The Body Shop eyeshadows; the neutrals

Hello my lovelies!

This is the first post on the single eyeshadows from the Body Shop, where I'm reviewing all the neutral colours from the range. A second post is going to be uploaded today (hopefully) with all the greens, blues and purples!

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Before I start reviewing each colour seperately, I must mention that not all colours have the same consistency in pigment/finish/shimmer.

In general, most of the recent formulations fall into the "buttery smooth" category- and I appreciate it a lot when a brand sticks to a certain formula and makes a consistent line of products (in this case, eyeshadows).

However, many of my favourite shades are 5-6 years old (not the actual products I own but the date of their release) which makes me so sad because some of them have been or will be discontinued! Ooooh wicked Body Shop, I hate you for that...

 From left to right: #13-Vanilla Cream, #15- Pebble Grey, #29- Pink

#13- Vanilla Cream: a matte off-white, a colour essential for any make-up bag! I only use it on my brow bone to clean up any mess I've done with the blending of darker colours on the lid.
#15- Pebble Grey: a shimmery mushroom grey colour, perfect as an inner-corner highlight teamed with other cool-toned eyeshadows.
#29- Pink: a matte light pink colour. It's so easy to wear, perfect for daytime! Also looks great with a brown eyeshadow on the crease.

From left to right: #41- Golden Peach, #5- Burnished Brown, #8- Golden Paprika 

#41- Golden Peach: part of the new velvety formulation, the name says it all- a golden peach! It looks lovely when swatched but I haven't found yet a flattering way to wear it... To see a better view of the colour in the pan, please look at the first photo of this post :)
#5- Burnished Brown: a satin golden brown, probably similar to Mac's Woodwinked. Very pretty colour, looks at its best combined with lots of bronzer or a tanned face!
#8- Golden Paprika: a warm, shimmery bronze. Would look absolutely fantastic on blue eyes, sadly it doesn't work on me- although it looks ok when I apply it only on the lower lashline. Last year I dropped the pan and the powder smashed in pieces- I made an attempt to press it myself, see how I did it here ;)

From left to right: #4- Granite, #7- Conker, #32- Chocolate, #39- Soft Black 

#4- Granite: my absolute FAVOURITE of all the Body Shop eyeshadows!!! It is a matte mid-tone brown; I wear it alone on the lid, as a crease colour or on the lower lashline as it makes a beautiful "natural shadow" effect. But it has been discontinued, damn it!!! Could the Body Shop AT LEAST give to us customers a last-minute warning on the products that are going to be discontinued? Please???
#7- Conker: a part metallic, part duo-chrome red-toned light brown. Very wearable, would complement all eye colours. I mostly combine it with lilacs and purples.
#32- Chocolate: another favourite of mine, it's a dark cool-toned brown with silver shimmer and the new velvety formulation. It looks so pretty over a black base, it's my go-to choice for a brown smokey eye!
#39- Soft Black: as the title suggests, it is a matte black colour- not the blackest in the market but still good for beginners.

Oh, one more thing I almost forgot: all eyeshadows from the Body Shop fit into Mac palettes (they're actually 0.5 or 1 mm thinner in diameter) and the pans are very easily removed from the plastic container.

Watch out for part 2- I'm writing is asap ;)

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. These look very nice. I mostly like Golden peach and Golden paprika. How much do they cost? and for how many grams?

  2. They contain 1.4 gr of product for 9.50 euros. They could do a better deal here...

    By the way, if you're interested in any of the Body Shop products, watch out for the 25% sale periods (usually the first two weeks during the sales on clothes).


  3. Thanks for the info hon!

  4. Ok, I think I neeed about 5 or 6 of them now!!!!
    Great shades, now you 've really got me thinking I should grab a couple of their eyeshadows (and I do have a LOT of eyeshadows in my collection already...)! :))


  5. Ha ha, as soon as the 25% sale period @TBS is on (around January), I'll post a quick alert!


  6. Great blog! Found some swatches i couldnt find on the rest of the net!
    Kai gw apo athina eimai :)


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