Current Wishlist

Hello my lovelies!

How you've been?
Me, I've been extremely busy/ lacking Internet service, hence the lack of posts during past week :(

So here's a lazy wish-list of products I want to try out during October-November:

The Body Shop Nutriganics range

Apivita Express face mask sachets- recommendations are welcome ;)
Apivita Express Mask Gift With Purchase

L'Oreal Lash Serum- let me know if you tried it!

The Body Shop Metallic Eye Definer. All shades, preferably!

A hot pink lip liner, like hers. I wouldn't mind wearing this makeup all winter!

Lastly, I want a green nail colour. Ok, maybe two... I love green!

Please do share your current wishlists, I'd love to read them ;)

Hint hint hint: If you are Greek and you love Mac, click here and report back your thoughts.

Excited? Bored? Anticipating more material?

Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everone!



  1. Hey there! I'e been using the nutriganics mask since last summer and I luv it!Regarding the apivita mask give it a try with the orange one-it really makes my face radiate health! And as for the MAC i hope they re gonna give us some more-we deserve presentation of the products at least!;)
    ps. look at the nail colors at the villains collection of MAC-I got the Mean and Green and it's fabulicious!!!

  2. Oh my, I just checked Apivita's website- there are 4 different Express masks in an orange sachet!!! Maybe you mean the one with papaya?!?

    As for Mac, I'm hoping the website is still new and they're planning to expand it with product details and such. The way it looks now, it's so uninspired!


  3. Hi,

    I love your blog and I would like to take this chance to let you know that my blog is putting out a fashion contest for styling Fall/Winter look.

    For the winner will receive $100USD Coupon from WM Style shop to purchase any item they wish.

    Simply send an email to wmstyle@live.com with A photo and name, we will post the photo of you on our Facebook Page and for the most votes win!

    Let others to know about this!

    We post new items every week! So, please keep track on our contents. You will never know what you will find and you will love to wear!

    Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/wmstyle

    Blog: http://wmstyleblog.blogspot.com

    Best of luck,


  4. I mean this one! ;)

  5. Wow, you wouldn't believe the coincidence; Yesterday I went to Hondos Center to (randomly) pick an Apivita mask in an orange sachet- and I got the one you recommend! How weird is that ?!?

  6. hehehe! really weird but good!=)

  7. They shouldn't have put the webpage up before uploading all the data; it's completely useless for the time being & serves absolutely no purpose. And it's been so for the past couple of months.

    Aside from that, the green & pink clay sachet masks are great and do deliver, along with the propolis one. Knock yourself out ;)

  8. I feel the same, it's pointless having a website with so little information that adds up to nothing!

    Ok, green&pink clay mask sachets- going to my shopping list ;)



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