The Body Shop eyeshadows; the colourful

Hello my lovelies!

This is the Part 2 of my collection of the Body Shop eyeshadows.
Click here for part 1 with all the neutral colours ;)

All eyeshadows (except the matte purple shade) have the new velvety formulation.
Once again, click on the pictures if you wish to make them larger ;)

From left to right: #26- Shell Pink, #40- Baby Pink, #37- Pink Champagne, #22- Damson 

#26- Shell Pink: it's actually a shimmery light lilac. It's very pretty for the inner corners of the eyes, it brightens up nicely a look with neutral eyeshadows.
#40- Baby Pink: a shimmery light pink. I don't know why but somehow, I get compliments when I wear this eyeshadow- I use it as my main colour for the "innocent doll" look that guys like!
#37- Pink Champagne: a shimmery darker pink shade. I like the swatch of it but I can't work with it yet! Recommendations are welcome, as always ;)
#22- Damson: a matte dark violet, perfect for the crease area combined with the forementioned pink shades.

From left to right: #33- Aquamarine, #16- Sea Green, #31- Peacock Green, #42- Midnight Blue 

#33- Aquamarine: a matte light blue. I really don't know how to use it! Maybe I could team it over a sky blue eyeliner on the lower lashline?
#16- Sea Green: a dark shimmery silver with blue undertones. Among my favourites! My most worn eyeshadow combination for summer is Sea Green eyeshadow all over the lid and...
#31- Peacock Green: ...this dirty dark blue colour on the outer corner and top&lower lashline. I'm telling you, if you have brown eyes and want to make them POP, get them both! They look kind of dull when swatched but I swear to you, they bring out the golden hue of brown eyes like no other colours!
#42- Midnight Blue: the name says it all, I guess! A dark black-based blue. It looks at its best on top of a dark base, makes a gorgeous smokey eye- very hot this winter!

From left to right: #45- Star Silver, #38- Spearmint, #44- Golden Meadow, #43- Velvet Green 

#45- Star Silver: two words for this colour- liquid metal! The swatch doesn't do it justice, it's among the most pigmented metallic silver eyeshadows you'll ever come across!
#38- Spearmint: a pastel minty colour. I always think of Spring and Easter when I look at this shade!
#44- Golden Meadow: I like to view it as a "vintage" golden colour. I don't know, somehow it reminds me of the Art Deco atmosphere of the 1920s... I don't get a lot of green when swatched, that's ok though. I like to pair it with a dark red lipstick.
#43- Velvet Green: Yes, this is a gorgeous black-based dark green, it's among my favourites but... The powder broke after two weeks of purchase. And it's going to break on you too, if you purchase it. That simple :(

Phew! That's it with my review.
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Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. I really like TBS eyeshadows, but they are breaking SO easily! They have a fine application, though!

  2. Exactly, they're so fragile! Especially this dark green colour, this one is the most fragile of all :(

  3. These are surprisingly nice... I've never been into Body Shop's makeup much. Lovely surprise!

  4. Glad you like them!
    I practically grew up with the Body Shop products, so I have a special bond with the brand ;)

  5. thanks for your swatches! and the body shop eyeshadows all looked so pigmented! must look into them next time i'm in the stores :) have you tried other makeup items from them too?

  6. Most of my makeup comes from the Body Shop, their bronzers in particular are most underrated! I should probably do a review on them, too...

    In the meantime you can look at my post on their Shimmer Waves (aka Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks dupes) here:



    1. I really like their shimmer waves, but unfortunately they're easily broken :(

  7. The velvet green I just adore it despite the the fact that I dont like dark eyeshadows... unfortunately it really breaks soo fast anyway gorgeous color compensate it :D

  8. Hi Titi! I know, isn't it a shame that it breaks so easily? It didn't happen with any other eyeshadow from the Body Shop :(

  9. What's the price for the eyeshadows and do you know if any of the Body Shop eyeshadows is a dupe for MAC's Humid?


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