The Body Shop Nature's Minerals Eye Shadows

Hello my lovelies!

First of all, let me explain myself: these make-up items were purchased with my own money. Most girls go crazy about Mac -and I can totally sympahise!-, but my current love affair is with The Body Shop make-up. This is not a post to show off my stuff, I'm just sharing my passion having solely self-therapeutic purposes, and if I could actually help some of you that are considering buying the products shown in this blog, well... It would make me so so happy!

Nature's Minerals is the Body Shop's mineral line, and it consists of a foundaion, 2 bronzers, 4 blushes, the eyeshadows and 3 make-up brushes. Below are shown all the eyeshadows -- except of a golden shade that is not available in Greece :( -- under different lighting. P.S.: I tried my best to make the colours and swatches appear as they are in real life!

[From left to right, first row: 01-platinum silver, 02-radiant graphite, 03-golden emerald, 04-pink opal. Second row: 05-bronzed amber, 06-molten brown, 08-vivid amethyst, 09-deep jade]

01-PLATINUM SILVER: a sparkly shimmery silver shade with a blue undertone. For me, it doesn't work as an all-over-lid colour, but as an inner corner highlight is perfect- especially combined with a blue eyeshadow on the lid (Note: the US site is offering this eyeshadow on sale, so it could be discontinued in the future)

02-RADIANT GRAPHITE: I thought that this would be my favourite eyeshadow, a warm shade of taupe with gold shimmer... that, until I applied it on my eyelids- it seemed that the coloured powder and the gold shimmer separated on application! Tried it on top of an eyeshadow base, the same happened. It's such a nice colour, though... (Note: the US site is offering this eyeshadow on sale, so it could be discontinued in the future)

03-GOLDEN EMERALD: a light green shade with gold glitter. Actually, when applied alone, it seems more like a gold shade than a light green. But I don't mind ;)

04-PINK OPAL: a pale pink shade with the least shimmer. It looks ok on my hand, but if I apply it on my lids it makes me look ill... It might work as a blush! (Note: the US site is offering this eyeshadow on sale, so it could be discontinued in the future)

05-BRONZED AMBER: a bronze shade with little shimmer and a red undertone, works wonders with blue or green eyes!

06-MOLTEN BROWN: My absolute favourite!!! The pic doesn't do it justice, it is a very dark brown with gold shimmer. Its undertone... well it is not red, it must be on the green side- which is a good thing for my brown eyes. If you are brown-eyed like me, you might have noticed that it is hard to find a brown eyeshadow that won't work against your iris colour. This is one of the few and it shows best over a dark base, such as black eyeliner all over the lid or Mac's paintpot. I highly suggest it!

08-VIVID AMETHYST: a flat, violet shade with little shimmer. It looked so sparkly on the store, but when I applied it on my lids, it seemed to be almost matte. But I guess it would work fantastic on the crease for a subtle definition.

09-DEEP JADE: my second favourite, it is a very dark forest green with gold shimmer. When worn alone it can look almost as black, so I would suggest applying it over a green base.

What are your thoughts on these eyeshadows? Are you a fan of mineral make-up in general?
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



    I am so in love with the mineral bronzer so i may have to get a shadow now that i saw how pretty they look!!

  2. Oh you should definitely check them out, the dark brown and green one deserve some credit!

  3. These all look so wonderful :) There's a makeup sale on atm at my local bodyshop :D xx

  4. Yay for sales!!!

    You guys at the UK can benefit from such massive bargains and offers from the Body Shop's website, over here we are limited to a mere 20% off in-store... I envy you!


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