Probably the best cosmetic sharpener, ever!

Hello my lovelies!

Yes, this post is about cosmetic sharpeners. Not the most thrilling subject you'll ever find on beauty blogging community but still, I find it as important as quality make-up brushes.

I won't go through details explaining why you need a cosmetic sharpener of good quality in your make-up bag; instead, I'll present to you my latest (and probably last!) find in the quest of acquiring the best sharpener on the market (yeah, sometimes I fancy some drama-talk like that XD )

Meet the Kum double sharpener!

Kum is a German brand that produces office supplies and is specialising in sharpeners- apart from the cosmetic ones, Kum carries a sharpener for every single pencil/crayon out there, all in so many fancy styles, as well as sharpeners for the left-handed.

I'm positive that the Kum cosmetic sharpeners are probably the best you can find in the cosmetic industry, for a reasonable price; to give you an idea of how much the company is well respected, Kum has been supplying with their sharpeners brands ranging from the Body Shop and Bourjois to Estee Lauder and Benefit (if I'm correct). But why pay those extra cents credited to those luxury brand tags, when you can have the exact product for a lot less?

It also comes with a protecting plastic cap. Extremely handy when travelling!

Here's what was written on the packaging of the sharpener:

This is the finest quality cosmetic pencil sharpener available today. Designed to suit all brands and sizes of eye, lip and facial pencils.
  • First blade enures a precise clean cut.
  • The second blade shapes even the softest tip to a fine rounded finish.
If you got puzzled with the aforementioned "second blade", here's the little drawing that explains Kum's Double Blade System:

Damn you, sticky-and-hard-to-remove stickers...
I got mine at the greek Hondos Center dep. store for about 3,50 euros. It comes in black, white and transparent pink, along with the plastic cap.

So for me, this product gets 10/10. It's been so long since I was that excited over a cosmetic product!!!

My advice: if you ever come across a Kum sharpener, snatch it with no second thoughts ;)

P.S.: The other night I stayed up until 4 a.m. watching a french documentary on Mark Jacobs. Now, I'm not a huge fashion enthusiast and most of the times, I keep a sceptical approach on fashion designers- but this documentary made me love the man! He was so down to earth, always nice with his staff, a perfectionist in his work, an avid art collector... But what struck me the most is that he would find a way to make a point and ridicule all the irrational craziness and exclusivity of fashion. At least that's how I perceived it ;)



  1. i have to say there is a shortage on good pencil sharpener out there. after all god is in the details.

  2. Ummm its like you read my mind because I am on the lookout for a good pencil sharpener. Not sure if I can find this brand here but I will try!

  3. @λειντι ντι, yeah, God is in the details... I like that ;)

    @Chic Geek (Devs), well judging from their website, Kum seems very popular. I hope it's available in the US!

  4. Hello my dear!
    I had never heard about this brand before, to be honest, but now I want to try that pencil sharpener!
    Great blog, just started following!

  5. I got one from H&M, and it's pretty good too! Never heard of that brand before, I am gonna check this out!

  6. great post! my sharpener felt into the toilet yesterday, so I need a new one.thanks for the tip

  7. Thanks for sharing hun, I never knew about this brand. I have an old pencil sharpener from The Body Shop, that is doing an amazing job. But I might get this one too for my travels.

  8. @Catanya, aww thanks for following, hun! xx

    @Froso M., yeah the H&M make-up corner is all the more appealing lately ;)

    @andreana, oh God, I'm laughing to myself!!! Really, into the toilet?!?

    @Arietta, oh no you don't have to get this one! I'm 99% sure that your old Body Shop sharpener is made by Kum, check on its back for the logo. It's a pity that the Body Shop switched manufacturers and now their regular sharpener is pure crap :(

  9. wow this is the first time i hear raves about a sharpener XD!!! definitely sounds interesting :D i've the one by Benefit (I guess it's the same as yours)?

    I love Marc Jacobs too <3 esp his perfumes!

  10. Δεν ειχα ξανακουσει αυτη την εταιρεια.Και γω μεχρι προσφατα δεν μπορουσα να βρω καποια αξιολογη ξυστρα,ευτυχως η τελευταια που πηρα ειναι πολυ καλη θα ελεγα,ειναι απο την Bourjois.
    Πολυ ωραιο το blog σου,μ'αρεσει πολυ οπως το εχεις φτιαξει :))


  11. at last a greek beauty blogger who knows what she's talking about. Glad to find you girl :)

  12. @Jennifer, yeah it probably is! Check the back of the sharpener for any "Kum" logos.
    Mark is THE shit, he rules. Period!

    @Rania, ξέρεις πιθανόν η Bourjois ξύστρα σου να είναι φτιαγμένη από την Kum! Κοίτα το πίσω μέρος της για το λογότυπο ;)
    Ωωω σ' ευχαριστώ πολύ!!

    @dimitra, awww sweetie thank you so much!


  13. You 're right on the money, I just checked mine, the one from The Body Shop is made by KUM too!

    Great post, at least now I know if I ever need a replacement! ;)


  14. Ha ha, see? Now you know you possess a fabulous sharpener, lol!!!

  15. I got a double one like this from Sephora and it's really nice, it was about 3.5Euros as well! :) I'll keep the KUM one in mind though for the future! ;) Thanks koritsaki :)


  16. I've seen that Sephora sharpener and it looks good stuff! Παρακαλώ, κοριτσάκι ;)

  17. Einai kalo afto twn Sephora ;) Ksini kala kai de mu spaei th myth tou moliviou! ;) Btw to "koritsaki" to lew xaideutika k oxi ypotimitika, etsi pros apofygh pareksigisewn :)


  18. Ναι βρε, σε κατάλαβα! Δεν παρεξηγώ ;)


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