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Hello my lovelies!

This is a quick post about sharpeners. Oh yes, they deserve their own post!

As you may have learned from experience, owning a sharpener specifically made for cosmetic products is essential- I can't tell you how many eye pencils I've ruined by sharpeing them with normal sharpeners; their tip would break and I would sharpen them again and again, thinking that it's the pencil's poor quality that is to blame for, when all along it was the use of the wrong sharpener.

Recently I bought a large sharpener from the Body Shop [shown above] to use with my new favourite Concealer, as I couldn't bother searching around for a big, massive sharpener. It has the same quality as the old Body Shop double sharpener that I loved, but I lost that one recently... So I went back to the Body Shop to purchase it again. Sadly, it was discontinued- in its place the Body Shop has brought another sharpener with a lid and in bigger size.

My previous double sharpener and the large sharpener that I own at the moment are of excellent quality; they are manufactured for the Body Shop by a company named Kum, a german brand specializing in cosmetic sharpeners, rulers, triangles, other drawing instruments, etc.. I repeat myself- they are of EXCELLENT quality, a "made in Germany" quality.

This new sharpener with the lid is made in Korea- that alone would probably justify my dissapointment... The material is different from the Kum ones- it feels light and cheap. It may be convenient to carry around in trips as you won't ever ruin your make-up bag with its secure lid, but it takes so much space compared to a regular sharpener. It works ok but it doesn't feel as rock-hard as the Kum sharpeners do.

One possible reason for the Body Shop changing its manufacturer would be the low-cost of producing a stock of a product in countries such as Korea. But the funny thing is that the large sharpener made by Kum and the new sharpener with the lid made in Korea have the same price... I just hope they don't change the manufacturers of their other make-up products- I certainly wouldn't want to see any "made in China" or "made in Thailand" stickers on eyeshadows or blushers instead of the current "made in Italy" or "made in UK", while keeping the same price tag- if not raising it, at the worst scenario possible!

Anyway, enough with the rambling...
Happy blogging and reading and commenting to everyone!



  1. i don't like the new sharpeners either :(

  2. Yeah, it sucks when companies change their policies for their benefit and our discomfort...

  3. η art deco δεν έχει?

  4. @efi, νομίζω ότι η art deco έχει μόνο κάτι πινέλα για τα προϊόντα mineral, λες να κάνω λάθος; Θα το κοιτάξω ;)

    @Mairyliscious, ενδιαφέρον αλλά όχι με την καλή έννοια!!

  5. Thanks for this post! I was actually just going to goo get a sharpener soon, as I have lost mine! I just found your blog and I am loving it!

    Come check out my blog! And make sure to follow!


  6. Hi Devs! I followed back ;)

    Cosmetic sharpeners are so important, turns out that it requires researching before buying! I didn't look around- and I ended up with sth of average quality...


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