Pink fever

Hello my lovelies!

Just so you know, I'm not a pink-lover kind of gal. At all.

In fact, I don't own a single piece of clothing/shoes/bag/accessory in pink! To put it nicely, it's between the last colours that feel closer to my style.

But lately I've been incorporating pink in my everyday makeup routine and I love it! Bronzers and corals are out for me this season, cool-toned pink blushes and Barbie-pink lips are my go-to choice.

1. The Body Shop Lip&Cheek Stain in #01-Rose Pink

My beloved!!! Look at how little I got :(
I guess that shows how much I love it- a HG product!

As you can see, it gives a nice pinky flush, just like the colour the cheeks get after exercise... Very pretty, looks natural and healthy, stays on ALL day... I would totally recommend it ;)

2. Manhattan Mousse Rouge Blush in Apricot

The more I use this mousse blush, the more I like it!

When at the store, I swatched some mousse blushes from Maybelline. Apart from the fact that they had shimmer (which I'm avoiding because it accentuates my pores), they gave me a bad reaction- almost an eczema rash! So that's why I picked up this blush, and I'm so happy I did!

See? It gives a beautiful rosey colour- more coraly and warm than the Body Shop Stain, but still very pretty!

3. Korres Jasmine Lip Butter (worn over Mac lipsticks)

Ok, so I've mentioned before that I loathe the Korres lip butters in the pot, purely because of the packaging- it's not so hygienic to dip your fingertips in a product, no matter if you've washed your hands before, IMO.

However, I repurchased the Jasmine lip butter because the colour is sooo versatile! I use it on its own or, most often, on top of Mac's Angel- which I find a bit drying on the lips. A favourite combination ;)

4. Seventeen nail polish #210

Yep, I'm wearing pink on my nails!
I'll always be a lover of dark and vampy nail polishes, but I desperately needed a "safer" and more sophisticated colour for emergencies like important meetings, etc... This is a more "muted" version of pink going towards grey/taupe, so it made perfect sense when I bought it.

So ok, the above might not be all that adventurous and exciting- but to me (a "neutral-makeup-colours" junkie) it's a small revelation ;)

FYI, I've also been using use some lovely pink eyeshadows as well, not shown in this post. I'm actually planning to do a full review and swatches of ALL eyeshadows from the Body Shop. Yay ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. that nail polish looks classy and modern at the same time, i should check it out, cause everybody at work looks at my taupe/dark grey/teal nails and freaks out, lol

  2. I love pink and I have a favorite cashmere pink cardi and lots of pink eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. I think these blushes will look great on you and I love the color of the seventeen nail polish. Although Seventeen polishes do chip rather fast, don't they?!

  3. @stella, ha ha I can imagine the bewilderness of your colleagues from your taupe/dark grey nails- people, get used to it because taupe is here to stay!

    Regarding this Seventeen polish, I must say it's hard to get hold of, I got the last bottle at my local Hondos Center :(

    @Pasiphae, well it depends- not every Seventeen nail polish has the same formulation.
    Example: I've worn this one (#210) for 3 days and it still hasn't chipped on me, whereas another Seventeeen polish chipped within the same day I applied it on my nails (top coat included in both cases).

    Well you're blonde, so this pink cashmere cardi must look stunning on you! Me, any pink clothing dulls my complexion :(

  4. Grr, my comment didn't go through! :(

    I was just saying that, like you, I 'm not a huge fan of pinks, however they can really brighten up a look, especially in the form of a pink blush!

    Lovely nail polish, those muted, dusty pinks are very pretty (the only way I do pinks on my nails too)!


  5. The lip stain looks interesting! Definitely checking it out :) x

  6. @tina_mbc, exactly! Thank God for these muted versions of pink, otherwise I wouldn't be seen with pink nails in public- it's also a way to please my boyfriend who hates my dark nail colour choices, he he ;)

    @Christinnnna, hi! I mostly use it as a cheek stain though, I find it drying on the lips :(


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