Errr... Hi

Miss me?

After (an uncalled-for) summer hiatus that seemed to last forever, I'm happy to say that I'm back! Blame my freakin' laptop for dying on me and having to stay at the repair service for 2+ months...

I know, IT SUCKED!!!

Spending time at home with no internet service was quite challenging- although I must admit, taking a break from online things had its moments; I finished some books I've been wanting to read since for-everrr, bonded with my two dogs (nope, they wouldn't let me adopt this cute kitty), plus I found a new hobby: comic books* !

Anyhoo, expect to see -or rather, read- more of this little lady the following days!
I've missed you guys so much!!!

* Or, should I say, graphic novels? Yep, sounds mature-ish that way...
    More about that subject on a post to come!

Evi   xx


  1. *waves*
    Helloooo. Nice to have you back!
    p.s. comic books rule
    p.p.s. do reviews on the books, I'm always looking for new things to read

  2. Hi!!! Welcome back doll!!! ;o))XXX

  3. who is that cute face here? Welcome back sweetie :)

  4. At last! welcome back! ;-)
    you shouldn't miss the next Comicdom con Athens festival held on spring.

  5. Hello stranger! j/k, don't worry a bit, we all need a break once in a while. Welcome back, hope you had an amazing summer!

  6. Welcome back!! :):):)

  7. Ok, so, that kitten is too adorable, u should have smuggled it in someway!!! Other than that, welcome back to the biz, officially and all that jazz, can't wait for some quality blogging to commence! Xxxx


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