My summer BEAUTY favourites! #1

Better late than never, right?

Alright, time to roll up my sleeves and get down to (blogging) business: these are all the beauty products I've been loving to use during past summer!

Starting with the makeup bits:

The only bronzer I've been reaching for was (surprise!) the Soleil Tan de Chanel- aka Bronze Universel. Honestly, I can't fault it- it has a lovely texture and its colour matches my tanned skintone to the T. For my eye makeup, I've been solely relying on Groundwork Paintpot by Mac, a new entry in my makeup bag. It swatches one shade darker than my skin and achieves that off-the-runway soft haze around the eyes... So pretty!

As for my go-to lipsticks, my most used bright lippie was Maybelline's Vivid lipstick in 902-Fuchsia Flash*. For all you bright lipstick lovers out there, you must! check out Maybelline's Vivids range; some of them are actually brighter than what Mac has to offer! As for my nude lip of choice, it was Altered Beige by Mac which was part of the summer Temperature Rising collection. It's a no-fuss, easy to wear nude that gives some dimension to the lips thanks to its subtle sheen.

Another new product that I (over)used during summer was the #79 neon red nail polish by Marel. Lemme tell you this, it's the brightest -and prettiest- neon red nail polish you'll ever come across with a €3 price tag! I would urge you all to go buy it but alas, we're already past the beginning of autumn... The one I've been wearing on my toes is the Max Factor mini nail polish in 49-Fuchsia Salsa*. Although purples and violets aren't normally my thing, this little guy would definitely fit in my top 10 nail polish list!
Quite an achievement for a purple nail polish, if you ask me ;)


Errr... Hi

Miss me?

After (an uncalled-for) summer hiatus that seemed to last forever, I'm happy to say that I'm back! Blame my freakin' laptop for dying on me and having to stay at the repair service for 2+ months...

I know, IT SUCKED!!!

Spending time at home with no internet service was quite challenging- although I must admit, taking a break from online things had its moments; I finished some books I've been wanting to read since for-everrr, bonded with my two dogs (nope, they wouldn't let me adopt this cute kitty), plus I found a new hobby: comic books* !

Anyhoo, expect to see -or rather, read- more of this little lady the following days!
I've missed you guys so much!!!

* Or, should I say, graphic novels? Yep, sounds mature-ish that way...
    More about that subject on a post to come!

Evi   xx

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