't feeling the Valentine's pressure to do cutsie things no-matter-what!), I couldn't help but remember all the disastrous dates I've had over the years. Wanna have a good laugh? Read on!

To be fair, I'm not a serious dater per se, though I guess it's only fair to have some funny dating stories to share if you're in your late 20s...

Alright, here goes:

1. Guys, don't brag you use more hairspray than your date does.
Acting like a metrosexual has its limits.

2. Geeky can be cute, just don't go overboard;
for ex. suggesting that you've made your own ring of invisibility (blame Tolkien's trilogy) but shoot! you lost it, it's a total fail...

3. Don't take your date on an abandoned house/temple/construction site if you can't handle it; it's not cool to scream at every squeaking sound and cling on to her like glue.


A makeup haul! Art Deco, Revlon, Erre Due

Yet another mini haul with products I've collected over the past month.
Pretty frugal, as you can see... Hey ho, blame it on my tight budget ;)

In an attempt to rehabilitate my (unhealthy!) addiction to the Body Shop makeup range, I'm doing my best to show some love to drugstore brands that I have been overlooking in favour of "the disease". Judging by the outcome, I'm glad for this change!

To sum it up, every single product from the haul falls undoubtedly under the
pin-up inspired category. That's for having a huge crush on Dita Von Teese...

* Oh please, don't judge! The girl is a phenomenon of elegance, glamour and sensuality. Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes? It could be worse, though; imagine if I admitted I was infatuated with Kim K? Or -dear Lord- Nicki Minaj??? *

Still with me? Swell!

May I proudly present you the Art Deco Golden Vintage lipstick in Muse Red,
Dita's favourite classic red lipstick- her words, not mine... It's part of her 3rd limited-edition makeup collection that was launched during Christmas; boy, am I glad to get my hands on this lippie! It's a bright tomato red, closer to Lady Danger than the likes of Russian Red/Ruby Woo. Paid: €14,80


GIVEAWAY: win The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes!

I have a lovely surprise waiting for one lucky reader of Lipstick Wardrobe!

One of the simple things that gives me great joy is giving gifts, especially when it's about products that I use and truly love. So when the Body Shop announced their winter sales, I grabbed the opportunity and bought a Shimmer Cubes pallete just for you!

The one I picked out is in 06-Warm, the colours of which are said to be comparable to Mac eyeshadows- namely Amber Lights, Bronze, All that Glitters and Patina ;)

This is what you have to do in order to enter this giveaway:

1. You have to be a public follower of this blog through GFC (Google Friend Connect). This giveaway is targeted to my readers only; if you want to follow my blog, it's easy and it's free! Just click the "Join this site" blue button on the top right column.
2. Leave a comment on this post with your GFC name (the name with which you're following my blog) AND your email address, so I can contact you in case you win. Simple as that!

If you'd like to earn some extra entries, you can follow the next steps (optional):

1. Tweet about this giveaway with a link to this post, and state your Twitter username in your comment. +1 entry
2. Publish a link of this giveaway on Facebook, and state your Facebook username in your comment. +1 entry

     ...the prize!

The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY until the 28th of February; then I'll pick a random winner through Randomizer.org.

Good luck to everyone that enters this giveaway!!!

Update: apologies for the delay of announcing the winner, I've already contacted her and it's "Ξένη Καραγεώργη"! xx xx

Evi   xx

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