October favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

How was your October?
Me, I got sick and was stuck indoors for almost a week :(

Anyways, this is my October favourites post- hope you enjoy!

Korres Body Butter in Quince: As I've posted a month ago, my skin was so horribly dry; funnily enough, the Korres body milk actually worsened the situation... I was ready to give up on Korres until I decided to give the brand another try with this body butter, and I'm so happy I did! This stuff is magic: all flakiness is gone and my skin is back to normal again. Oh, and the fruity smell lingers on the skin for a long time, too ;)
Atrix hand cream: a staple since my childhood; there's always a tin with Atrix hand cream around the house. It's probably one of the best affordable hand creams on the market!

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in shade #1: I wish I could describe its colour... Think of a light milk chocolate colour- no orange hues whatsoever, and it's matte! It's so hard finding a matte bronzer in the high street, don't you think? I apply it on the hollows of my cheeks with the...
Art Deco Duo fibre brush: Up until now, I only used this brush for foundation. After seeing Pixi2woo's videos where she applied bronzer with the Mac 187 brush for a softer effect, I did the same with this Art Deco brush and now I'm a convert!
Spare blush brushes: Have a crappy brush that comes with the blush compact? Don't throw it away!You can use it do dust off the eyeshadow fallout, as such a job requires a stiff brush.

Apivita face mask with orange: I got this sachet after a recommendation from a lovely reader of my blog- it contains some orange beads that dissolve when you rub the mask on your face... It's so fun to use! Very refreshing, and smells of orange. Perfect for me ;)
Mac lipstick in Hue: Oh, how I love this lipstick... I've worn it continuously during day&night! In my opinion, this should be Mac's all-time best seller lipstick, on top of Creme d' Nude and Angel.
Old-Biotherm-jumbo-lip-pen-in-a-raspberry-colour: I've come to realise that blue-toned lipsticks are friendly to olive/mediterranean skin, so I started to use up the old ones from my collection.

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes: I simply adore this palette, not only because it contains one of my favourite eyeshadows (the taupe shade at the bottom right) but because it's so easy to travel with! It's quite pricey but you're getting 4x4 gr of baked product. I won't ever run out of it, ever!
Bourjois concealer/ highlighter pen: I used this product as an under eye concealer, but during October I tried it as a highlighter on any dark areas on my face or to highlight my cheekbones. The difference is noticeable but this product is undetectable!

What are your October favourites? Share them below ;)
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. Awwwww very nice favorites!!! Atrix? OMG lol! I've never tried it! :) How much is that Artdeco brush? It looks nice! The bronzer from TBS looks pretty too!! :D Have you reviewed/swatched it? :)

  2. go get the MAC tartan tale blushes! they're amazingly pigmented (even more than the regular ones i'd say). i like Her Blooming Cheek <3 it really IS a pleasant surprise for me. I never guess it would look that nice on NC 25 skintone! :D

  3. happy that you liked the mask!!
    body milk of Korres have been mean to me too!=( maybe I shall try the butter one!
    hue e?! I have just managed to collect 6 empty Mac packagings and I am thinking of what color lipstick to get.=) kalimera!!!

  4. @Stavroula drugstoreandbargainlover, well the Art Deco brush wasn't cheap, I paid around 17 euros almost a year ago. I sould do a review on TBS bronzers, they're fab!!

    @Jennifer, yeah that blush looks so pretty! I'd love to own a bright blush like this, fingers crossed Mac won't sell out of it when it's available here ;)

    @Αργυρώ, όπα όπα, κάτσε γιατί θα τρελαθώ: ισχύει το Back to Mac και στην Ελλάδα; Αν είναι έτσι, τότε να αρχίσω να μαζεύω συσκευασίες!!!

  5. Really? Ouch lol !! Yes yes please review TBS bronzer!! How much does it cost? :) Does TBS ever do sales/offers etc? :)

    Kale nai, isxyei kai stin ellada to back 2 mac!! ;)


  6. Το συγκεκριμένο bronzer κάνει γύρω στα 14 ευρώ, αλλά τα Body Shop έχουν εκπτώσεις 25% διάρκειας 1-2 εβδομάδων σε ανύποπτες στιγμές μέσα στο χρόνο- είμαι όμως σχεδόν βέβαιη ότι μόλις αρχίσουν οι εκπτώσεις στα ρούχα έχουν αυτή την έκπτωση. Περιμένω τον Ιανουάριο για να κάνω ένα μεγάαααλο haul!!!

  7. A ntaksei egw perimena na mu peis tpt 17-18eurw!! A oraia ama pesei tpt stin antilipsi sou enimerose mas please!! ;)


  8. Εννοείται!!!


  9. αχα αχα αχα ισχύει!
    Στο Περιστέρι τουλάχιστον σίγουρα! Έχω ήδη κάνει μια ανταλλαγη! Μόνο στα πολυκαταστήματα που έχουν Mac corners μπορεί να μην ισχύει! =)

  10. Ουουουου τέλεια!!!
    Να πού θα πάει το Prep+Prime Eye ;)

  11. So glad you like Quince body butter, it's my absolute favourite!!! ;)
    Very intrigued about this face mask, I 'm gonna pick one up next time at the pharmacy! :)

    Lovely favourites girl!


  12. Thanks, hun ;)

    Yeah, the Korres body butter saved my life- I wasn't comfortable showing my arms with that horrible flakiness going on!


  13. οκ μπορει να εχουμε Ιανουαριο αλλα τωρα το ειδα! χαχαχα! ελπιζω να μην ειναι αργα για σχολιο! λατρευω atrix!ειναι υπεροχη κρεμα και με γρηγορα αποτελεσματα (ασε που βγαζουν συχνα προσφορες!). τα γαλακτωματα του κορρε ειναι υπεροχα, μυριζουν πολυ ωραια!


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